Poland Post/Poczta Polska tracking

Poland Post/Poczta Polska tracking

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If you are from Poland, perhaps you have had to send or receive packages through Poczta Polska. And perhaps, at some point, you have had any doubts about their service costs or their delivery times. But you do not have to worry about that anymore, because, below, we will answer many of the questions that regular customers have about Poczta Polska tracking.

If you have not used their services yet but would like to start doing so, you should also know all this information, since it will save a lot of time and answer many of your questions, even about the tracking number Poczta Polska.

Poland Post/Poczta Polska package tracking

What is Poczta Polska?

Poczta Polska is a company of the State Treasury in Poland, which provides shipping logistics services, banking services, and insurance. Besides, they have recently developed a digital services area, but this is not important at the moment, let's see how they develop in the logistics service like the Poczta Polska tracking USA service.

Because, they have so many different services, including the tracking service Poczta Polska for customers in other countries from the European Union, or even in America.

How to track a package sent by Poczta Polska?

One of the most asked questions is about the Poczta Polska tracking of the packages. But actually, this process is very simple and does not take any time. The easier solution is to use the Ship24 website and copy-paste your tracking number into the search bar of the website. There is a second option, you have to go to the official website of the company and select the option "Check status", and immediately you will see a window with several spaces to fill in.

In the first space, you will find a text that will tell you to place the ID or tracking number Poczta Polska of your package. This option will also allow you to see the status of payment and transfer of the package, while in the next section, you will find other spaces, so you can also check the Poczta Polska tracking USA service.

Finally, you will have a space to place a Captcha code to confirm that you are not a robot, so you have to place the code that appears in the image and select the “Next” button. Then, you will see all the information you need about the Poczta Polska parcel tracking, as easy as that.

Is Poczta Polska safe?

Poczta Polska is one of the postal services in Poland, and at one time, it was one of the main ones. Unfortunately, for a few years, it has been displaced thanks to the launch of new logistics companies, but it is not something that stops this company. But thanks to their Poczta Polska tracking system, they have become more relevant.

In this way, many users in Poland have affirmed they trust the services of the company, although we cannot say the same for their international clients, or other sites in Europe, even though there is a Poczta Polska international tracking service. So the reliability of this company depends a lot on where you are, but you can be sure that it is a reliable company for users in Poland.

Is Poczta Polska fast?

Poczta Polska's shipping times depend on the destination of the packages, the shipping method you have chosen, and logistics factors such as customs in foreign countries. That is why packages tend to be late, especially when they go to other countries of the European Union, which you can track with the Poczta Polska international tracking service.

In this way, we could calculate an average of up to 3 months for the delivery of a package to another country, with the Poczta Polska tracking service. However, the courier service within Poland is quite efficient. So Polish users can rest easy since the average delivery in economy class is up to 6 business days.

Are the Poland Post shipping fees expensive?

Now let's talk about the rates for Poczta Polska services, inside and outside of Poland. Like any other postal service, Poczta Polska's shipping costs depend on the priority of your package, the shipping method you have chosen, and the characteristics of your parcel.

Therefore, you will understand parcels under 5 kilos in economy class have a low price, even less than 80 Polish Zloty. Packages greater than 5 kilos in economy class usually go from about 87 Polish Zloty, which is a little more than 19 euros. But if your package is a high priority, the shipment can reach 272 Zloty or 61.25 euros. Besides, you can get this complete information with the Poczta Polska international tracking service.

On the other hand, if you want to know the price list in more detail, we recommend you look at the official page of Poczta Polska, where you will find an extensive list of its rates you can download. Also, on the home page, you will find a button to access the price calculator, so you can know exactly how much the shipping of your Poczta Polska order will cost.

Is there a Poczta Polska at the Krakow airport?

That is right, this office is in the passenger terminal, on floor 0, next to the check-in counters. So you can send or receive packages from this office Monday through Thursday, from 9 AM to 3 PM. Also, on Fridays from 2 PM to 8 PM, consider that on Saturdays and Sundays, the office is closed.

How do I contact Poland Post?

If you have already read all the information and still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Poczta Polska customer service. You can reach them by phone or email, and a series of expert consultants will provide you with the information you want.

The hotline is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM, and call costs may vary depending on the operator:

  • The line to call from landlines: 801333444
  • The line to call from mobile phones and foreign phones: (+48) 438 420 600

But if you need to send a document or explain your situation, we recommend that you write to their email at any time of the day: kontakt@poczta-polska.pl.

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