Ukrposhta tracking

Ukrposhta tracking

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Despite its independence acquired a few years ago, Ukraine has become one of the best-developed countries in Europe and the whole world. This country has modern infrastructures and services that have allowed it to stand out among so many countries. Likewise, its postal service, regulated by the Ministry of Infrastructure, has been in charge of keeping the country connected and working in the best possible way. Ukrposhta shipping service provides all kinds of postal services and packages throughout the national territory and also to other countries. This is one of the largest companies in Ukraine.

Ukrposhta package tracking

What Is Ukrposhta?

Ukrposhta is the only company that accepts, sorts, transports, delivers, organizes, analyzes, and takes care of all the Ukrainian postal needs. It is also known as the main postal service of the country. It currently has more than 10,000 post offices nationwide, allowing it to operate efficiently and securely throughout the country. More than 70,000 employees are prepared and trained to meet any need that may arise with kindness and respect. 
The business focuses on postal services, logistics, finance, and commerce. Ukrposhta provides more than 50 different services for individuals and businesses. All activities of the postal company are under the regulation of the Law of Ukraine on postal communications and the regulations established in the Universal Postal Union of which Ukraine was a member in 1947.

How do I track a package from Ukraine?

Ukrposhta track is the tool that allows you to know the location or status of any item that has been shipped nationally or internationally. To use the service you just have to enter the official website, locate the tracking section, and then you will see the search field where you have to enter the tracking ID of your package. Enter the 13 characters of the ID and press Track. In a few moments, you will see on your screen the location or last status of your package.
Ukrposhta tracking also allows you to track several postal packages at the same time, up to 30. Just enter each tracking number separated by a space, or open the tracker in different tabs. If you want to know the details of a specific postal package, simply select it and you will see a list of that particular item.
On top of that, Ukrposhta allows its customers to track their postal packages through its mobile application available for Android and iOS devices. Download the app from your device and interact with it in different ways. If you want another option to track your Ukrposhta packages, you can do so by writing to the Chatbot via Facebook or Telegram.
In case none of the above methods worked for you to do Ukrposhta tracking, you can log in to our platform and track your Ukrposhta packages from our tracker.

How long does a package take from Ukraine to the US?

For Ukrposhta, like other UPU member countries, it is very complicated to set fixed delivery times for postal products sent by the company. However, estimated times have been established in which packages could reach their corresponding destinations. 
The delivery of letters, documents, packages, and commercial loads leaving Ukrposhta to USA time takes between 7 to 12 working days. However, the company makes an estimate of the delivery time considering the New Year and Christmas days as non-working days, so during these dates, the deliveries could be postponed.  

How long does shipping from Ukraine to Australia take?

As with shipments to the USA, it is not possible to mention the exact date that a package will arrive in Australia. However, in the Ukrposhta delivery times table, it is estimated that delivery times for post, postcards, letters, and other packages are between 14-20 working days if sent by air, and 25-30 days if sent by ship and road transport.
All Ukrposhta delivery times estimates to all destinations are given in a table on the website. If you want to know how long it can take for a package to arrive from Ukraine to the country you want to send your postcards and parcels to, then check the table for an approximation.

Is Ukrposhta expensive?

The Ukrainian postal service company offers efficient and cost-effective national and international postal delivery services. Ukrposhta to USPS has also allowed the company to reduce its rates by considerable amounts, allowing all inhabitants of the country to make use of at least 1 of its more than 50 services.
Delivery rates depend on the type of service used, the weight of the product, and the country or area where it is going. Some of the average rates can be classified according to the type of service:

  • Postcards and letters: from 1.00 USD/20g to 17.00USD/2000g.
  • Small packages (up to 2kg): from 5.10USD/0-250g to 25.20USD/1000g-2000g.
  • Parcels (up to 30kg): from 20.00 USD/≤10kg to 30.19USD/>10kg.

All shipping rates are subject to weight, dimensions, and final destination. To make sure you calculate the cost of shipping your postal packages around the world, check the different tables on the website where all the details of the Ukrposhta international shipping costs are specified.

How do I contact Ukrposhta?

Ukrposhta has a wide variety of means to communicate with its different departments and make requests, claims, or queries directly. The main telephone number of the company is 0 800 300 545. Through this number, you can be referred to each area of the company to make your request to the corresponding department.
You can also contact Ukrposhta by e-mail at and make any request you wish. If you prefer to go for a more personal and direct consultation, you can visit the main office of the company which is located at 22 Khreshchatyk Street, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine.
All this information and much more can be found in more detail on the official website of the postal company, There, you can find out about all the products and services Ukrposhta has to offer, as well as complete information about delivery times, rates, the large list of countries the company sends its packages to, and much more.

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