Česká pošta tracking

Česká pošta tracking

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Postal services are old generally but still needed for different countries. This is why it does not matter how advanced the technology is nowadays because there is no other way to deliver parcels than with a postal system. Besides, unlike other decades when we did not know where our mail or package was until arrival, today it is possible to follow the delivery of the packages, especially for example with Ceska Posta tracking.

If you are in the Czech Republic and you need to trust a company so your parcels arrive safely at their destination, the best option is Ceska Posta. In this way, the Ceska Posta track and trace is one of this company's best services. However, it is not the only one. For this reason, it is essential to know more about Ceska Posta in order to make the most of each of its services.

Česká pošta package tracking

What is Ceska Posta?

Ceska Posta is the national postal company in the Czech Republic. Its foundation started on November 13, 1918, with the creation of the "Ministry of Post and Telegraph". However, despite the fact that this company began as a ministry, it does not mean that it does not work as an enterprise.

Ceska Posta has looked to satisfy all its users, and it is for this reason that on January 1, 1925, Ceska Post adjusted its services and structure to follow the same laws that apply to private postal companies.

However, Ceska Posta's history was not an easy one, because the country went through a crisis in 1938 which caused the "Ministry of Post and Telegraph" to merge with the "Ministry of Railways". This way, the Ministry of Transport was born. But, the postal services in the Czech Republic were very far from how they are today. It is why after the war, the postal services were very affected and transformed to be Poverenictvo Post from 1948 until 1960 when Czechoslovak Post started to offer their services again.

After this, the '60s were a decade of evolution for the postal services in this country, which passed the Federal Committee for Post Offices and Telecommunications at the end of the decade. Nevertheless, that was just the beginning of a big series of changes that with the passing of time originated the Ceska Post's establishment on January 1, 1993. Since this year, the Czech Republic has counted on an efficient and viable postal system. For this reason, Ceska Post is more than an ordinary postal company because it represents a whole history in the life of every citizen in the Czech Republic.

How do I track my Ceska Posta parcel?

Tracking Ceska Posta is very easy to do and like a huge advantage, you can track your parcels through the Ceska Posta official website. Every Ceska Posta Tracking parcel is based on a code that is conformed by a prefix that is normally made of 2 letters. This prefix is the code of the service you pay for. For example, the express services' prefix is BE.

Then the Ceska Posta tracking number has from 9 to 10 numbers followed by the suffix which can mean two things:

  • the code of the sender
  • or the ISO code of the country where the parcel comes from.

For example, to refer to Great Britain or Northern Ireland, Ceska Posta uses the suffix GB.

With the Ceska Posta online page, you can track your parcel and the tracking code you are going to receive through SMS, Email, posting form, or even through your mailbox as a notification.

How long does Ceska Posta delivery take?

The time it takes for Ceska Posta to deliver your parcels is very variable because it depends on the kind of parcel and its destination. In this way, if the parcel's delivery is inside the Czech Republic territory, they deliver your parcel the next working day.

However, it just applies if you bring your parcel before 3 p.m. But if you have a problem with this limit of time there are 1000 offices where you can do it until 5 p.m. on the other hand, the international Ceska Posta shipping will depend on the destination and it can last around ten days.

Does Ceska Posta deliver internationally?

Ceska Posta does not only work in the Czech Republic's national territory. They also make deliveries to more than 120 countries around the world. Ceska Posta classifies its international deliveries according to whether the destination country you choose is a European country or not.

Besides, if your parcel's destination country is not a European country, they also divide it into the United States destinations and the non-EU destinations. In this way, you can see that the Ceska Posta international postal services reach is very significant.

How much should I pay to send a package through Ceska Posta?

Certainly, the prices for the deliveries with Ceska Posta will depend on the weight of the parcel, the type of service you choose, and the destination. This way, the international ordinary mail price can be between 23 CSK and 601 CSK. Besides, you have to consider that deliveries for non-European countries have two modalities: priority and economy, and this changes the prices of the Ceska Posta delivery.

On the other hand, domestic deliveries can vary from 73,55 CSK to 339,00 CSK. This variation depends on the size of the parcel (S, M, L, or XL), the kind of service, and whether the price includes the V. A. T or not.

How do I contact Ceska Posta?

Ceska Posta counts with a call center so you can ask whenever you want about the services they offer and all the information you need. The company's local number is 800 104 410, and the international number is +420 954 292 103. Besides, you also can write to its email info@cpost.cz. But, if none of these methods is according to your tastes, you can always use its mobile app to find the closest Ceska Posta office to your location.

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