India Post tracking

Does India Post deliver Internationally?

Yes and no. India Post delivers Internationally(but not in every country of the world!) thanks to its international Speed Post option, but the company uses different partners to achieve the delivery abroad. So India Post does not deliver directly to a country alone but thanks to different partners. This specifically means that the company will send letters to the country’s postal department and will deliver it based on a certain set of rules and regulations. This means that while doing an order, you must be in a specific country before ordering, or the shipping will not come, for example, if you live in a country like the U.S.A.
If you are in a country where India Post does not ship, make sure to check before ordering that package. If you are in this case, you can try and go to other postal services or deliver the package to someone else before yourself. This is a good option if you absolutely need to use India Post and if you are interested in the cheap Indian Post shipping fees.

How long does India Post take to deliver?

The amount of time that an Indian post order takes to deliver depends on what country you are currently living in. Speed post from India to the USA can take anywhere from 15-20 days. A registered post from India may take longer at 35-40 days.
For some of the post speeds, you can pay more for an even quicker shipment than speed post. The amount of time the shipment takes will depend on the type of parcel you may choose. May be sure to check your speed post status just in case a shipment is not appearing to come in as quickly as you want it to.
Speed post is a very good option if you deliver in India. It provides very quick and reliable shipping for your orders. Other types of shipments might take longer according to external events, but the speed post is very good for business.

How can I track my India Post parcel?

When tracking your order, you will use your Indian post consignment number. With this number, you can locate where the post office is for your package and calculate how long it will take to get where it needs to be. With these tracking systems, there should be no problem finding out where your package needs to be.
You can track Indian Post shipments in a variety of ways. You can use the India Post website or again Ship24. With a site like Ship24, all you have to do is enter the Indian Post tracking number into the site and it will show you where your India Post package is at. This is a reliable and easy option for people who tend to worry and want to check where their packages are.

What is the speed post option?

The India Speed Post option is available for domestic and international destinations. It allows you to deliver items with maximum accuracy to your destination. The speed post allows travel for customers to 1000 different countries and locations including the U.S and U.K. For Indian Post, parcels remember to neatly package.
Items that are made of liquids must be easily dispatchable like water bottles. With speed post also remember to put in the accurate location and address for your package. Make it easy to read so that people who are taking care of the package can see it.
The Speed Post option is a very good reliable option for individuals. For small businesses, the speed post option provides an amazing and reliable way to receive packages. As a small business, you must be quick for your customers. Make sure if you want this option to click on it when you are ordering your specific package.

How to check India Post delivery status?

There are a variety of ways that you can track your India Post status. One of the ways is through an SMS service. All you have to do for this is type “Post Track with a 13 digit article number. Remember to send the SMS on 166 or 51969.
You can also track your delivery through the Ship24 website. All you have to do is enter the Indian Post tracking number in the search bar. Once you have your tracking number, you can type it to see how your delivery is doing.
You can also use the India post system and type in the tracking number provided to you while booking your parcel. Something that you must not forget for a speed tracking number is that you have to remember the correct format for packages to track.

What is the consignment number in Indian Post?

The India Post consignment number again tracking number is the number given to your parcel. The consignment number will be up for 60 days. This number is like a barcode number given to your item.
For the speed option, this number mostly starts with an E., For registers R and for register parcel it would be a C. The consignment is very good to know if you want to be able to track your shipments down.
If you do forget your consignment number, you will not be able to track your package down properly which could lead to various amounts of problems. If your package, for some reason, goes missing, you will not be able to find it without the consignment number.
You can find different examples of India Post tracking number below:

Nationality of the courier: Indian

Date of creation: 1854

Tracking methods:

  • Registered Post tracking
  • Speed post tracking

Tracking number formats:

  • Speed Post EMS domestic: EE097456789IN
  • International EMS Articles to be delivered in India: EE987256789XX
  • Electronic Money Order (eMO):000000000000000000
  • Registered Post:RX987654321IN
  • Express Parcel Post:XX000000000XX

Delivery times:

  • Registered Post: 2-5 days to reach the destination
  • Speed post: 2-3 days to reach the destination
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