Russian Post tracking

Russian Post tracking

Russian Federation - Почта России

The Russian Post, known in-country as Pochta Rossii, is the national post service for Russia and is still one of the most widely used postal services for parcel and package delivery in the country. It is also now known for its global package delivery EMS options, which services parcel delivery in many countries worldwide. Russian Post works with international logistic companies and services to extend its international reach.

Russian Post package tracking

What is the Russian Post?

The history of the Russian Post stretches back to the 10th century, with historians noting that by the 16th century some 1,600 locations across Russia and western Europe had post offices serving Russian mail. In fact, Russia to Poland parcel delivery is one of the earliest known international post routes, first set up in the 1650s.

The Russian Post was formally a state-owned institution, but it progressed firstly from becoming a more subsidized postal operator to finally becoming what it is today, a self-sustaining postal business. The reason behind the move was to modernize its logistic infrastructure and improve its overall efficiency in parcel delivery both domestically and internationally.

The overhaul saw the Russian Post split its services into eight main regional subsections and in 2016 the Russian Post launched a new website. Since the Russian Post has notably improved in both reliability and the speediness of delivery. Given that Russia spans such a large area, with land in both Europe and Asia, delivery times can still vary depending on how remote a domestic location is. However, Russian Post has launched several delivery options for parcels which can ensure faster delivery times on the whole for domestic and international customers.

Today, Russia Post employs around 390,000 people and delivers millions of parcels every year. Indeed, like eCommerce, online shopping and online marketplaces have boomed over the last decade, such as AliExpress, Joom, Amazon, and Gearbest, Russian Post has stepped up its international parcel handling significantly, to meet these new global parcel delivery demands.

In order to track your parcel, whichever couriers it is inside or outside of Russia, use Ship24, the multiple couriers, universal tracking tool which is free to use twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Go to the Ship24 website and enter your tracking number to begin.

Where is the Russian Post located?

The Russian Post headquarters is located in Moscow, with the address listed as Varshavskoye Shosse 37, Moscow, Russia.

Customers using Russian Post should note, however, that the headquarters of the Russian Post does not handle mail, i.e it is not a sorting or forwarding facility and therefore will not appear as a location through which your parcel passes when you are tracking a package being handled by Russian Post.

If you want to track any package or parcel being handled by the Russian Post, simply head to the Ship24 website and enter your Russian Post tracking number into the search bar and Ship24 will instantly find the location and status of your parcel, in real-time.

What global package delivery services do Russian Post offer?

The Russian Post specializes in standard mail postage, parcel, and package delivery services, international EMS package delivery, freight forwarding, and third-party logistics solutions. However, it also offers financial services, including loan repayments.

Although prices for global mail, parcels, and package delivery from Russia may vary, international prices are usually as follows. To send a postcard from Russia via Russian Post to the USA or EU, can cost around 0.70 euros and will usually take about 1-2 weeks. For 3 euros, a faster 1-week service is offered which includes a tracking number. Sending a 1 kg parcel from Russia will cost about 10 euros within Russia and about 20 to an international destination.

Russian Post also offers a faster, premium postage service called EMS, which takes up to 5 working days for global delivery. Prices for this service range from 20 euros upwards depending on the size and weight of your parcel, and in some cases, its final destination, which is a competitive global delivery option when compared with other private courier companies operating in Russia.

When you purchase parcel delivery with the Russian Post, the company will assign a unique tracking code (typically of up to 14 digits when the parcels are to be delivered domestically and of up to 13 digits, with two preceding letters, when the parcel is being shipped to internationally). However, since the monopoly on postal services by the Russian Post ended, the service now faces increasing competition from other private couriers operating in the country, including DHL and TNT.

How do I track my Russian Post package universally?

Once you have your Russian Post parcel tracking number, customers are encouraged to choose a universal package tracking system to track their Russian Post package, if they want true end-to-end tracking capability. Although the Russian Post deals with millions of parcels sent from within Russia, the service often subcontracts or hands over parcels to other courier companies when it reaches their country of destination, to continue the final part of their journey. In this case, you may experience one of two complications in tracking your parcel:

Delayed information: Once the Russian Post has handed over your parcel to a third-party courier, tracking information received by the Russian Post may experience delays due to it having to pass through many systems to reach the original handler. This could mean that tracking your Russian Post parcel might not be as efficient through the company's website post-handover. The good news is, that Ship24 tracks over 1200 couriers simultaneously when you enter your tracking number, meaning that you will get all of the available information on your package instantly when you search using Ship24.

Limited tracking capability: Russian Post, as the name suggests, specializes in domestic postal services within Russia and although it offers fast-tracking global package delivery options, it does not have in-house sorting stations worldwide and therefore relies on third-party logistics to deliver its parcels. To track your parcel universally, in the most effective way possible, using the specialist global tracking system from Ship24 is your option. Ship24 scans multiple handlers worldwide meaning that it can trace your Russian Post package location and real-time status event if it is being handled by another courier.

Ship24 works not only for Russian Post package delivery tracking but with thousands of other couriers and online shops ensuring you have optimal tracking capability at your fingertips. You can track up to 10 parcels at the same time from 10 different couriers using the Ship24 universal tracking system. The service is free and available 24/7. Try Ship24 today for your ultimate global parcel tracking solutions.

Will my parcel be safe with Russia Post delivery services?

The core of the Russian Post's services, domestic and universal package delivery, is more reliable and faster than it has been, with modernization and efficiency strategies vastly improving the reputation of the postal service.

