Delhivery tracking

Delhivery tracking


Delhivery tracking is not just about knowing where your package is; it's about staying in control of your delivery experience. By providing detailed tracking information, Delhivery puts the power in your hands.

You can proactively plan for the arrival of your package, ensuring that someone is available to receive it or reschedule the delivery if needed. Delhivery tracking empowers you to make informed decisions and stay in control of your valuable shipments.

Delhivery package tracking

Tracking Delhivery Packages

When it comes to tracking your Delhivery package, you have various options to stay updated on its status and whereabouts. Delhivery provides multiple tracking methods, including tracking on their website, through SMS, and an alternative tracking option on Ship24. This section will guide you through each of these methods, ensuring you have an easy and convenient tracking experience.

Tracking on the Delhivery Website

  1. Visit the Delhivery tracking website: Start by visiting the Delhivery website.

  2. Locate the tracking section: Look for the tracking section on the homepage or the top navigation bar. It is usually labelled as "Track Your Order".

  3. Enter the tracking number: Retrieve the tracking number provided to you by Delhivery or the sender. Enter the Delhivery tracking number into the designated field on the tracking page.

  4. Initiate the tracking process: Click on the "Track" button to start tracking.

Delhivery tracking on website

Once you've submitted your tracking number, the Delhivery website will provide you with real-time updates on your package's journey. These updates include information on its current location, transit checkpoints, and estimated delivery time. You can also view any delivery exceptions or delays that may have occurred during transit.

Delhivery Tracking Using Mobile Number

Delhivery provides an alternative tracking option using your mobile number. This method is particularly useful if you don't have access to your tracking number or prefer a more convenient approach.

  1. Visit the Delhivery website.
  2. Locate the tracking section on the homepage or navigate to the "Track" page.
  3. Instead of entering the tracking number, click on the "Mobile Number" option.
  4. Enter the mobile number associated with your package or shipment.
  5. Click on the "Get OTP & Track" button to track your packages.
Delhivery tracking using mobile number

Using your mobile number for tracking purposes streamlines the process, as it eliminates the need to remember or locate your tracking number. Delhivery will retrieve your package information based on the mobile number provided, and you will receive real-time tracking updates and notifications as usual.

Delhivery Courier Tracking on Ship24

Ship24 is a reliable and efficient alternative tracking platform that allows you to track your Delhivery package conveniently. Here's how you can utilize Ship24 for tracking:

  1. Visit the Ship24 homepage or the navigation field above and enter your Delhivery tracking number.
  2. Press enter or click on the arrow button.
Delhivery tracking on Ship24

Ship24 will retrieve and display your Delhivery package's tracking information from their extensive database. This alternative tracking option ensures that you can easily track your package, even if you prefer using a third-party platform.

Especially when it comes to tracking Delhivery international packages, where a number of couriers could be involved in its delivery (through partner couriers in India, in the destination countries, or facilitating travel from India to the destination country). All you need to do is provide us with your Delhivery tracking number and we'll do the rest.

Delhivery Courier Tracking Status

When it comes to tracking your packages with Delhivery, understanding the different tracking statuses is crucial. Each status provides valuable information about the whereabouts and progress of your shipment. In this section, we will go over into the various Delhivery tracking statuses and decode their meanings, ensuring that you stay informed throughout the delivery process.

Courier Tracking Status Description
Package arrived at Delhivery facility The Delhivery package has arrived at a facility and will soon deliver the package.
Our executive is out for pickup A Delhivery courier rider is on the way to pick up the package from the sender's location.
Shipment not ready for pickup A Delhivery courier rider will not arrive or will be able to pick up the package on the scheduled date.
Shipment picked up A Delhivery courier ride has picked up the package from the pick-up point.
Shipment details manifested A shipping summary of the package has been made.
Our executive is out for delivery A Delhivery courier rider is on their way to deliver the package.
Package delivered The recipient has received the package.
Shipment left Delhivery facility for The package has left a Delhivery facility and is on its way to its next destination or local facility.
There might be some delay due to unforeseen delays in transit The Delhivery package is in transit but will be delayed.
Shipment unloaded due to uncontrollable circumstances The Delhivery package has been unloaded because it might be too heavy or because of serious circumstances.
Pickup not done The Delhivery courier rider was not able to pick up the package.

