Poșta Română tracking

Poșta Română tracking

In Romania, there is a system in place to operate all postal services. Posta Romana is the only postal services provider in Romania. Founded in 1862, Posta Romana offers a wide range of services in the country and is the only universal service company in Romania.

What is Posta Romana?

Posta Romana is the only national operator of postal services in Romania. It is in charge of sending and receiving all postcards and money transfer services and other payments. This company operates in the free market of postal and press services. In parallel, it carries out other activities related to foreign trade, supplies, medical services, socio-cultural services, etc.
This service has been known in Romania since the Middle Ages. It was created because of the need to extend the orders of the sovereigns to reach the territory they had. The sovereigns used horses to carry the mail given by the inhabitants of the cities and villages in the country. In 1993, a famous postcard, known as "The Charter", allowed the recognition of the postal services in the Romanian lands. This letter was written by Sovereign Mircea the Elder. The letter required the localities to provide efficient means of transport for sending the mail. At that time they referred to the two-wheeled carts pulled by horses.
A couple of centuries later, in 1850, the postal stations became post offices in the main cities of the country. At that time there were only 30 postal routes, with different stations and Craiova as the main office. In 1852, the private mail service was established, which was supervised by the Ministry of Finance. Since then the postal services in Romania have evolved greatly, becoming the only postal service in the country. Today it provides postal solutions to all inhabitants of the national and international territory.

How can I track my Posta Romana parcel?

Almost all Posta Romana postal and parcel shipments are traceable. Thanks to Posta Romana tracking you can see from the processing of the package to the postcard arrived at the destination.
To make the Posta Romana track and trace process you only have to enter the tracking number established in the invoice issued by the post office in the tracking box of the official website of Posta Romana. This number has a length of 13 characters, between which the first two and last two are letters.
The letters at the beginning of the Posta Romana tracking number allow the system to identify where the postcard came from. Similarly, the letters at the end of the tracking number identify the office or place of destination.
All information about Posta Romana is on its website. There you will find information about all the company's services and much more. If you want to know which is the Posta Romana tracking code of your shipment, there you will find out how to find it. In some offices of the Posta Romana, you can find the option to have the receipt sent to your email. In the mail, you can find the tracking number and from there copy and paste it to the official site for tracking.

Does La Posta Romana ship Internationally?

Yes, it does. Because it is one of the oldest postal companies in the world, Posta Romana has implemented the best international postal solutions. Furthermore, it is one of the founding countries of the Universal Postal Union since its foundation in 1874. Romania was also in charge of the presidency of the UPU Council of Administration during the years 2004 and 2008. This allowed it to assist in the decision-making process on the future of the postal systems.
Posta Romana currently sends mail to more than 190 countries. In many of them, there are offices of the same company, but in others, they are only associates. Posta Romana international tariffs are one of the best options for sending postcards or packages. These arrive in many parts of the world and at a convenient price.

How long does Posta Romania take to ship?

The delivery time of a mail will depend on the priority and the destination. Domestic shipments can be delivered within a maximum of two days. Priority shipments are identified by the word Priority and could be delivered the next day if received at the office.
International shipments can be delivered within 5 days or more. This delivery time is calculated based on business days and any more services required; declaration, recommended value, etc. For some countries, shipments may take several weeks to arrive. Please note that shipments are only made on business days.
You can have better control of your national shipments by checking the Posta Romana track and trace on the official website. In the case of international shipments, you can also check the international track and trace to know the status of the package. Posta Romana shipping has the quality of being a fast and efficient service.

Is Posta Romana Expensive?

The prices of shipments through Posta Romana depend on several factors, mainly on weight, dimensions, and whether it is national or international. Prices for national shipments vary between RON 1.90 ($0.44) for standard shipments and RON 10.51 ($2.44) for cash on delivery.
International shipments range from RON 4.32 ($1) for standard shipments to RON 58.06 ($13.48) for extraordinary shipments with notice of receipt. Posta Romana packages can be sent insured for greater care or reimbursement of a higher percentage in case of loss.

How do I contact Posta Romana?

You can contact the Posta Romana through different means. Among the main ones are the telephone numbers; 021 9393, for national calls and 021 9393 111 for calls from other countries. If you want La Posta Romana online contact you can send an email to suportclienti@posta-romana.ro. Another Posta Romana contact is by filling out a form through their website https://www.posta-romana.ro/. On that site, you can also find the necessary information about the products, services, and everything that Posta Romana offers to its clients.

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