GDex tracking

GDex tracking


Currently, Malaysia is one of the most developed nations with an ever-increasing number of businesses. The development of every civilization is followed by an increasing population, which in turn gives birth to needs like the one for a delivery service of parcels that go to far destinations without losing them. GD Express tracking and delivery service is one of the best options for this.

GDex provides a fast delivery service but also ensures various options adapting it to any need the client could have. GDex delivery on Saturday is only one of the comforts that the company provides its customers, along with various other high-quality services.

GDex package tracking

What is GD Express?

It is a courier company dedicating its utmost effort to providing the highest-quality service in Malaysia. The staff of the company focuses on providing different comfortable options to the clients to choose what suits them best. Some of these are extending the services to include GDex delivery on Saturday and even ensuring same-day deliveries.

As well, this company uses its resources to always provide the shortest time possible to ship the orders, not only within the company but also internationally, and always provides the best GDex tracking service for every parcel. This way, the company provides comfort to the clients and eases their nerves about the shipping process.

Also, the GDex tracking number format is available for printing on a sticker so each person fills in the details and attaches them to the box of the package ready for shipping, saving time, and making the procedure smoother. The company always provides solutions to the needs of its customers most efficiently.

How can I track my GDex parcel?

GDex tracking service is optimized to make it easy and increase the speed of the procedure for the client’s comfort. First of all, on the landing page, one of the first things seen is a sheet named E-TRACKING displaying a white textbox with the title of Consignment Note Numbers and containing a numeric sequence.

The numbers are an example of GDex tracking number format emulating one of your orders, under the box, there is also the option to use a Customer Reference number instead. After introducing the codes, the client only needs to click on the blue button named Tracking to start the process.

The GDex tracking number format consists of a numeric code of just 10 digits, it is unique to your order, specifically to the individual consignment. Besides, the website allows typing 20 codes as a maximum to track at the same time.

Where does GDex deliver in the world?

GDex goes further in its services, expanding its job to reach an international scale. This is achieved thanks to its different business partners all around the world reaching anywhere either through land, air, or seaways. Of course, the company takes all the required precautions to ensure the GDex tracking service keeps updated about the order’s status.

GDex pays special attention to the tracking of the orders, which is why each one has its unique GDex tracking number. This code is specific to every order and the clients can follow the parcel's journey even when leaving the country's territory until its destination.

Are GD Express shipping prices expensive?

It is the opposite, GDex courier service prices are the most affordable, providing an efficient delivery in both speed and cost. The prices are reduced to only the necessary with a range of choices depending on the destination of the order and the time required, like when using the same day delivery option will be costlier than normal.

The fees may be subject to the management of the company and government of destinations, but GD Express tracking is free of charge, only needing to follow the steps explained before in this article. The company operates in such a way that the client can track the parcel or shipment without paying anything extra for the procedure.

How long does GDex take to deliver?

The company takes as its principal goal to deliver each order in the fastest time possible. Most orders reach their destinations in the next 24 hours of placing them when inside the country. On the other side, GD Express Malaysia also provides faster options depending on the necessities of the clients.

There is the option of delivery on the same day for time-critical shipments. Also, if there are various orders, the company provides the option of programming early delivery to those shipments more urgent than the rest while counting with the complete GD Express tracking service.

Does GDex Malaysia deliver on Saturday?

Indeed, the service counts with GDex delivery on Saturday to provide the most comfort for the clients attending to their necessities. All the details can be checked directly with them through their various communication devices.

As well, the company will provide the clients with the means to follow their order in its journey with the GDex tracking number, including the very same day it reaches its destination.

How do I contact GDex for a pick-up?

GDex counts with a strong presence in digital media, like using WhatsApp and other applications. The service number is 03-64195003 and the clients can contact the courier to confirm the status of the order. On the other side, there is also the central line: 03-7787 2222, or the Fax: 03-7785 6818.

It is not only to plan, cancel or reschedule a pick-up but also to enquire for any information, and even use the GDex tracking number to get know about the status of the parcel and its current location. As well, the website includes a section named Contact Us to allow the client to send a direct message to the team.

Besides, the company invested in updating its technologies and having its application available for iOS and Android devices. It enhances the communication between clients and the company, while the app also allows its clients to use the GDex tracking service. This company does its best to provide the best efficient and faster high-quality courier services.

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