G2A tracking

G2A tracking

Nowadays, the world of the internet is full of stores that provide their services in a digital way. It is very useful for every person who does not like to go to a store to choose what they want while they can do it from the comfort of their houses. Besides, all those stores need their shipping system so they do not count with third companies. For this reason, G2A works in this way to give to its customers all that they need without any problem.

What is G2A?

G2A is a digital store like eBay or Amazon but is principally focused on electronics. This marketplace mostly sells games and gamers accessories like customized controls and keyboards. People will find items that can be from the original companies or third parties retailers that want to do business but always maintaining G2A legit.

Why is G2A so cheap?

Their only function is to work as a marketplace, where anyone can sell game products. They maintain partnerships with some developers who offer great discounts. Sometimes, it is the third party retailer that obtains the codes through some different ways including wholesaler that bought the keys in bulks from game studios and sells them at a cheaper price.
Besides, G2A chooses to offer lower prices than other platforms to attract more customers. Also, the individual retailers can take advantage of giveaway promotions and instead of redeeming the prices, they sell the codes to get profit from it.

Is G2A legit?

Since the birth of G2A, there have been some issues about its legitimacy. At its very beginnings, it was reported that sellers were using the platform to sell game keys obtained with stolen credit cards, leaving the developers without real profit. Since then, G2A has made security their number one priority to implement a hundred variables to confirm the identities of the sellers and the legitimacy of the keys and how they obtain it.
G2A takes very seriously the claims of illegitimate keys being sold on their platform. For this reason, they made in 2016 an agreement with Wube Software. In this way, it repays ten times the value of the bank and initiates a refund of the illegitimate keys proven to be sold in their marketplace as part of their effort against such fraudulent practices. As well, they have promised the same to all developers that can prove the claim.

How do I track my order on G2A?

All the products on sale are not digital. Some associated companies use the platform to sell physical products like gamer accessories and other electronics. In those cases, the companies provide delivery. But the buyers have to confirm that it is available to where they live. Once you make your purchase and pay it, the system assigns you a G2A tracking number in order to realize your G2A track order.
In this way, to track your order, the only thing you need is to log in your G2A account. Then, open the dashboard and seek the Orders History section. There you can find the order and select the View Details button that is going to show you the status of your purchase. It can vary from waiting to dispatch to shipping. Also, it tells you where it is and the estimated time it is going to take to arrive.
It can be easier to use a tracking platform like Ship24 to track your G2A package.

Does G2A deliver instantly?

Indeed, G2A delivery time of the digital material is instant. In most cases, they send you the purchased CD key to your email once G2A has confirmed that the payment is ready. In other cases, you can receive the codes directly from the order status page that can be found in the G2A account upon completion of the order.
There are some exceptions, some smaller sellers are not able to do instant delivery and need more time to send the product. Usually, they have their offer listed under the option of up to 24h delivery and will send the product as soon as they can.

What are G2A shipping fees?

G2A do not offer delivery services themselves if not they count with third companies. For this reason, there is not a standardized fee established. The G2A shipping prices are chosen by the seller that includes in their dashboard the details of their warehouse and shipping method. In the same way, they establish the price for shipping the parcels in euro. Also, they include tracking services and how many items is the maximum number that can be ordered per parcel.

What company delivers for G2A?

The companies that deliver for G2A depend on the seller. Then, it is up to every retailer to select the company that will make the shipping. As well as including the details in the page of the physical product on sale, with the estimated time that will take to be delivered. Besides, they have to include the different prices and make a visual note that notifies if they cannot ship the product to your respective country. The G2A platform provides a G2A order tracker.

Is there customer service at G2A?

The vision of G2A is to become the world's safest e-commerce for gamers, remaining user-friendly. It guarantees the refunds in the case the digital key purchased has a malfunctioning or they are out of stock even though it was paid. Besides, it includes compensation for the developers in case illegal keys are sold on the platform. Also, they provide security for the identity of the seller, and the platform serves as an online payment gateway thanks to G2A Pay.
In the case of developers, the page commission is about 10.8% of the sale. It is the lowest in the market. Besides, G2A offers them a premium positioning of the product page on the advertisement using the G2A social media to offer access to marketing opportunities. Also, the developer will receive 10% of the sales from third parties, something unique to G2A Direct.
In this way, the G2A customer service is made to clear all your doubts and answer your questions about its services. It does not matter if you are just a buyer or a developer, they are going to give you the best services they can.

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