If you receive any of the following but you believe there has been a mistake communicated, all queries should be directed to Delhivery as Ship24 does not have any control over parcel handling. Delhivery can be contacted online or by telephone.

Where can I find the Delhivery tracking number?

The Delhivery tracking number can be found in several places. You can find your Delhivery tracking number on:

  1. The barcode that has been provided on the Delhivery package.
  2. The receipt of the Delhivery package.
  3. The confirmation email address/phone that you have provided.

Use your Delhivery tracking number to get your order tracking from marketplaces such as Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, and thousands of others.

What is the Delhivery tracking number format?

The format of the Delhivery tracking number should consist of 12 to 14 numerical digits. The Delhivery tracking number can then be used on the Ship24 homepage to track the package.

Delhivery Tracking Number Format Examples

  • 3474310012062
  • 2452810139202
  • 1655210021954

Does Delhivery pick up packages from home?

Delhivery has an in-house managed transportation platform that allows for parcel pick-up (pre-scheduled pick-up of your orders) for true door-to-door delivery services. This has proven especially popular in more rural areas, as people can order, post, and track their Delhivery packages worldwide all from the comfort of their living rooms.

This mode of the parcel sending is still predominantly used by businesses who ask Delhivery to pick up packages from a factory or warehouse centre as part of a B2C sale.

Does Delhivery deliver on Sunday?

Delhivery is working towards 24 hours a day, seven-days-a-week delivery service in India. However, the capacity to do this has not been reached and therefore the company has not rolled out these promises nationwide for now. This means that the ability for parcels to be delivered on Sundays depends on the region it is being sent to.

If you want a Delhivery package to be delivered on Sunday, you need to make sure you ask the company before purchasing the parcel to avoid disappointment, as Sunday delivery may not be offered to your chosen location.

If you are ordering from a marketplace or merchant who is using Delhivery to deliver your parcel, you need to ask them directly before making the purchase if Sunday delivery is an option.

The same also applies to international postal services offered by Delhivery, where often a partner courier of a logistics company will be used as part of the delivery process. For instance, if you order goods from outside of India which will be handled by Delhivery for the first part of their journey, delivery will probably be taken over by a courier in the destination country during its journey. It will depend on whether the new courier offers Sunday delivery in this case.

Delhivery Shipping Services

Delhivery offers a variety of services to its customers depending on how fast and how far they want to send their parcels.

  • Express delivery
  • Ocean freight service
  • Special services: Delivery of high-value and oversized products, among others.
  • Technological services: Fraud detection, real-time monitoring, and control.
  • Delhivery tracking number and services
  • Parcel pick-up service across multiple major cities and towns in India.

Additionally, Delhivery offers global coverage through import and export services from India to other countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the US (where possible).

Delhivery Customer Care Information

If you have an issue with your parcel that is not regarding tracking, you must contact your courier directly.

Delhivery Customer Care Number

If you want to contact Delhivery customer care you will need to click on the "Contact Us" section of the web page and fill out a form or you can contact them through the following numbers.

  • 1800 103 6354 (Toll-free number)
  • +91 (124) 4718919 (International)
  • 0124-6719500 (Domestic)

You can also contact Delhivery through the company WhatsApp, the number for which can be found on the Delhivery website or in your confirmation email when ordering directly from the postal operator.

Additionally, there is a Delhivery customer care email to which you can write in case you need an answer on a specific point.

About Delhivery

Delhivery sometimes referred to as the Delhivery Post, is an Indian delivery and eCommerce logistics company. It was first established in May 2011 after being founded by a group of entrepreneurs. It has since been backed by multiple international investors as it continues to grow its services across the country.

It was initially launched as a local express delivery service, which aimed to provide logistical solutions for offline stores - such as those in the food and beverage sector - in the city of Gurugram, India. When it first began operations, the online retailing and e-commerce segment in India was experiencing major growth and Delhivery capitalized on that by entering the market as an express delivery service able to facilitate the movement of those goods.

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