Russian Post handles millions of parcels both domestically and internationally and works with many third-party couriers and logistics companies with solid reputations within the industry. Furthermore, Russia Post's recent modernization through various advancements in its operational capacity. While some of these service improvements are listed below, customers using

  • Potomac

New parcel drop-off and pick-up options have emerged in Russia, curtsy to the installation of automated machines known as Potomac. These machines allow customers to drop off their parcels at an unmanned drop-off point securely, for them to be picked up by a courier afterwards. The machines have proven popular for parcels across Europe and came into use in Russia in the last decade, with the package drop-off machines being deployed in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Saransk first.

  • Postal kiosks

In 2011, Russian Post launched what it called 'postal kiosks', which as well as being able to handle parcel sending services and package delivery options, also offer insurance and credit card services as well as loans, mobile phone, internet, and utilities. Customers could also purchase railway and air flight tickets at these specialized desks. More recently, the kiosks have proved so popular that many now sell food and beverages, with an expansion of the kiosks planned in other areas of the country.

  • Mobile post

Mobile Post is a function of the Russian Post designed to service regions where Post Offices have been closed down due to infrequent use or economic inefficiency. Instead of a physical Post Office, a Mobile Post Van travels to more remote towns and villages across Russia on a scheduled basis to pick up and deliver packages to its inhabitants.

  • Regional sorting centres

Regional sorting centres have become a crucial part of the Russian Post's modernization, allowing it to process and forward parcels quicker, improving overall delivery times. Russia's first automated regional sorting centre opened in Podolsk, near Moscow in late 2009.

  • Customs clearance checkpoints.

To speed up the time for delivery of international parcels, the Russian Post continues to open new international postal exchange points to service demand. For instance, Yekaterinburg international postal exchange point, which was opened recently, is reported to be able to handle up to 20,000 parcels and small packets per day in the facility, with the ever-expanding parcel processing, points vastly improving delivery timeframes of international packages.

If you need to track your parcel to find out its current location or status (especially if it is currently being processed at an international exchange point within Russia) you can do so by going to the Ship24 website and entering your parcel number. Ship24's universal package tracking system makes tracking your parcel simple by scanning thousands of couriers and online shops to find the latest info on your order. All you need is your tracking number, nothing else, and you can put our powerful, universal tracking tool to work to locate your parcel, instantly.

Does Amazon deliver packages with the Russian Post?

Amazon does offer select delivery of some orders to Russia, some of which can be handled by Russian Post. It is always best to check with the seller beforehand if this is an issue and always use Ship24's universal tracking system to track who your parcel is being handled by.

When shopping on Amazon with delivery in Russia in mind, buyers should consider when ordering what the limitations of delivery (if available) there may be and also, potential issues they may face with import duty/tax and customs clearance.

If you are tracking a parcel that you purchased from Amazon, or any other online shop or marketplace, you can track your parcel using Ship24. It is a universal parcel tracking platform that gives real-time event updates on your Russian Post parcel or packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The same goes for if your parcel is being handled by another courier, as Ship24 works with over 1200 shipment handling companies via its comprehensive, universal tracking system.

Whether you receive the tracking number from Amazon, the seller, or Russian Post directly, simply enter the Russian Post tracking number into the tracking bar on the Ship24 website and you will get instant, up-to-date information on your parcel, as it happens. This service includes all registered standard and EMS mail handled by Russian Post, as well as many others.

What's the best way to universally track my Russian Post package?

The best universal tracking options lie with third-party providers, such as Ship24. This is because they offer multi-courier, global shipment tracking capability, and a one-stop shop for customers tracking needs. This is notably useful when using a handler such as the Russian Post, which uses a variety of couriers and logistics companies to forward parcels sent with them, to deliver to international destinations.

When you receive your parcel tracking number from the Russian Post, you can enter that number immediately into the Ship24 website to begin universal end-to-end tracking of your package. The tracking numbers dedicated to international mails are different, they are composed of 13 characters, a mix of Latin capital letters and numbers. For example, CA123456789RU.

While the Russian Post tracking service can read the international tracking numbers, the best bet for customers is to track with the universal tracking system by Ship24.

What do the different Russian Post statuses mean?

Your Russian Post parcel or ePacket will have various distinctive tracking statuses before being delivered. Some of the statuses you may encounter are explained below. (Please note, the statuses you receive via the Ship24 universal tracking app will be the same as those issued by the Russian Post)

  • Released from customs - Your Russian Post parcel has been released from customs in Russia and will now be dispatched to its destination
  • Handed over to the customs - Your Russian Post package has entered the processing stage at customs. Visit Ship24 to find out as soon as possible when your package has cleared customs and been released or there is an issue with your parcel.
  • Arrived at the local distribution centre - Your Russian Post parcel has entered a forwarding centre close to its final destination.
  • Departed from the local distribution centre - Your Russian Post package has left the centre local to you and will be delivered shortly.
  • Delivered - Your Russian Post parcel has been delivered. Congratulations!

Can customs in Russia cause a delay with my Russian Post delivery?

When parcels are being sent via Russian Post, they can experience delays due to the customs process. This can be caused by multiple factors to do with a larger than a usual number of items to be processed and checked at customs or an issue with a parcel itself.

Nonetheless, at just the click of a button, Ship24's universal tracking tool can get up-to-date information on the status of your package, so you know where your parcel is in regard to its customs clearance. When it comes to global shipping with the Russian Post, Ship24 is the ultimate solution.

Using the information Ship24 provides, you can then find out if you need to contact your courier or handler to get further information on why your package is delayed. Make Ship24 your ally when it comes to dealing with your courier, by showing them the latest information regarding your parcel when you call. Our universal tracking tool won't let you down.

Is Russian Post operating?

As political tensions are on the rise within and outside Russia, several courier delivery companies have halted their services to different areas in Russia. Companies such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx are some companies that have suspended their services due to the sanctions in Russia.

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