Singapore Post tracking

Singapore Post tracking

Singapore Post aims to be a global leader in the eCommerce business. They believe that the trust of the customers is the way to achieve. In doing so, they need to work as a team and execute services at a top tier level.

What is Singapore Post?

Singapore Post, sometimes called "SingPost", is a postal service, that provides local and international delivery options. Singapore Post is a private limited company and therefore is not owned by the government. The postal company has existed for over 160 years and is a trusted postal service both internationally, but also, especially within Singapore.

It is the country's longest-running postal service, and from its humble beginnings, it now boasts over 50 post offices worldwide and nearly 10,000 post boxes, with that number growing year on year.

Is Singapore Post a reliable parcel service?

Singapore Post is Singapore's designated Public Postal Licensee and given that it is the longest-running postal service in the country, there has been a strong customer-business relationship built over the period of its existence. Therefore, it is widely trusted. Furthermore, its growth since its founding has meant that it has cemented a strong delivery network and its expansion to international operations has further demonstrated its apt capability to deliver parcels safely and securely.

The Singapore Post has also continued to develop particularly its service quality with improvements in both its operational capacity but also by shortening its delivery times through new fast shipment options.

In 1992, Singapore Post was granted a new license in accordance with the Telecommunications Act. With this license, Singapore Post was allowed to expand its postal services significantly, leading to the worldwide presence the company enjoys today.

How long will Singapore Post take to deliver my package?

Singapore Post delivery services boast a quick turn-around and reliable service, however, the speediness of the delivery will depend on which service is chosen and where in the world the parcel will be shipped.If a buyer or seller wants to ship with Singapore Post domestically, there are three types of delivery services on offer.

Types of Delivery Services


  • Speedpost economy: This option will see your parcel arrive within 2 working days
  • Speedpost standard: This option will see your parcel arrive within 1 working day
  • Speedpost express: This option will see your parcel arrive within 2 hours


If you want to use Singapore Post to ship your item internationally, you will have 4 different options.

  • Speedpost economy: This option will see your parcel arrive within 21-35 working days
  • Speedpost standard: This option will see your parcel arrive within 5-14 working days
  • Speedpost priority: This option will see your parcel arrive within 2-8 working days
  • Speedpost express: This option will see your parcel arrive within 1-3 working days

In essence, Singapore Post shipping delivery times depend on where you want your package to go. If you need your Singapore Post parcel to arrive in a short time, you can opt for fast delivery options, but either the buyer or the seller of the order will have to pay for the extra costs involved.

What are some Singapore Post tracking number format examples?

Singapore Post tracking numbers are generally composed of 13 characters mixing letters and numbers. Most of the time, these numbers start with two capital letters, such as RA, followed by 9 numbers, and ending with the two capital letters, such as SG, (for example RA 123 456 789 SG).

Singapore Post Tracking Number Format

Other formats may also exist such as the following:

  • XC 123 456 789 12
  • R# 123 456 789 SG

Please note, that other tracking number formats may exist.

How do I track my Singapore Post order?

You can track your Singapore Post order on the Singapore Post website. On the page named "track Items", you will just need to enter your Singapore Post tracking number that is written on the parcel. You can track up to 20 different packages at once by entering them into the corresponding lines. After clicking on "Check Items Statuses", you will get all the necessary information about your Singapore Post-delivery.

Another solution is to use the Ship24 website. It is a universal postal and courier package tracking tool that can give you information about your Singapore Post parcel. All you need is to open the Ship24 homepage, copy and paste the Singapore Post tracking number in the search bar and you'll get all the information you would on the official site, just without the hassle.

Can my tracking number only be used on the Singapore Post website?

No. You can use your tracking number with many different third-party websites, such as Ship24, which specialise in parcel tracking, with just your Singapore Post tracking number.

When you ship your parcel with the Singapore Post, you will receive a tracking code (or number) that you can use to track your parcel either on the Singapore Post website or with Ship24, a shipment tracking specialist site that tracks multiple couriers all in one place.

Why is my Singapore Post tracking not updating?

When the tracking is not being updated, there could be several reasons why it's being like that. Sometimes, it may take around a few hours or a few days before the parcel is processed. In this case, try entering your tracking number again after a few hours.

Another reason could be that the tracking number was miswritten. Double-check for any mistyped number or letter. You could also ask the sender to send the tracking number again just in case they have mistyped something on the tracking number.

If your Singapore Post is still not being tracked, it is recommended to call the post office to resolve this issue.

How can I identify my Singapore Post tracking number to use on Ship24?

A tracking code is a combination of letters, numbers or both, that you will need to find your package. When you ship your parcel, you will almost always receive either a notification on the platform you are using to make your purchase or receive an email confirmation or notification with your Singapore Post parcel tracking number attached to it.

Although this tracking number will vary, when using Ship24, it doesn't matter! Ship24's auto-detect universal tracking system means you can track Singapore Post parcels internationally and don't need to worry about who your parcel is with or where it is because Ship24 will tell you.

