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Otto tracking


What is

Otto online is a web store founded in Germany. This store belongs to the Otto Group, which is one of the biggest companies in Germany. The Otto Group is a company dedicated to direct sales and retailer services. This group was founded in the year 1949 and is one of the global leaders in the sales of fashion and healthcare products.
The Otto Group official web store was founded in the year of 1995, becoming one of the main pioneers in online shopping all over the world. This company also handles a huge branch network spread around Germany and the entire world. There are 50.000 employees working at the Otto stores in more than 20 countries.
Products and services provided by Otto compromises a huge variety of options. There are around 900 different products in all of the 100 online stores managed by the company. Otto Germany works with technology, electronic and electric devices, clothes and fashion, furniture, telephones, among others. 

How do I track a package from Otto?

Otto is a company that is completely dedicated to its web stores and its sales, so deliveries are managed by some other companies that have deals and partnerships with Otto. This is why the tracking process has to be done under the stipulations that the shipping provider decides to set.
One of the most important elements in deliveries is the tracking number. So, when the delivery company receives the article from Otto, they pack it with proper materials, and then they establish the tracking code within the product. This helps both Otto and the shipping company to carry with a database about the orders and the shipments.
After the client receives the tracking code, he is able to get into the webpage of the tracking company in order to get all the information concerning the package. Some of these are the type of transportation system used, the real-time location, the estimated delivery time, among others. 
It is also possible to use the platform Ship24 to track your package.

Does Otto only ship in Germany?

One of the most interesting things about Otto is that they manage many different web stores spread in many countries around the world. The webpage of is only one of these, and it’s the one that operates directly in Germany. Of course, there are some other web stores working in Germany that belong to the Otto Group, but is the most important of all. 
In addition, Otto runs many physic stores in more than 20 countries that the company provides the most significant and trendy merchandise. Otto central offices in Germany distribute all the merchandise for all the global stores.
However, there is not an option for international deliveries coming from Germany. The only thing that can be done to enjoy the Otto products is consulting your local Otto store, or if there is a web store belonging to Otto in your country, you can go there so you are able to buy their products.

How long does it take for Otto to deliver?

All the deliveries are managed by other shipping companies that hold deals and partnerships with the Otto company. These are in charge of receiving, packing, sending, and delivering every single Otto order.
First of all, the client has to choose which shipping company he is going to use in order to transport the order. After that, the company will estimate a calculation of the arriving period. The delivery time calculation works based on some elements about the order, like travel distance, type of the package, and the urgency of the delivery.
The urgency of the delivery results in the type of transportation vehicle, and the type of service required. There are services like the Otto next day delivery for very important products and orders.
The other service is about the Otto express delivery that accomplishes short, medium, and long deliveries in a maximum time of 3 working days.
In addition, there is a special gift from the store that is called the Otto free shipping code. It means that if a client earns one of these, the delivery process is going to be completely free.

What company does Otto use to deliver?

As mentioned above, Otto is a company that works with other delivery companies to send the orders of its clients. There are deals among the delivery companies that offer their shipping services to Otto. Those deals provide Otto to obtain better and more efficient results in deliveries because the number of daily orders in Otto is quite huge.
The companies that Otto mainly use to deliver in Germany are international companies like DHL, FedEx, and some others. These are in charge of taking care of the orders, in addition to ensuring that the parcel arrived safely to the final destination.

What are Otto shipping fees?

As in every delivery company, all the shipping corporations that provide delivery services to Otto calculate their fees basing the calculations on the weight, size, and type of the article, the distance to cover, and the urgency of the package.
However, these Otto shipping fees are commonly cheap since Otto and the delivery companies have some deals that improve the services provided by both companies.
Otto charges the delivery costs directly to the client so the customers don’t have to make two payments: one for the product, and one for the delivery. Commonly, the cost of the product includes the shipping fee.

How can I contact Otto?

Otto official web page provides the client with all the information regarding the services and operations of the company.
Otto Germany has also a hotline service that is intended to receive phone calls coming from users with complaints, doubts, and some misunderstanding about the services of Otto.
There is also a FAQ section on the webpage. It helps the client with the most common issues that clients communicate with the company.
Finally, the email address is also available. This one is meant to receive more formal letters about very serious problems with the services of the company.

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