Nova Poshta tracking

Nova Poshta tracking

Nova Poshta Ukraine specializes in offering all its customers a wide range of logistics services and solutions for all types of deliveries. Nova Poshta Group brings together Ukrainian and international companies: Nova Poshta, Nova Poshta Logistic, Nova Poshta Global, and NovaPay.

What is Nova Poshta?

Nova Poshta has established itself as a leader in the logistics market. Providing all its customers with fast and easy delivery and at the same time supporting thousands of companies to access a logistics chain capable of responding to their needs. Nova Poshta to this day has helped many companies in Ukraine and the world to grow and develop business.
In 2014, this company, which is considered the absolute leader in express delivery in Ukraine, started its international expansion with Nova Poshta Georgia and Moldova branches.
Thanks to the effectiveness of the network of this company, which has more than 6,000 branches in Ukraine, in 2019 they managed to exceed the goal of 212 million deliveries, even managing to make a difference with Nova Poshta international deliveries.
Through NP Logistics, full services are offered for the storage of goods, assembly, and shipments. Nova Pay, on the other hand, is the non-bank financial branch that enables customers to make money transfers and electronic money transactions.
Nova Poshta Global is responsible for providing customers around the world with express Nova Poshta shipping services. Today, Nova Poshta Ukraine is one of the largest employers in Ukraine with more than 28,000 employees.
This company grows with the mission of facilitating delivery processes for life and business. Accordingly, Nova Poshta is always updating its products and services to bring the experience to the highest level of quality.

Can I track my parcel from Nova Poshta?

Once you have contracted the most convenient service from Nova Poshta shipping, the system will generate for you an invoice where you will find both a barcode and a 14-digit Nova Poshta tracking number that will allow you to effectively track your parcel.
The barcode will allow you to access the tracking service from the Nova Poshta mobile application to perform Nova Poshta Ukraine tracking. Remember that the number generated and the barcode will be associated only with your order, so if you have any other pending deliveries it is important to know that each procedure is individual.
Activated by Nova Poshta Ukraine tracking you will be able to know precisely where your order is. That is the purpose, to provide you with guarantees on every movement made until it reaches its final destination.

What format has a Nova Poshta tracking number?

The Nova Poshta tracking number that you will find on the invoice is located at the top of the invoice and can be found as in the following example, which is only for reference: 59 0003 6163 0288.

Does Nova Poshta only deliver within Ukraine?

Since 2015 Nova Poshta Global has been offering Nova Poshta international shipping, consisting of express delivery for commercial customers. Through these services, thousands of people have been able to send their documents, parcels, and so on to Nova Poshta Georgia, and other parts of the world.
The efforts made by this company and DPD-group have enabled commercial customers to access an international quality service in the Nova Poshta shipping of parcels and palletized cargo. The services involved include NP Export Econom and MAX service.
Nova Poshta international shipping combines a network of partners around the world that have made possible the development of qualified and fully efficient logistics methods for international cargo at the best prices. Clear advantages that all Nova customers appreciate and take full advantage of.
For individuals, the company makes it very clear that Nova Poshta international shipping is very easy to use. All you have to do is make an application in the "Personal Account" and get an application number before sending the package to Nova Poshta near me.
After registration, you will get the tracking number that will allow you to do the Nova Poshta Ukraine tracking at any stage of the delivery. By the way, for any international delivery, you will also be able to keep informed about the status of your shipment, by means of my Nova Poshta international tracking.

How long does it take to Nova Poshta to deliver?

You can calculate Nova Poshta delivery time by accessing their website from which you only need to click on the "delivery time" section and there you will find a pre-designed form where you will enter the information related to your shipment.
You will need to specify the expected date and time of shipment, type of service, sender city, destination city and then simply click on the calculate date box to get an estimated delivery date.
This service applies both for shipments within Ukraine and for Nova Poshta international shipping.

Is Nova Poshta shipping cheap?

The prices linked to Nova Poshta services can be specified from the company's website.
All you have to do is enter the shipping cost section to access a form where you will have to enter information related to:

  • The route (Sending city/receiving city)
  • The type of shipment (Documents, packages, etc.)
  • The characteristics related to the weight and lengths of the package and the service or services contracted.

Once you click on the tab "calculate the cost" you will have the amount of your national shipment or Nova Poshta international shipping.

How do I contact Nova Poshta?

Nova Poshta Ukraine makes available to all its customers the following contact numbers, to answer questions that have not been answered in its customer service center, with the most frequently asked questions:
0-800-500-609 y 098-4-500-609.
Would you like to specify your international shipments? We remind you that this company's services reach Nova Poshta Georgia, Moldova, and Europe, among other countries. The best of all is that in all your deliveries; whether they are domestic or with my Nova Poshta International, you will be able to track and keep track of each of the processes.
If you and your company want to participate in a quality service that guarantees on-time deliveries, do not hesitate any longer and contact Nova Poshta. The leader in shipments in Ukraine.

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