Avito tracking

Avito tracking


What is Avito?

Avito is an online platform where classified ads are published for the sale and purchase of any type of product. The Avito company is very popular in Russia and has a great influence on the online market throughout Europe. It is currently considered the second largest classified advertising company, only behind Craigslist.
Avito was founded in 2007 by Jonas Nordlander and Filip Engelbert. From then on it started with a very important capital and commercial growth.
At present, it has more than 20 million registered users. It also has more than 10 million daily visits from users and more than 500 thousand ads daily in which they publish any type of product.
For these reasons, Avito is currently valued at over 3 billion dollars, making it the third most valuable company in the Runet.
Due to its important value, the company decided to stand out from the rest. They use technological innovations to improve the user experience of the online platform.
Avito online platform works with artificial intelligence and neural network technologies. They help customers in their experience to determine the products they are requesting through photos.
Also, these technological innovations make it easier to send ads. This helps the search experience for products and services by registered users.
Besides, the search and verification of classified ads also go through a pre-processed analysis. This works through automatic learning algorithms.
This type of technology has been developed by the company from the moment it began its commercial growth. With the creation of Avito and other e-commerce based companies, Russia takes a good position in the race to dominate the online commercial world. It is for this reason that Avito has generated an important impact in all Russia.
Avito россия ("Avito Russia") is the ideal place to develop new technologies to constantly improve its business platforms e-commerce.
For the company, the most important thing is its users. For this reason, it is in a permanent search to ensure the security and transparency of all transactions and procedures that are made through the online platform.
Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, Avito CEO Vladimir Pravdivy is committed to expanding the company to a higher business level than it is today. He believes that Avito should be taken to explore other online business sectors to become one of the most important companies in Europe.
It is very important to mention that Avito growth has been significant in 2013. Naspers bought the majority of the shares, making Avito the company it is today.

Avito package tracking

Does Avito work internationally?

Avito has a great commercial and economic influence in certain countries. In Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco it has a large market and also has a commercial domain for the sale of real estate and cars.
It also has a great commercial influence on online markets in other countries. The Avito purchases are also made in countries such as Ukraine and Belarus. As well as other Russian e-commerce companies.
This is very important because it defines the intentions that Avito has to continue expanding and offering its services in other European countries. In fact, in 2019, there were rumors of the possibility of expanding to other Eastern European countries, such as Croatia.
While Russia's online marketplace has significant support in the United States, few companies have decided to expand into the Americas.
Avito currently does not have an online market in the United States. However, for the Russian company, this is an object they plan to develop and execute in the coming years.

How do I track my Avito order?

The Avito tracking in your products can be done through the request of a tracking number. The Avito tracking number is obtained in the online platform once the purchase of the product or service has been completed.
Also, you can track your Avito order through a tracking number. It can be obtained by the store or user who owns the product ad published on the online platform.
That is, once you finish your Avito order and complete your purchase, you can ask the user who owns the ad. It will provide you with the shipping number of the company, so you can track your Avito packages.

How long does it take for an Avito package to be delivered?

Avito delivery time is usually very efficient. The company has a good reputation for delivery times throughout Russia. Once the purchase of the product has been completed, the company guarantees a delivery time of 1 to 2 working days.
Avito delivery time is very important for registered users because it is an excellent option to receive their packages. For this reason, the company takes great responsibility for the welfare of its customers. When it comes to delivering packages to other countries, delivery times may vary.
Generally, delivery times are 7 to 20 working days. However, times may change depending on weight, type of product, and means of transport to distribute packages and orders.

How can I contact Avito customer care?

Avito customer care is one of the most relevant features in the online platform. The company offers options for their customers to make inquiries about their orders and package deliveries. They can do this through email and phone numbers.
Besides, Avito has physical offices in several major cities in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Egypt, and Morocco. In these offices, users can carry out all kinds of procedures related to their products purchased in Avito.
Also, it is very important to mention that the company has made important investments for the development and implementation of technologies that help users in their experience with the online platform.
The Avito customer care has artificial intelligence technologies and protection systems. They base on data mining, to protect the procedures and queries made by users daily.
One of the reasons why Avisto has become so important in Russia and part of Europe is because of its tremendous commitment to improving the user experience with the online platform.
For this reason, Avisto has designed a customer service that is so efficient and meets customers' needs in the shortest time possible.

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