Wildberries tracking

Wildberries tracking


Wildberries has become one of the largest e-commerce retailers in Russia. The quality of its products and services is well recognized. Its profits and total assets position it as a prosperous corporation.

Wildberries package tracking

What is Wildberries?

Wildberries, or by its Russian name Wildberries интернет магазин is a retail company located in Moscow, Russia. It is the largest e-commerce company and the largest retailer in the entire Russian region. In 2019 Wildberries had revenues of more than $3 billion. Its operations extend across countries such as Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia, and Belarus. The company has more than 45,000 employees. Wildberries Russia sells products from more than 30,000 brands. They cover a variety of categories like apparel, shoes, housewares, books, jewelry, food, electronics and technology, toys, and many others. Estimates show that Wildberries processes around 750,000 online orders per day. The company was founded in 2004 by Tatyana Vladimirovna Bakalchuk at the age of 28. At that time she was living in Milkovo, a town near Moscow. The company enjoyed remarkable growth during the economic crisis in 2008. Since then it has not stopped expanding and increasing its value and profits. In 2017 the company moved to Moscow. By 2018 it had earned $1.9 billion in sales. Also, its founder was listed in Forbes magazine's 2019 Top 10 Billionaire list.

Does Wildberries ship internationally?

The Wildberries website is only available in Russian, like many of the other Russian-based e-commerce sites. The International shipments from Russia must be made through a shipping company operating from that country. Options include DHL, FedEx, which are international shipping companies. There are also Russian companies that make international deliveries.
These organizations are Altera Shipping, Baltic Shipping, ATOMFLOT among others. These companies will ship once payment for the service is done, processed and receipt confirmed. These payments can be made through e-money platforms such as PayPal. Some companies even accept payments from bitcoin wallets.

How do I track my Wildberries order?

The Wildberries tracking is an option only available for the countries in which the company works. The website issues a Wildberries tracking number that is assigned to the order. This number is entered into the shipping tracking section of the website.
It shows all the details about the Wildberries order. Departure time, destination, product details, the identity of the seller, identity of the buyer, among others.
You can track your Wildberries order als thanks to the universal tracking tool Ship24.

How long does it take for Wildberries to deliver?

In Russia, postal deliveries are often a big problem. A single Wildberries package can take quite a while to get from the place of delivery to the recipient's location. Also, the queues at post offices are quite long and tedious. But the Wildberries shipping time for the Wildberries parcel service varies according to the distance to cover.
Shipments take between 3 and 9 days to reach the destination area. Russia is a fairly large country. Besides, Wildberries is not completely spared from the national problem of orders. Despite this, using the Wildberries delivery service allows you to receive your packages faster.
This company has distribution centers and Wildberries marketplaces for your goods in strategic points in each of the countries where it is located. In other countries where it operates, the Wildberries shipping time is usually reduced to the greatest period of 3 to 5 days.

Does Wildberries have free shipping?

Due to the crisis generated by COVID-19 in 2020, many companies have found it necessary to resort to electronic commerce in order not to close their doors completely and continue to receive income. Among the implementations to make this system profitable, one of the decisions to be made was to offer free deliveries to buyers.
Wildberries free shipping also guarantees its customers a completely free home delivery service. This, however, is a possibility that they have been offering since long before the quarantine was implemented at the beginning of 2020. The Wildberries website accumulates the purchases made by customers within "shopping carts". These carts then total the items to be purchased and calculate a net price. When the total amount of the buy exceeds $40, or the equal in the local currency, the Wildberries shipping costs are completely exonerated.
According to several websites reporting on Wildberries' operations, users of this platform rarely buy fewer than five items. and total purchase costs usually exceed $70. For purchases smaller than the free delivery service, prices depend on the distance to be covered. While short distance deliveries are around $14, longer distance deliveries can reach $30 or the equivalent in local currency.

How do I contact Wildberries?

To contact them, The Wildberries website has a customer service section. It handles, receives and deals with suggestions, comments, complaints, and questions from users of this website. They also offer different methods. Mainly you can make a letter that will be sent directly to the company's e-mail.
You can try the Wildberries contact telephone line that attends to calls made by customers. This method is usually used to report problems with shipments or deliveries. There, they are attended by a call center operator who listens to the user and seeks a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is also the possibility of communicating with them through their social network profiles. Wildberries has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There, they are constantly uploading information about their products and promotions.
The presence of Wildberries in social networks is thought to get closer to each one of its customers. This is why they also respond to the comments made by users and even to the messages made directly to the profiles. On the other hand, the platform has a FAQ section. It regards the most common questions made by the company's customers are exposed, and the official Wildberries answers are offered.
Wildberries is a company that is always looking to expand. Its vast growth in less than twenty years is proof of this. They have become the largest retail e-commerce company in Russia. Moreover, the popularity of its founder is great all over the world. A good alternative to buy online.

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