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What is India Post

India Post, which was previously known as The Post Department, is India's government-owned postal delivery service. The first postal service to start in the country, it was initially founded in 1788 by a member of the East India Company.

While India Post still predominantly deals with package and parcel delivery, its other services include remittances (money orders), Small Savings Schemes, life insurance coverage, and providing retail services like bill collection, sale of forms, etc. India Post also distributes pension payments, handles identity card and passport applications, and has India Post ATM machines.

Both the huge expanse covered by the India post and the many services it delivers mean that it plays a crucial role in the running of the Indian state. Many in India use the service provided by India Post and therefore also ship their parcels with the India Post as a result. This has meant that India Post is hugely popular.

Today India Post offers domestic and international shipping options, with a Speed Post service which is used particularly for e-commerce shipping. India Post also often handles parcels that have been shipped from other countries and have arrived in India. In this case, many then would have to switch their tracking from the other courier, such as YunExpress or Cainiao, to India Post to continue tracking their parcel. However, the other option is to do all your parcel tracking from one place, Ship24. Ship24 is a universal shipment tracking tool that can track India Post packages as well as over 900 other couriers and postal services worldwide. This means you no longer need to change where you track your parcel when the parcel changes hands during its route. Tracking an India Post parcel couldn't be easier with Ship24, no matter how long India Post handles your parcel (or to where), Ship24 gives you all the India Post tracking location and status event updates as they happen.

Where is India Post located?

India Post is located in India, with offices all around the country. India is divided into 23 postal regions, in order to cover the huge amount of land India spans. In fact, one of the highest post offices in the world is operated by India Post in Hikkim, at an altitude of 14,567 ft above sea level.

With India Post needing to cover such a large landmass, as well as deal with international parcel services, it processes and forwards packages from a huge number of different locations, meaning that your parcel is not guaranteed to pass through any specific location on its journey, but rather the processing center which is most convenient for the forwarding process. In light of this, senders should note that they should not expect their India Post to be processed at any particular India Post address as part of its journey.

Also, the headquarters of the India Post in any of the 23 zones it is divided up into may not handle mail processing or package processing services, so senders should not expect this address to necessarily show up while tracking an India Post package. To know where your India Post parcel is instant, for free (whether it has changed hands and is being handled by another courier along its journey or not) use the Ship24 universal tracking platform over on the Ship24 website. With just your India Post tracking number, you can track any India Post parcel all in one place, with Ship24 able to instantly find the location and status of your parcel, in as near to real-time as possible.

Does India Post deliver Internationally?

Yes. India Post delivers to most countries around the world, however, you should check with the service before attempting to send your parcel, particularly if it is to a more remote region as either delivery may either not be possible or there may be additional fees and an extended delivery timeframe for your India Post parcel. Although India Post does offer international delivery services, when your parcel leaves India, handling will most likely be taken over by another courier or postal service, especially when it arrives in another country. For instance, a parcel sent with India Post and arriving in Russia, France, or the UK, handling will often be taken over by Russian Post, La Poste, or the Royal Mail respectively.

This is normal practice in international shipping, with postal service providers like India Post using different partners to offer delivery abroad. This is usually safe, as couriers and postal services used are typically trusted international partners such as a countries national postal service or a recommended, established private courier company such as DHL in Europe or UPS / FedEx in North America. However, tracking your India Post parcel may not be available through the India Post website when this occurs. To make sure you are not left having to find out who the new courier handling your parcel is and heading over to their website to reenter your tracking number to continue tracking, go to the one-stop shop for tracking, Ship24. Ship24 is a universal tracking website that can track your India Post parcel with just the original India Post tracking number provided when you first purchased delivery.

What global package delivery services does India Post offer?

India Post offers standard and Speed Post options for its domestic and international parcel services. When you send your parcel with India Post, the service will create a unique tracking code (typically of 10-15 characters) which you can use to track an India Post parcel. To track your India Post parcel effectively, use the universal shipment tracking platform, Ship24, by simply entering your tracking number into the Ship24 website for worldwide, as near to real-time as possible shipment tracking. You can track India Post shipments, as well as over 900 other postal services and private couriers from just this website, with no further information regarding your India Post package needed, just the India Post tracking number.

How long does India Post take to deliver packages?

The amount of time that an Indian Post order takes to deliver depends on the size, weight, destination, and shipping option you choose for your parcel. However, on average deliveries from India to the USA using the Speed Post (a premium, faster delivery option from India Post) can take between 12 to 20 days. Choosing the standard post option will usually take considerably longer, at around 30 to 40 days. All post which is registered can be tracked using Ship24's universal shipment tracking website, using just the India Post tracking number which you should receive when your parcel is being handled by India Post.

How can I track my India Post parcel worldwide?

