Eldorado tracking

Eldorado tracking

What is Eldorado?

Eldorado Russia is a company known for selling everything for your house. This chain of stores for household appliances, furniture, and electronics, is one the biggest in Russia. Offering their products to everyone in the national territory, they are known for their excellent prices and personalized customer service.
This vast business takes place in over 200 cities with an amount of over 600 stores in different regions of Russia, and that makes them reach everyone in the country. They have been expanding recently, opening many stores in other countries like Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Moldova.
This company has won many awards in the country for their service quality. They are making many strategic alliances with international manufacturers so they can always have the first impressions of the newest products and offer them to their clients.
Another glorious thing about them is Eldorado service, offering professional service to everyone in Russia with qualified employees that will help you with any issue. They can install, connect, and make any change and repair to every appliance or electronic device in your house or complex.

How can I track my package from Eldorado?

Eldorado track package service is efficient, when you buy some product from their stores, they will provide you a tracking number, with this you will know anytime where your packages are.
Here in our platform you only need to put that tracking number in the tracking bar and click on the blue button on the right side of the screen. All the information about your products will be shown immediately.
If you have any problem by tracking your package, you can always contact the Eldorado customer service and they will give you all the information about your package.

How long does shipping take from Eldorado?

Eldorado shipping time will vary depending on many factors, being the main one transportation availability. Their packages will arrive at their destination the next labor day if you order them before the 18:00 hours.
They make their deliveries in trucks fully equipped to preserve the integrity of your packages at any moment. When they are near the location, they will notify you 1 hour before so you can be notified when they are coming with your products. They will wait for you for a maximum of 30 minutes after they arrive at the location.
Their employees will take your electronics and appliances to the door of your house or office. It does not matter if you live on the highest floor of the building or if you have an elevator or do not.
They will also show you the product and conditions of it, proceeding to install it and connect it for you. Therefore, you will not only have a fast Eldorado package, but you will also enjoy their services if you need it, paying some extra money.
However, if you need your package in a hurry, they can send it to you the same day. But this has a condition, you need to pay your order before the 13:00 hours, and they will surely get your package at your home before the 24:00 hours. This service is available only inside Moscow.

What are Eldorado shipping prices?

Eldorado shipping fees are variable; they will depend on the weight of the package and the distance.
If you want them to ship your electronics or appliances to your house, which is under 100 km far from the Eldorado store in your city, and the weight of the package is under 5 kg; they will charge you 290 RUB, which is something like $4 USD.
If you are between 100 km away from the store but your package’s weight is over 5 kg, the shipping will cost you 480 RUB or $6,50 USD.
Eldorado same-day delivery service has a price of 790 RUB, which is $10,75 USD. It will apply only if you are inside the 100 km area as well.
You must know that these are the prices from the stores and the online website. However, the online website only makes shipping inside Moscow.

Does Eldorado only ship in Russia?

Yes, they only ship inside Russia. For this, you will need to order your products in the store, which is the nearest to your location. This is because they only ship places inside 100 km from the store.
This company has focused their attention on the people living in Russia, offering not only the selling service but also the installation and repair of any appliance.

What company does Eldorado use to ship?

They count on their own shipping service, with a tremendous amount of vehicles to send all their products around the national territory.
Therefore, their shipping service is very efficient, allowing them to even make a delivery the same day of the purchase. You can always count on them to get your appliances and electronic devices.

How do I contact Eldorado customer service?

If you are in Russia and you have any problems in the stores, on the website or you had an issue with the delivery of products you can always call them to Eldorado contact number, which is 8800 250 25 25.
There, they will provide you all the information that you need to know to solve your issue. It is good to let you know that all the calls to this number are completely free.
They also count on 24/7 customer service through mobile apps like WhatsApp and Viber. There they will answer all your questions as well. To get all the information you need, please write to them with all the details you can, precisely, they will answer in less than 72 hours.
Eldorado is a reliable company offering to all its clients a great quality service. This is why they have been in the business for years, being the leaders of the appliances and electronics in Russia.

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