Russian Post tracking

What is the national post operator of Russia?

Russian post (Pochta Rossii) is a well-recognized postal for the deliveries of mail throughout Russia and internationally. This national postal operator was founded in 2002 in Russia and formalizes both the registered national and international parcels, i.e. the tracking of which can be performed by both seller and buyer. Being locally recognized as “pochta”, the Russian post assigns a tracking code of up to 14 digits number when the parcels are shipped in Russia while 13 digits tracking code for the parcel to be delivered internationally.

Today the company employs about 390000 people, it is one of the most important company in Russia and its headquarters are located at the following address:
Varshavskoye Shosse 37,

Is there another courier than Russian Post in Russia?

Russian Post is prone to deliver up to 2.5 billion parcels on a regular basis and track them. Since the deliveries have boomed with the e-commerce for e-shops and similar other marketplaces such as AliExpress, Joom, Amazon, and Gearbest, the Russian post has evolved recently. Delivering across Russia, one can enjoy the products across the world, with a certain limitation of goods imported per habitant. Russian Post is not the only courier in Russia, EMS Russia is connected to other national posts in the world to provide tracked express service EMS Russian Post.

Does Amazon deliver in Russia?

Taking into consideration one of the common e-commerce businesses, Amazon is considered the favorite overseas retailer. Yes, you can find everything on Amazon and have them delivered via Russian Post delivery but the problem is mostly finding the items that Amazon will ship to the Russian federation...
The only case when Amazon does not ship to Russia is when shipping from the USA is expensive due to import tax and duties.
With regards to the tracking of deliveries via Russian Post, if you order on Amazon you can enter the Russian Post tracking number within the tracking bar and get the full tracking event. You can also track EMS Russia on express delivery of parcels if this is the chosen option.

How do I track my Russian Post package?

Nationality of the courier Date of creation Tracking number format
Russian 2002
  • In Russia: 14 digits (eg: 12345678912345)
  • International: 13 digits with two Latin capital letter at the beginning and at the end (eg:CA123456789RU)

Russian Post tracking is an easy process, indeed, you can use the Russian Post website, the Russian Post application, or again the website Ship24 to have more information about your Russian Post-order.

You need first to find your Russian Post tracking number. You normally receive it once your parcel, your registered letter, or postcard is accepted by the Russian Post.
The tracking number is written on the receipt you receive and it is composed of 14 numbers, for example, 1234567891234.
The tracking numbers dedicated to international mails are different, they are composed of 13 characters, a mix of Latin capital letters and numbers, for example, CA123456789RU.
Normally the Russian Post tracking service can read the international tracking numbers but if you have a problem while you try to track your Russian Post parcel, you can try to track it on the website of the post of the origin country or on the Ship24 website.

What are the different Russian Post statuses while I track my package?

As providing services up to the range of 17000000 square kilometers, the Russian Post delivery is known to operate in 9 different zones, functioning under the supervision of the Russian federation. This has helped the e-commerce sellers including Joom in tracking their parcels along with the buyers as well. A parcel or ePacket may have some distinctive tracking statuses prior to being delivered. For instance, an order is placed in the UK on a Russian website, it goes through the following delivery stages:

British post:

  • Delivered
  • Available for pickup
  • Handed over for delivery
  • Processing within England
  • Passed registration in England

Russian post:

  • Released from Russia
  • Released by the custom house
  • Handed over to the customs
  • Arrived at the customs of Russia
  • Arrived at the local distribution center
  • Departed from the local distribution center
  • Arrived at the local distribution center
  • Departed from the local distribution center
  • Arrived at the local distribution center
  • Departed from the local distribution center
  • Arrived at the local distribution center
  • Departed from the local distribution center
  • Arrived at the local distribution center
  • Departed from the local distribution center
  • Arrived at the local distribution center
  • Sorting
  • Arrived at the local distribution center
  • Sorting complete
  • Arrived at the post office
  • Delivered

Can the customs in Russia cause a delay in my Russia Post delivery?

When parcels are being sent over via Russian Post shipping either nationally or internationally, they tend to be slow as it is referred to as a global courier network with mail operators working in multiple countries. Despite the statuses of the parcels being delivered, when sent via Russian Post, the delivery time takes longer. One of the major reasons is in the customs process, i.e. cargos sit indefinitely at the Russian customs that change over the passage of time. Hence, the recent changes and limitation of imported goods per habitant made within the Russian customs practice contribute to the difficult situations.

Custom officials have declared that the exports and imports are normally drugs and weapons that demand tight control. This results in higher workloads and thereby delays in deliveries.

Ship24 at a click of a button can get parcels tracked no matter whether they have left for the destination country or are still lying at the sorting center. By using Ship24, you can get the benefit of auto-updates of delivery and notifications, bulk tracking in one go, and a lot more. So no matter where your Russian Post shipment is or which e-commerce seller you’ve placed an order with, it is easier to find the current status of your Russian Post package within seconds from your desktop or mobile. Your parcel is stuck at one event? As Ship24 is not a courier, feel free to take assistance from Russian Post customer service or contact the seller directly.

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