Magyar Posta tracking

Magyar Posta tracking

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What is Magyar Posta?

Magyar Posta is a state-owned company in Hungary that manages most of the country's postal services. In addition to handling national and international postal services, the corporation also offers banking and marketing services to public and private companies. Magyar Posta is one of the largest and most important companies in the country.
This company has approximately 30,000 employees distributed in more than 2,600 service points in the country. Likewise, in addition to having an important logistics network, Magyar Posta offers a wide variety of postal services. Besides having access to an important variety of Magyar Posta prices, users will also have the opportunity to access other types of services.
Magyar Posta is considered as the leading company in the postal market throughout the country. Thus, Magyar Posta is the leading company in the distribution of courier, postal, and package mail. It has a sophisticated delivery and distribution service for packages or postal mail that operates 24 hours a day. These packages can be picked up by customers at any point-of-sale office or service station. It is important to mention that Magyar Posta was the first company to develop this sophisticated logistics network, becoming the most efficient postal company in Hungary.
In addition to providing excellent banking and marketing services to other major companies in the country, Magyar Posta also offers an excellent newspaper distribution and delivery service. In the world of advertising, the company is also known for its dominant role in the advertising market.
One of the reasons why Magyar Posta dominates the Hungarian postal market is because of the excellent variety of payment methods it offers to millions of users. Magyar Posta customers have the opportunity to pay for their postal services quickly and flexibly through different tools, such as the iCsekk mobile payment service, which allows customers to pay their service bills from anywhere in the country, securely and reliably.
The company has more than 2700 post offices distributed throughout the country, which means that users can access all the services offered by Magyar Posta from any area of Hungary. Thanks to this extensive network of offices, users generally access the banking services offered by Magyar Posta. Thus, intending to modernize traditional financial services, Magyar Posta has developed cash/securities in transit, banking, investment, and insurance financial services to satisfy a wide spectrum of needs of its clients.
Finally, it is very important to mention that in the year 2013 it began to be part of the liberalized postal market of the European Union in order to exercise the functions of a service provider of the organization and guarantee an excellent quality of postal service to millions of citizens and customers.

Magyar Posta package tracking

How do I track my Magyar Posta package?

Magyar Posta tracking service is one of the most sophisticated in the world. The company, besides having an excellent postal logistics network, also has a wide variety of fleets with more than 3,000 vehicles. These vehicles have a modern GPS tracking system to follow and track packages or postal correspondence throughout the country.
Likewise, the Magyar Posta international tracking can also be done through an efficient virtual system that can be found on the company's official website.
Whether for national or international postal services, users can only make use of the tracking service through a Magyar Posta tracking number, which is unique and special for each package, letter, or correspondence. The virtual system offers all kinds of details of the packages in real-time. Finally, it is important to mention that the tracking of international packages will only be available once the package has arrived at the destination country.

Does Magyar Posta ship worldwide?

Magyar Posta can make international shipments to more than 220 countries around the world. As it belongs to the liberalized postal market in the European Union, the company has excellent agreements and direct relations with countries of the European Union and countries in other continents. These relations facilitate the work carried out by Magyar Posta, offering an efficient and reliable service.
Magyar Posta offers exclusive services for those parcels sent to the European countries. For international parcel shipments, Magyar Posta can send and distribute packages to more than 545 cities around the world, with excellent delivery times.

How long does Magyar Posta take to ship from Hungary to the UK?

Before sending a parcel to the UK, it is necessary to select the correct type of postal service. The delivery time may vary depending on the type of service paid for by the user. However, the average Magyar Posta delivery time is from 2 to 4 working days.

Is Magyar Posta expensive?

The costs of using Magyar Posta postal services can vary due to different factors. Weight, destination, package dimensions, type of postal service, and use of other additional services may generate different price lists. For national shipments, users can send packages with a maximum weight of 50 kg, and the average price for delivery charges is 7 dollars.
For international shipments, users can send packages with a maximum weight of 30 kg and the average payment cost is usually 40 dollars. This cost may vary depending on the destination country where the package will be delivered. Finally, users can also send packages to other countries, weighing more than 30 kg only if they are willing to pay an additional luxury tax.

How do I contact Magyar Posta?

The Magyar Posta customer service is one of the company's most outstanding and emblematic services. The customer service has a variety of options that users can use to make their queries. Initially, on their website, users can access Magyar Posta official telephone numbers, emails, and social networks.
Besides, users can complete different virtual forms where they can make queries, complaints, suggestions, and even request the Magyar Posta tracking package service. The company also offers its fax data and the office address located in the main cities and areas of Hungary. Any type of query or request that the user wishes to process can be made at the said Magyar Posta postal offices.

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