Marktplaats tracking

Marktplaats tracking


Serving the Netherlands since 1999, Marktplaats has focused on offering the best-classified advertising platform in the country. Since its foundation, millions of people have used its innovations and user-friendly interfaces to get different companies and people to advertise their products and services. Likewise, thousands of people have found the solution to their needs in the platform. Thanks to Markplaats tracking it is also possible to know the location or status of all the packages that leave through the different suppliers. Currently, more than 2 million people visit Marktplaats to buy and sell different products and services.

Marktplaats package tracking

What is Marktplaats?

Marktplaats is an online advertising platform available to thousands of buyers and sellers in the Netherlands. The main feature of this site is its ease of access and navigation. In fact, the mission of the brand is to advise its customers in the best possible way in their business operations in an easy, safe, and reliable way.
Thanks to the interface and systems of Marktplaats, any person or company can publish their products or services, and allow anyone else to have access to the necessary information. You only need to have an e-mail address, and all the information you require will be sent to you in a few minutes.
Currently, the Marktplaats platform has 36 groups of different products and more than 1,800 sections where you can make publications, sales, or purchases; from Antiques and Art to Commercial Goods. At Marktplaats there is always something for someone. New ads are published every second. You can find an island on Vinkeveense plassen, your own private plane, a yacht, a helicopter, cars, and also very simple things like a pen or children's clothing.
It is important to clarify that Marktplaats is not a postal service company, but an online advertising platform where thousands of people can interact by buying and selling thousands of different products.

How do I track my Marktplaats order?

The Makrtplaats platform is uniquely designed to function as an advertising platform where people or companies can sell or buy their products. Therefore, making a Marktplaats order tracking process is impossible from the same website. However, the site allows users to interact with each other through other external platforms. In fact, the mission of the site is to integrate buyers and sellers and to advise them in the best possible way to carry out their commercial operations in a safe and pleasant way.
Therefore, in order to carry out Marktplaats package tracking, it is necessary to agree with the seller the means or company by which the delivery will be made in order to carry out the tracking from the platform of the same. On the other hand, it is possible to track your package on Ship24 which is able to track any package from any courier company.

How much time does it take for Marktplaats to ship parcels?

Marktplaats shipping service will depend on the agreement between the seller and the buyer of the product or service. Because shipments are made outside of the platform, the time it takes for a seller to put a package in a postal company will depend on the seller.
It is necessary to agree with the seller about his shipping preferences and even the company he chooses to define the moment when the package will be sent. Similarly, you can perform Marktplaats parcel tracking at any time. Just make sure you have or ask the seller for the tracking number of your package so you can locate it at any time.

How much is shipping for Marktplaats?

On the Marktplaats website, you will find a well-specified table of estimated prices for any type of product advertised on the platform. Each Marktplaats package has a set shipping rate.
It is possible that many of the products and services offered on the advertisement site have similar or even the same prices. After all, these have been standardized by volume, weight, and type of package. You can visit the brand's official website and find out the estimated prices for each shipment.

Where to find Marktplaats tracking number?

After every purchase, whatever the website is, people always want to track their package. In order to make a Marktplaats parcel tracking, it is necessary to have the tracking number that has been assigned to your package.
However, as we mentioned in previous sections, Marktplaats as such does not ship the products purchased by customers, but rather serves as a means for the buyer and seller to agree on the company by which the product will be shipped and delivered. After this agreement, the buyer must let the seller know the tracking number of the package in order to track it and do its Marktplaats tracking.

Does Marktplaats ship parcels overseas?

There are customers who visit the Marktplaats platform looking for better prices and products that may not be available in their home country. So it is possible that a foreign seller makes a purchase through the Dutch brand and asks the buyer to send his package to his country.
However, not all buyers who advertise on the Dutch platform offer shipping to other countries. Therefore, you should make sure that the buyer you choose can provide you with the Marktplaats international shipping service. International charges and tracking will depend entirely on the company in charge of taking the package to its destination country.

How can I contact Marktplaats' customer service?

To find help or request any information about Marktplaats, all users, customers, or buyers can find everything they need on the website. In the Help and Information section, you will find a lot of basic information about the company and general knowledge about the company, as well as frequently asked questions.
In case you do not find the information you want on the website, you can contact the platform directly through the online chat "Ask a question" or call directly to the phone number +31 20 4622500. If you would prefer to pay a personal visit, you can visit the Marktplaats site at Marktplaats BV, Wibautstraat 224, 1097 DN, Amsterdam.

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