Speed Post tracking

Speed Post tracking

What is Speedpost shipping?

SpeedPost, which is sometimes separated as Speed Post by many who search it, is a brand name that is used by multiple national postal services and couriers to infer high-speed delivery services. The name Speedpost is used by many private postal and national logistics delivery services including Taiwan Post, India Post, and Singapore Post.

You can track any speedpost parcel globally using the Ship24 tracking platform, which can be found on the Ship24 homepage.

Which postal services offer Speedpost shipping?

Lots of different postal services offer speedpost shipping as a fast way to ship parcels. An example of a postal service that offers Speed Post is India post. By using the India Post Speedpost service you ensure secure, time-bound delivery of documents and packages. Singapore Post also offers Speedpost services, which boasts super-fast delivery times when compared to standard or economy shipping.

In most cases, Speed Post is a registered service which means you can track it using the Speedpost tracking ID number which you will receive when you purchase Speed Post parcel delivery. When you get your tracking number sent to you, copy the characters (while checking you haven't included any of the empty spaces on either side) and paste them into the Ship24 website for universal tracking purposes.

How long does it take Speedpost to deliver parcels on average?

How fast Speed-post deliveries take depends on the service chosen when sending with the Speed Post service. However, speedpost shipping - as the name suggests - offers some of the quickest delivery turnaround tables in the world. To give an example of one service offering Speedpost, Singapore Post offers four different Speed Post options for sending parcels internationally.

Buyers of Speed Post should note, however, that as it is with all international couriers, the faster you want your parcel to arrive, the more expensive the service will be.

What does a SpeedPost tracking number look like?

A Speed Post tracking number will usually consist of a combination of 10-15 letters and numbers, with the letters in capitals and usually ending in SG.

However, other variations have been known to be assigned to parcels and the destination will determine the general style of your tracking number. When you receive your tracking number, you will not need to be able to decipher what the numbers or letter means in order to track your parcel, you can let Ship24 handle that simply by entering the tracking number in the Ship24 website, to get instant tracking info on your parcel.

What's the best universal tracking tool for a Speed Post order?

It is possible to track up to Speed Post orders on a courier's website. You will get all the necessary information about your Speedpost delivery. However, many are choosing to track Speedpost orders through the easier to use, universal tracking tool from Ship24.

You don't need lots of different information or to even log in to begin tracking your parcel instantly, and you can track up to 10 different parcels from 10 different couriers at the same time, meaning regardless of who your parcel is being handled by or whether several different handlers are handling several different parcels, all your tracking can be done in one place.

How much does Speedpost parcel shipping cost?

Again, it will depend on the service you have chosen and the speed with which you need your package delivered. A guide to Speedpost delivery pricing can be found on the relevant courier websites.
These prices listed below are an example of the cost of the well-established Singapore Speedpost service. However, prices could vary therefore should only be used as a rough guideline to give potential buyers an idea of pricing.

Speedpost Standard shipping costs are 10 SGD for up to 2kg, 10.50 SGD for up to 5kg, 11.50 SGD for up 10kg, 12.50 SGD for up to 15kg, 13.50 SGD for up to 20kg, and 16 SGD for up to 30kg.

Speedpost Economy shipping costs ae 6 SGD for 2kg, 7 SGD for 5kg, 8 SGD for up to 10kg, 9 SGD for up to 15kg, 10 SGD for up to 20kg, and 12 SGD for up to 30kg.

How can I track Speedpost deliveries?

All speedpost parcels can be tracked universally using the Ship24 platform which you can find on the Ship24 website. When you visit the homepage, you will find a search bar and you just need to copy and paste your tracking number into that white box to begin tracking your Speedpost parcel worldwide!

How much does Speed Post international shipping cost?

Speedpost costs will vary, however, you can find the Singapore Speedpost international parcel pricing list below to give you an idea. This speed post shipping service is split into four zones:

  • Zone A (Malaysia)
  • Zone B (Asia)
  • Zone C (Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Canada)
  • Zone D (The rest of the world)

The average pricing for these zones is broken down per speedpost delivery service below.

The average price for Speedpost international express deliveries in Zone A is around 25 SGD for 1kg and 61 SGD for 2kg.
Zone B:50 SGD for 1kg and 108 SGD for 2kg.
Zone C: 75 SGD for 1kg and 159 SGD for 2kg.
Zone D: 100 SGD for 1kg and 393 SGD for 2kg.

The average price for Speedpost international priority deliveries in Zone A is about: 20 SGD for 1kg and 39 SGD for 2kg.
Zone B: 45 SGD for 1kg and 78 SGD for 2kg,
Zone C: 70 SGD for 1kg and 107 SGD for 2kg,
Zone D: 95 SGD for 1kg and 155 SGD for 2kg,

The average price for Speedpost international economy deliveries in Zone A is around 26 SGD for 5kg and 91 SGD for 10kg.
Zone B: 37 SGD for 5kg and 64 SGD for 10kg.
Zone C: 80 SGD for 5kg and 135 SGD for 10kg.
Zone D: 86 SGD for 5kg and 160 SGD for 10kg.

Senders should bear in mind that the maximum weight for Speedpost International parcel delivery varies and maximum weights could be less or more depending on the destination country. Please check before attempting to ship a parcel at that weight with your chosen Speed Post delivery service.

When you purchase a parcel delivery with Speedpost you will be given an estimated delivery timeframe, which will change depending on the weight and type of parcel service you have ordered from Speed Post.

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