Equally, you don't need to know anything about the variant Singapore Post tracking codes that may be attached to your parcel. Simply use the one originally sent to you to find out the latest on your parcel, universally.

The Ship24 tracking system will instantly recognise your parcel and give you the latest location and status information at the touch of a button. No more going through long log in processes or entering lots of information, enter your Singapore Post tracking number in Ship24 today and keep up to date in seconds on your parcel in real-time.

Do I need to track my Singapore Post parcel through the website?

No! You can track your Singapore Post package through Ship24, a site that specializes in universal shipment tracking for hundreds of different couriers. Simply enter your tracking number into the search bar and Ship24 does the rest. It will not only identify who your package is with, but it will also give you the latest information on the status and location.

Unlike other courier sites which can only track parcels shipped with them, Ship24 allows you to track any parcel shipped with hundreds of different couriers, including Singapore Post.

In the modern, globalized world, being able to purchase goods from overseas has become essential. However, consumers are struggling with which couriers to choose from and then how to track their orders. This is why Ship24 offers information on not only the hundreds of couriers and postal services that we cover, but also allows you to track your parcel with whichever one you choose from dispatch to delivery.

Ship24 is one of the most advanced tracking systems available and backed by its cutting IT development team, offers among the best parcel tracking services on the market. If you are shipping with Singapore Post or planning to ship with any courier, make sure you have your shipment tracking sorted, with Ship24.

How do I contact Singapore Post about my parcel?

If you have any issue or if you need any information about your Singapore Post parcel, you can contact the Singapore Post customer service by calling the following number: 1605. It is the customer care hotline.

Singapore Post is known for its friendly customer service, and it is a testament to that, that you can phone them directly.
If you are shipping with Singapore Post but live overseas, you can still contact them directly, just via the different phone numbers, found below. (Please be mindful of local opening times to be sure you are calling at the correct time. Information on this can be found via the website)

  • +65 6841 2000.

However, if your call is more urgent, you can call the 24-hour hotline, known as the "Speedpost Hotline" on:

  • +65 6222 5777.

When you contact the Singapore Post, you will either be able to enquire about shipment costs if you want to send a package or parcel with them or alternatively you can get information relevant to your package tracking if that is what you should require.

For the former, buyers and sellers should note that the pricing of packages will vary depending on the size, weight and delivery timeframe. It is sometimes easier to check this information through the automated system on the website beforehand.

How fast can the Singapore Post deliver parcels?

The speed at which your Singapore Post package will arrive at its destination depends on one of or a combination of the following:

  • Size and shape of your package - The size of a parcel shipped with Singapore post will often determine by which method it is shipped. Larger items will sometimes be unable to travel via the quickest route (such as by air). Smaller parcels that can be transported on aircraft will usually be delivered the fastest.
  • The overall weight of your package: The weight of a package can also affect the transportation method used, with heavier parcels likely to be shipped on land or via sea, which will mean extended delivery times.
  • Final destination: Destinations that are in more remote spots with less courier coverage will face longer delivery times in most cases. It is always best to check with the Singapore Post or whichever courier you are using to make sure they deliver to the area first, and what possible delays there could be if you need the delivery within a certain timeframe.
  • Holidays - Christmas and Chinese New Year are holiday periods that are celebrated worldwide and therefore can cause delays in shipping. Equally, sales in certain countries which result in a higher than the normal surge in shipping demand (for instance, Black Friday sales) may also result in delays.
  • Freak accidents - Adverse weather conditions, customs processing delays, roadblocks or civil unrest within certain countries, plus a number of other unforeseen circumstances could also delay deliveries.

Although these reasons, especially the latter, are hard to predict, the best way to keep up to date on the location and status of your Singapore Post parcel is with the Ship24 tracking app. Ship24 gives you real-time updates on your parcel so if in the unfortunate circumstance that your parcel does become stuck (for instance at customs) Ship24 can let you know.

Not only is the service free, but you can use it as many times as you want, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Although you can't control change the weather, you can at least keep fully informed when it comes to your package!

Which site can I track my Singapore Parcel with?

People are bored of having to enter tracking numbers, shipment references and final destinations on numerous websites to get the latest on their parcels, often unaware if they need to enter their original tracking numbers or new variations that can sometimes arise from their package changing hands or crossing borders.

Although users can access some tracking information via the courier website, many are opting to go to dedicated shipment tracking websites which track multiple couriers and only require the tracking number.

Ship24 is one such service that, due to its tracking number auto-detection system, can instantly identify which courier your parcel is with and find the information on it you need accordingly. Instantly, and free of charge, access the current location and status of your parcel with just one click.

Ship24 is the universal shipment tracking solution. Simply provide the tracking number, and it will auto-detect the courier, location and status of your parcel by scanning thousands of couriers and shops worldwide. No longer do you need to spend your hard-earned time finding where to track your parcel. Let Ship24 do the work and keep yourself in the know.

Join the win-win shipment tracking revolution and say goodbye to tracking on hundreds of different websites!

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