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What is Pos Indonesia?

Also known as Indonesian Post in English, it consists of a courier/carrier service owned and financed by the state of Indonesia. Pos Indonesia was established in the year 1995, operating now in a wide area of 11 regional divisions.
It has a very wide network of up to 4,800 online post offices. The number of service points (Point of Sales) reaches 58,700 points in the form of post offices, Agenpos, the Mobile Postal Service, and others. Pos Indonesia has a dedicated network, a reliable distribution system, a service called Pos Indonesia International tracking, which is an excellent service with speed, precision, and competitive prices. The post office is a strategic place for the sale or distribution of goods and services, as well as the Call center Pos Indonesia contact service with the professional support staff to attend any inquiry.
Pos Indonesia continues to innovate, among others, the Post Shop construction, which is a retail business development that is implemented to change the image of a conventional post office into a modern one, with a unique purchasing service pattern; namely, Postal services (retail services) in the form of mail, parcel, and service delivery services. Finance, sales of postal items (stamps, philatelic products, etc. ), and online shopping services.

How do I track my Pos Indonesia parcel?

When you request a delivery from one of its agencies, be it a document or a package, you will be provided with a Pos Indonesia tracking number which can be used to monitor the status of your package, where it is at the time and any important update or requirement. All of this information can be requested on the Pos Indonesia tracking website section.
You can send your mail or packages throughout the country, reaching its destination at another Pos Indonesia agency inside Indonesia or to any country of the world allied with the company. At the moment you make a courier request, you will get an identification number for the correspondence, which you can check the status of your package with, by using the Pos Indonesia International tracking function available for you from any device or browser.

Does Pos Indonesia ship internationally?

Pos Indonesia offers two carrier services categories: the domestic and the international courier service.
So there is also the option of sending your correspondence to any other country allied with the Pos Indonesia system, using the same process as sending a domestic package inside Indonesia. When you acquire the Pos Indonesia courier service, the agency will provide you with an identification number for your package, that can be used to follow and monitor your delivery condition outside of Indonesia, like its current condition at the customs of every country, the importation fees that must be paid (if applies); this information can be accessed to with the Pos Indonesia International tracking option on the website or by calling an agent to the Call Center of Pos Indonesia.

How long does Pos Indonesia take to ship?

The average estimated time of delivery of a domestic package is between two to three days of transit, depending on the destined location for delivery.
The Pos Indonesia courier company also counts with a special delivery service called EMS Pos Indonesia, which consists of a faster time for your package to arrive at its destination inside the country, after almost a day or even arriving at destination the same day it was sent. This express mail service ensures this velocity of your Pos Indonesia package delivery with just an extra increase of payment at the moment of requesting the carrier.
For international delivery services, it is also possible to ensure the delivery of your package or document after 24 hours since paying the service of the EMS Pos Indonesia. This subcategory of the Pos Indonesia international shipping is made possible thanks to the employment of daily pick-up from the carriers, getting your package on the way to the airport as soon as it leaves the Pos Indonesia agency.

Does Pos Indonesia deliver with courier partners?

Yes, Indonesia is currently allied with many international courier companies that allow for any package or document to be sent outside of the country and, at the same time, be received from any country of the world. Among the courier partners allied with Pos Indonesia are FedEx, DHL, and UPS, renowned courier companies that offer fast and efficient shipping around the world.

What are Pos Indonesia shipping fees?

In terms of costs, the Pos Indonesia Shipping fees vary depending on the service you require, being domestic or international. The last one based on the country of destination, importation laws, and regulations.
When you request the domestic service of delivery, the carrier and transportation fees have an average price of 12000 rupees (the equivalent of almost 1 USD) for documents and a price of 365.000 rupees (the equivalent of 25 USD). Since the delivery is performed inside the country, there is no added fee for importation.
When you request an international delivery service, the Pos Indonesia delivery fee will vary depending on the continent of destination, every country policies of importation, and tax percentages; with these criteria into consideration, the average fee for a document delivered outside of Indonesia is 515.000 rupees (the equivalent of 40 USD) and the price for delivering a package with the minimum measures and weight costs 1.270.000 rupees (the equivalent of 90 USD).

How can I contact Pos Indonesia?

If you have any doubt or suggestion about the Pos Indonesia service, there are available communication channels for their customers, for whenever they need to get in touch with the company to get information about a package, available destinations or to calculate the cost of any delivery.
You can contact Pos Indonesia via its call center, which number can be found at the website, or even email Pos Indonesia. Whichever method of contact you used, you will be assisted by the support crew, who will gladly help you through your doubts and provide you with the requested information; they can even make modifications in the delivery if needed.
This is your best chance to deliver any package to and from Indonesia. With Pos Indonesia, your packages will be safe and sound from your hands to their destination.

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