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What is

It is the main retail website in the Netherlands, with an immense quantity of customers and products offered, it is the perfect place to find everything you need. Netherlands offers books, furniture, toys, electronics, and many other things for you to choose from.
Owned by Ahold Delhaize, the company founded in 1999 is now an essential part of the Netherlands' e-commerce, making life easier for people in that country. With over 300.000 products on the website, you will find a vast variety of items from cheap to luxurious ones. This has made this company win many prizes in the Netherlands. package tracking

How can I track my parcel from

After you purchase all the things that you want from, the website will provide you with a order confirmation that contains the tracking number for your packages.
Once you got this tracking number, type it here on our platform, just go to the tracking bar and type all the digits in order. Then press the blue arrow button on the right side of the screen. It will display all the information available for your package.
In that way, in just seconds you will know exactly where your package is and how much time it will take to get it in your hands.

How long does shipping from take? shipping service is fast, if you are inside the Netherlands, your package will arrive as fast as the service you paid for:

  • The “delivered today” service will make sure that you get your packages the same day in a time-lapse from 18:00 to 22:00 hours. For this, you need to order and pay the package before 14:00 hours, from Monday to Friday.
  • For the Evening delivery service, you will get your package the next business day between the 18:00 and 22:00 hours if you are inside the Netherlands.
  • You can also enjoy fast delivery time paying the “Today bicycle service” if you order before the 15:00 hours, you can get your products the same day within 2 hours. This is only valid in Amsterdam.
  • If you are a busy person and you would love to get your packages on Sunday, you can hire the “Sunday delivery service”. You can order your things from Monday to Saturday and get it on your hands by the end of Sunday.

How much is shipping with shipping fees will vary depending on the service you get. If you want international shipping, you can always count on their courier partners.
For local shipping services, you will pay according to the service you have selected:

  • For the "delivered today" service, they will charge you 3.99 EUR.
  • For the evening delivery, which is the most affordable among them, you will need to pay 1.29 EUR.
  • If you are looking for the Sunday delivery service, they will charge you with no more than 2.99 EUR so you can get your packages in your house on the weekend.
  • Today bicycle service is the most expensive but you will pay for the fastest service in Amsterdam, for this service you have to pay 7.50 EUR.

If you need some packages from this website and you are abroad, you can count on their courier partners to send it to you. Their prices will vary depending on the selected country and the weight of the package especially.
The courier’s rule to send your packages is that it must have a maximum weight of 30 kg, and a maximum size of 100 x 50 x 50 cm.
The prices for a package from 0 to 2 kg inside the European Union will cost you from 13 to 18 EUR depending on the country. For the rest of the world, they will charge you 24,30 EUR to send your parcel. However, all the prices will be higher depending on the size of the package.

Does use courier partners to ship?

Yes, they do, even though they have some workers specialized in the shipping service they also have an agreement with PostNL, they are in charge of most of the deliveries in far areas in the Netherlands and all the packages going abroad.
It is a substantial agreement because it allows all the sellers on the website to offer their products to everyone in the world, also the prices as you could see above are affordable, so you can send all your goods worldwide with no worries.
They also count with another affiliated courier, Red Je Pakketje, they will offer you also their fast services, as they are in charge of the same day deliveries sometimes. Another one of their partners is Bpost, also offering international shipping to their customers.
With these logistical upgrades, can offer better prices to their customers, generating more sales on the website.

Does ship internationally?

Yes, they ship internationally. For this, they make use of their agreements with the courier companies, allowing them to send their goods all around the world at affordable prices.
They have become the first e-commerce in the Netherlands because they offer many services to please all their customers, even if you are outside this country. You will get everything available and be sure that those packages will arrive at your location as they are working with reliable and responsible courier companies with years of experience.

How can I contact

If you have any problem while buying on this platform you can always check on the customer service section of their website. The best contact for help without a doubt is Billie, their chatbot that knows everything about the website and will help you with any issue that you can have.
However, you always can count on the phone number, which is 030 310 49 99. Their employees are available from 07:00 to 22:00 hours to help you out with all your questions, offering you personalized customer service.

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