Fnac tracking

Fnac tracking


What is Fnac?

Fnac is a French retail chain that sells electronics and cultural products. It was founded in 1954 by Andre Essel and Max Theret and today its headquarters are located in Le Flavia in Paris.This marketplace allows all buyers to connect with worldwide sellers. They offer new and second-hand products at reasonable prices.

Among second-hand products, the products which were removed from original packaging are sold. These products are always in new conditions. They are repaired and tested to make sure that they reach in original condition to the buyers. The seller provides the full guarantee that the products will be delivered to the buyers in original packing.

Fnac believes in providing customers everything they need. They connect buyers with the sellers so that they can purchase the products that are not even available in the stores. Fnac is the second-largest e-commerce business in France and is growing continuously across the whole world.

Fnac package tracking

What are the terms for Fnac services?

To use the services of Fnac, you must agree to the terms and conditions provided. Once the user accepts these terms and conditions, he gets registered for the service. The purchases made between seller and buyer are checked by the GTC (General Conditions of Sale of the Service), which Buyer should also accept at each purchase.

The services provided by Fnac include allowing customers to register on the website, communicate with the sellers with an option to place orders, price adjustments of products, settling receipt products, and a messaging tool to get in touch with each other. Moreover, it includes a rating system that helps buyers to review the quality of relation with the retailer.

The transactions are carried out directly amongst the buyer and seller. Access to the service is strictly allowed for the buyer's use only. The buyer makes sure that he/she is using this service privately. After accepting Buyer Terms and Conditions, the buyer is required to open an account on the website.

To use the service, you must use the username and password provided to you. You agree not to disclose this information to anyone. In the condition that your username and password are misused by the third party, you are responsible to immediately contact Fnac.

Does Fnac ship internationally?

For those who are curious about Fnac international shipping, you need to know that Fnac is an international-based site that ships to many countries. However, Fnac international delivery is not available for all the countries of the world. So, you need to check the status of your area before making a purchase.

Can I track my Fnac order?

The order tracking gives you information about the status of your order, the order number, and contents. For directly tracking Fnac orders from the website, you need to go to the official website. Scroll down the website and click on the "Need Help" section. It will take you to a menu where you will select "My orders and My Fnac account." Then select "Track my order", from where you can check the status of your order.

You can also use the Ship24 website to track your Fnac order. All you need is to copy paste your Fnac tracking number in the search bar on the homepage. When you will click on enter, you will get all the information about your package and all the delivery steps.

How long does it take for Fnac to ship?

Your Fnac package is delivered at the delivery address that you provide within the time shown by the seller on the validation page. The total Fnac delivery packages time corresponds to the Fnac shipping time and the processing time.

In case you order multiple products at the same time and all products have different Fnac delivery times, the order will be delivered according to the most distant time. In the condition that your delivery is delayed, you will receive a confirmation email by Fnac informing of all possible reasons. They also suggest a new Fnac delivery time in the email.

How much does Fnac charge for shipping?

The Fnac shipping cost of the order depends on the delivery method. The information given with each product on the website shows the available delivery methods. The three delivery methods are available:

  • The Normal delivery.
  • The Tracking delivery.
  • The Delivery against signature.

These delivery methods are selected according to the prices of the product. Whatever the delivery method is chosen by the buyer, the seller must accept it. Regardless of the price of the product, the seller may choose to refuse the product ordered in normal delivery mode. In this situation, it must include this clearly in the description given with the product.

What is the Fnac personal data privacy policy?

The Fnac is working continuously to ensure data protection. It takes your private information for the following purposes:

  • They need your information for the management of your accounts and the processing of your orders.
  • Moreover, they need information for the secure payments of your orders. This type of information includes data related to the card that is used for payment. This information helps to keep proof of transactions.
  • If you are a subscriber of FNAC services, then the card that you used for payment is recorded.
  • If you have registered your bank account for your future purchases, the information is recorded. However, you can delete this information anytime.

Does Fnac provide customer support?

If you have any queries, you can contact Fnac anytime. The Fnac Customer Service is always available for you. You can also place orders by contacting on 0892 35 04 05 to place an order in the working days. For more information like tracking order, the exercise of withdrawal, or any legal or commercial guarantees you can contact the 0 969 32 43 34 during the working days.

Does Fnac have a premium service delivery?

To enhance the customer experience, Fnac believes in continuously growing its network. They are committed to developing more and more franchise stores in limited areas. Fnac is working to provide buyers Fnac premium service to make delivery possible in 24 hours or even Make Fnac same day delivery possible.

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