Speed Post is a premium express mail service that offers fast and secure delivery of letters, documents, and parcels within India and internationally. It was introduced by India Post in 1986 and has since become a go-to choice for individuals and businesses that require time-sensitive deliveries. With Speed Post, you can choose from a range of delivery options based on your needs and budget, including same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and 2-3 day delivery.

Tracking is a crucial component of any shipping process, and Speed Post is no exception. By tracking your shipment, you can monitor its progress, know when it's been delivered, and ensure that it has arrived at the correct destination. This can give you peace of mind and help you plan your day accordingly. Additionally, tracking provides transparency and accountability, making it easier to address any issues that may arise.

Speed Post package tracking

How to Track Speed Post

To receive your Speed Post tracking statuses, you need your Speed Post tracking number. When you have found your Speed Post tracking number, you can track your Speed Post packages via the Speed Post tracking website, SMS, or use a universal tracking solution like Ship24.

Speed Post Tracking via Ship24

Tracking with Ship24 is deemed to be the best option as it is fast, accurate, reliable, and most importantly, it is FREE. To track with Ship24, you can just copy your Speed Post tracking number on the homepage and hit "enter". After a few seconds, your tracking results should show up. You can also enter up to 10 Speed Post tracking numbers simultaneously and get results at the same.

Speed Post tracking on Ship24

Ship24 AI continues to learn tracking patterns to give you real-time events of your packages. It can track more than 1,200 postal and private couriers all over the world including popular shipping companies in India such as DTDC, Ekart Logistics, BlueDart, and even Delhivery!

Speed Post Tracking via SMS

You can also track your Speed Post packages via SMS by entering "POST TRACK" followed by your Speed Post tracking number. For example, POST TRACK EM129831724IN. Once you have entered that, send it to 166 or 51969.

When tracking via SMS, make sure to put all capital letters as sending through SMS is case-sensitive.

Also, standard SMS services are applied.

Speed Post Tracking via Website

To get tracking updates from the Speed Post tracking website, you can head over to www.indiapost.gov.in and paste your Speed Post tracking numbers there.

Speed Post tracking

Track Speed Post International Package

For those seeking to track their Speed Post international package, there are a couple of options available. One of the most convenient and comprehensive ways to do so is by utilizing a universal tracking solution such as Ship24 or by visiting the official Speed Post tracking website.

By simply inputting your Speed Post tracking numbers on Ship24, you can receive all the tracking updates you require, regardless of your location or time zone. This allows you to stay informed of your package's whereabouts, from the moment it leaves the sender's hands until it reaches its intended destination.

Where can I find my Speed Post tracking number?

Finding your Speed Post tracking numbers is simple, you can find them on:

  1. The shipping label of your Speed Post package.
  2. The receipt.
  3. The email confirmation or the phone number that you have provided the Speed Post office.

The tracking number is usually a 13-digit alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies your shipment. If you cannot locate your tracking number, you can contact the Speed Post customer care centre for assistance.

Speed Post Tracking Number Format

A Speed Post tracking number should consist of a 13-digit number and letters. It usually has 2 capital letters in front, followed by a 9-digit number, and ending with 2 capital letters in the end. Since Speed Post is an Electronic Mail Service (EMS), the tracking number should start with E followed by another capital letter, and since it is a service by India Post, it should end with India's country code, which is IN.

Here are some examples of the Speed Post tracking number:

  • EE413871918IN
  • EK919283154IN
  • EG102930581IN

Which postal services offer Speed Post shipping?

Lots of different postal services offer Speed Post shipping as a fast way to ship packages. An example of a postal service that offers Speed Post is India Post. By using the India Post Speed Post service you ensure secure, time-bound delivery of documents and packages. Singapore Post also offers Speed Post services, which boasts super-fast delivery times when compared to standard or economy shipping.

In most cases, Speed Post is a registered service which means you can track it using the Speed Post tracking ID number which you will receive when you purchase Speed Post package delivery.

Speed Post Delivery Time

The speed of your Speed Post package depends on where you are sending or receiving the packages. Sending the package domestically may take 1 to 5 business days while sending the package internationally may take 3 to 9 business days.

Speed Post Domestic Delivery

Here is the Speed Post delivery time for all domestic deliveries from the point of your booking to the final mile of delivery.

Region Delivery Time
Local 1 to 2 working days
Metro to Metro 1 to 3 working days
State Capital to State Capital 1 to 4 working days
Same state 1 to 4 working days
Rest of the country 4 to 5 working days

Speed Post International Delivery

The timeframe for the prompt delivery of your package via the Speed Post International service hinges upon a multitude of factors, most notably your geographical location. Typically, this highly efficient service can transport your shipment anywhere between 3 to 9 working days. It's important to keep in mind that variables such as distance and customs regulations may impact the final delivery timeframe.

However, you can rest assured that the skilled team behind Speed Post International will work diligently to get your package to its intended destination as swiftly and securely as possible.

Speed Post Complaint

Call your local Speed Post station or submit an email if you have any questions or issues regarding Speed Post tracking or delivery. A qualified team of customer service representatives will be ready to help.

You can contact India Post at the following number:

  • 1800 266 6868

Contact their customer service from 9:00 AM IST to 6:00 PM IST (Except Sundays and Gazetted Holidays).

Speed Post Customer Service Email Address

For any customer service-related questions or issues, contact the Speed Post customer service through these email addresses:

City Email Address
Ahmedabad nsh.ahmedabad@indiapost.gov.in
Bangalore nsh.bangalore@indiapost.gov.in
Chennai nsh.chennai@indiapost.gov.in
Delhi nsh.delhi@indiapost.gov.in
Hyderabad nsh.hyderabad@indiapost.gov.in
Kochi nsh.kochi@indiapost.gov.in
Kolkata nsh.kolkataairport@indiapost.gov.in
Mumbai nsh.mumbai@indiapost.gov.in
Pune nsh.pune@indiapost.gov.in

Speed Post Complaint Email Address

For any complaints or any tracking problems, email Speed Post customer service at the following addresses:

City Email Address
Chennai foreignpost.chennai@indiapost.gov.in
Delhi nsh.delhi@indiapost.gov.in
Kolkata nsh.kolkataairport@indiapost.gov.in
Mumbai nsh.mumbai@indiapost.gov.in

About Speed Post

The India Speed Post option is available for domestic and international destinations and is the premium postal service that offers the fastest delivery times on packages. Speed Post is a good reliable option for individuals and businesses.

Senders using international Speed Post are advised to post to write as accurately as possible on the parcel before sending, as it will be handled by lots of different international handlers. This may help you when it comes to understanding an issue with your parcel when tracking the India Post package.

If you enter your India Post shipment tracking number on Ship24 and the latest status of the parcel reads something like "Failed to Deliver", this could be to do with the writing on the parcel being unclear. Make sure to check on the current status of your India Post package using the Ship24 universal tracking system to get the latest India Post tracking information.

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