Singapore Post tracking

What is Singapore Post?

Singapore Post, sometimes called SingPost, is a postal service located in Singapore. The company provides both domestic and international postal services. Singapore Post has been existing for over 160 years and is very much trusted in Singapore and internationally.
Singapore Post does e-commerce logistics and provides mail-in Singapore around the globe. It operates in 19 unique markets.
Singapore Post is the oldest postal service in Singapore and has evolved with the country. The postal service belonged to a wide range of people before becoming what it is today, a powerful company with 57 post offices around the island with 8907 posting boxes.

Is Singapore Post reliable?

Singapore Post is Singapore’s designated Public Postal Licensee, so people generally trust this courier. In addition, it is the oldest postal service existing in the country. Also, the company promised recently to increase its service quality. Indeed, Singapore Post said that these measures would provide improvements in quality and a faster delivery of the Singapore Post orders for both domestic and international service.

Is Singapore Post government-owned?

Singapore Post is a private limited company. In short no, they are not owned by the government. Singapore Post is one of the first Public Postal Licensee. They were granted a license in 1992 in accordance with the Telecommunications Act.
With this license, Singapore Post has the power to operate many postal services with the aim of receiving, collecting, and delivering postcards to one another.
If you are a postal service owned by the government, you are limited to many things and cannot ship to wherever you would want to. Other companies that are government-owned may experience a lot of problems with consumers because of their limited range of work. It is not the case of Singapore Post.

How fast is Singapore Post?

Singapore delivery is more or less fast, it will depend on the delivery service chosen and where in the world the parcel will be shipped.
If you want to ship your Singapore Post package within the country, you can use three different types of delivery services:

  • Speedpost economy: 2 working days
  • Speedpost standard: 1 working day
  • Speedpost express: within 2 hours

If you want to ship international delivery, you will have 4 different options:

  • Speedpost economy: 21-35 working days
  • Speedpost standard: 5-14 working days
  • Speedpost priority: 2-8 working days
  • Speedpost express: 1-3 working days

So Singapore Post shipping times depends on where you want to deliver the package in the world, it depends on the location. For a local destination, it means in Singapore, shipping time can take only two hours. The longest delays will take about two to four working days.
This is very good for people who live in Singapore because of the fast and reliable shipping.
If you do not live locally, in Singapore, and live in other countries like in the U.S, then shipping can take longer. It will take 1 to 35 days to deliver mail from Singapore to an international destination.
If you need your Singapore Post parcel to arrive in short delays, you can opt for a fast delivery option but you will have to pay a bit more than a normal delivery method.
You will find in the table below the different delivery options and times of Singapore Post:

Nationality of the courier: Singaporean

Date of creation: 1819

Tracking number format (most common): RA 123 456 789 SG

Delivery options and times:

  • Speedpost Singapore delivery
  • Speedpost economy: 2 working days
  • Speedpost standard: 1 working day
  • Speedpost express: within 2 hours

Speedpost International delivery:

  • Speedpost economy: 21-35 working days
  • Speedpost standard: 5-14 working days
  • Speedpost priority: 2-8 working days
  • Speedpost express: 1-3 working days

How are Singapore Post tracking number formats?

Singapore Post tracking numbers are generally composed of 13 characters mixing letters and numbers. Most of the time, these numbers start with two capital letters “ RA”, followed by 9 numbers, and ending with the two capital letters “SG” (for example RA 123 456 789 SG). Other formats may also exist such as the following:

  • XC 123 456 789 12
  • R# 123 456 789 SG

Other tracking number formats may exist.

How do I track my Singapore Post order?

You can track your Singapore Post order on the Singapore Post website. On the page “Track Items”, you will just need to enter your Singapore Post tracking number that is written on the parcel. In the blank space on this page, you can put up to 20 different tracking numbers, one per line. After clicking on “Check Items Statuses”, you will get all the necessary information about your Singapore Post delivery.
Another solution is to use the Ship24 website. It is a universal postal and courier package tracking tool that can give you information about your Singapore Post parcel. All you need is to open the Ship24 homepage and copy-paste the Singapore Post tracking number in the search bar. After clicking on the enter button, you will get information about your package delivery status.
Note that sometimes, your shipments can be delayed due to meteorological or unpredictable events such as the pandemic crisis of 2020 with the covid-19.

How to track Singapore Post in India?

As mentioned above, it is totally possible to track your Singapore Post package from India by using the Singapore Post website.
If you meet difficulties or can’t access the Singapore Post website from India, then you can try to track your Singapore Post package with the Ship24 website. You will have notifications about your shipment and know its real-time location. It may be easier to use Ship24 to track your Singapore Post parcel if you are living in India.

How can I contact Singapore Post customer service?

If you have any issue or if you need any information about your Singapore Post parcel, you can contact the Singapore Post customer service by calling the following number: 1605. It is the customer care hotline.
If you want to call from overseas, you will have to compose the +65 6841 2000.
To contact the Speedpost Hotline which is opened 24/7, you can call +65 6222 5777.
In case you would need to contact the head office, the phone number is the same as the one for overseas calls.

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