You can track Indian Post shipments in a variety of ways. You can use the India Post website or the universal shipment tracking tool on the Ship24 website. For either option, you will just need your original India Post tracking number assigned to your parcel to begin tracking an India Post parcel. Ship24 is the preferred option for India Post tracking as it can track your India Post parcel whether or not it is handled by a variety of handlers along its route. As well as multi-courier capability, it also has in-built auto-detection for couriers, meaning it will know who is handling your parcel, even if the tracking number changes as it changes handler.

What is India Post's Speed Post option?

The India Speed Post option is available for domestic and international destinations and is the premium postal service that offers the fastest delivery times on packages. Speed Post is a good reliable option for individuals and businesses.

Senders using international Speed Post are advised to post to write as accurately as possible on the parcel before sending, as it will be handled by lots of different international handlers. This may help you when it comes to understanding an issue with your parcel when tracking the India Post package. If you enter your India Post shipment tracking number on Ship24 and the latest status of the parcel reads something like 'failed to deliver', this could be to do with the writing on the parcel being unclear. Make sure to check on the current status of your India Post package using the Ship24 universal tracking system to get the latest India Post tracking information.

How do I check an India Post package status?

There are a variety of ways that you can track your India Post parcel. One of the ways is through the India Post SMS service. All you have to do for this is type send the typically 13-digit India Post tracking number via SMS on 166 or 51969. Alternatively, if you are online you can track your India Post delivery through the Ship24 website. All you have to do is enter the Indian Post tracking number in the search bar. Once you have your tracking number, you can type it to see how your delivery is progressing along its route at any time.

What's the best way to universally track India Post?

The best universal tracking option is with the global tracking tool Ship24. Ship24 offers multi-courier, global shipment tracking capability, and a one-stop-shop for India Post tracking needs.

National postal services, such as India Post, often use many couriers and logistics companies to help deliver parcels sent with them, to deliver to international destinations.

How can an India Post tracking number help me track my parcel?

The India Post tracking number is a unique code created to identify your parcel. This number is like a barcode number given to your item and handlers will scan this code in to give you the latest information about a parcel's movement and status. To use this number to track your parcel, enter it on to Ship24, a website designed to scan thousands of online shops and couriers to find your unique tracking number, wherever it is in the world, and bring you the latest tracking information.

What will my India Post tracking number look like?

For parcels sent with the Speed Post delivery option, numbers mostly start with an E. Whereas for standard delivery (that is registered) it will typically start with an R or C.

You can find different examples of India Post tracking numbers below:

  • Speed Post domestic: EE097456789IN
  • Registered Post: RX987654321IN

How do I get universal tracking for my India Post package?

Once you have your India Post parcel tracking number, customers are encouraged to choose a global tracking system, if they want to have true end-to-end tracking capability at their fingertips. India Post often subcontracts or hands over parcels to other courier companies upon reaching a different country. This can make international tracking complicated (if you are not using Ship24) for the reasons below:

  • Lack of information: When India Post has given your parcel to another handler, India Post tracking information may not be available or tracking may now have to be done through the new courier, meaning that you need to change the websites you are using and so on. Meanwhile, Ship24 tracks hundreds of different handlers at the same time, so you don't need to change websites or worry about package handovers.
  • Limited capability: India Post does not have international package processing stations situated worldwide and so it relies on other logistics companies to help deliver packages worldwide. In order to track your parcel worldwide, you will need a tracking tool with universal capability. Ship24 offers that functionality, meaning it can track your India Post package location status effectively.

Ship24 works not only for India Post parcel tracking but with thousands of other couriers and online shops ensuring optimal tracking capability. You can even track up to 10 parcels at the same time, whether they are with the same courier or 10 different ones, all in the same Ship24 search! This free service is a market-leading shipment tracking tool.

Will my parcel be safely delivered with India Post?

India Post has built a solid reputation for parcel delivery and is the go-to for many Indians. It has also significantly modernized its system to keep up with changing parcel delivery demands, such as with the addition of Speed Post and by undertaking Project Arrow.

Project Arrow was launched in April 2008 and the project aimed to upgrade post offices, both improving their service and appearance. The initiative also saw the provision of secure IT services and an improvement to mail delivery operations, through investment in information technology, human resources, and infrastructure. By 2012, 25,000 departmental post offices out of 25,464 had been computerized and updated.

India Post handles lots of parcels domestically and internationally and works with many reputable third-party parcel delivery services within the industry, further adding to its trustworthy reputation.

Does India Post deliver eCommerce purchases?

Ecommerce websites and marketplace platforms, such as Amazon, ordered within India or to be delivered in India may be handled by India Post. To track your eCommerce purchase, choose universal tracking platform Ship24 to keep up to date with any movement on your parcel when it is being handled by India Post, or any other of the more than 900 couriers it can track.

Always use Ship24's tracking tool to track your parcel, no matter who it is being handled by. For universal India Post tracking capability on your online marketplace purchase, Ship24 is the ultimate solution.

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