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The ultimate, global tracking API for La Poste

La Poste, the national postal operator of France, handles millions of in and out bound parcels annually. If your business is looking for comprehensive and universal La Poste tracking, integrate with our market leading tracking API.

The ultimate, global tracking API for La Poste

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What is La Poste and can I use a tracking API on parcels shipped with them?

La Poste is a French postal service company which is owned by the parent company Le Groupe La Poste. Groupe La Poste also offers insurance and banking services under the name La Banque Postale, a mobile network operator called La Poste Mobile, and a logistics service called GeoPost. However, La Poste's main service is still postal delivery and it is a leading provider of parcel delivery services in France. It is also well known internationally, due to it being responsible for mail services in Manoaco under the La Poste Monaco and in Andorra in partnership with Spanish company Correos. Alongside the other international postal service destinations available.

Although various sources say La Poste's parcel delivery services are declining because of digital development and increasing courier competition worldwide, its postal services still represent around half of Group La Poste's company income. Regardless, La Poste still remains a well-recognized postal service operator in France and one that is covered by the Ship24 universal tracking system, with parcels able to be tracked by businesses using the postal service through both the Ship24 tracking API and the Ship24 tracking webhook.

Can a tracking API trace a La Poste parcel internationally?

La Poste, like many other postal services synonymous with the country of origin, such as USPS, China Post, and Japan Post, all usually subcontract shipping orders outside of their respective countries due to not having the capability to offer universal tracking options with their own in-house fleets. This means items shipped with La Post or any of the aforementioned often change hands between various different private couriers, which can result in the ability to access the latest tracking information through the La Poste website.

In this case, many are turning to Ship24's global tracking system in order to be able to track their parcel wherever it is and whoever is handling the parcel at that point in time. Ship24 doesn't need the person tracking the parcel to know which courier the parcel is being handled by as the Ship24 tracking system uses the tracking ID to automatically detect which courier a package is with. This automatic detection system makes it as simple as possible to use Ship24 and sets it apart from other tracking systems in the market. Where other tracking companies may require lots of information, or for you to select from a long drop-down menu which courier is handling your package, Ship24 only needs the tracking number and its superior tracking system does the rest. Ship24 tracks over 700 couriers and thousands of different shops, scouring the internet to find out the location of your parcel and its current status.

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Where is La Poste located?

The headquarters of La Poste is located at the following address:

9, Street Colonel Pierre Avia,
75015 Paris,

However, it should be noted that La Poste does not ship from this location. La Poste picks up parcels from post boxes, drop-off points, La Poste stores, and other pick-up points, and then the service proceeds to ship them to their intended location. If you are tracking your La Poste parcel, a buyer should not expect their parcel to pass through the La Poste central office address as located above.

In order to know exactly where your parcel is and its status at any given time, the Ship24 tracking API offers not only to pinpoint accuracy on your given parcel's location but also its current status. Both are incredibly useful because the former tracking information can advise you of how close your parcel is to delivery, with a nearby location usually being a good sign that your parcel will be delivered soon. The latter tracking information can also give you the latest information on what is happening with your parcel. For instance, if your parcel is out for delivery or it is stuck at customs, businesses will want to be notified as soon as possible in order to proceed accordingly to resolve any issues. Equally, if there is a problem with the delivery in any way, businesses need to know in order to move forward.

At Ship24 we understand that being fully informed regarding their shipments location and status is invaluable. That's why the Shipping24 tracking system has been designed from the start to offer one of the fastest integration times as well as the closest possible to real-time updates on parcel statuses available. We are passionate about making tracking as simple as possible for the user. Ultimately, it is the lack of ability to track multi-courier shipping through La Poste, and consequently not get the latest tracking information as soon as possible, which has led to business-to-business buyers and sellers turning to Ship24 for their shipment tracking API solutions.

Where does La Poste ship too?

La Poste offers international options on its shipping services, covering up to 40 different countries across four continents. Of course, while the majority of La Poste deliveries originate from or are destined for locations within France, La Poste international shipping options make it a popular choice for French natives to send parcels worldwide meaning that La Poste is definitely a global parcel delivery service.

In fact, French retailers often opt for La Poste to handle the delivery of their parcels because not only are they familiar with the postal service but there has been a long-running client business relationship with La Poste which means it is the natural option for merchants and citizens alike. Accordingly, the Ship24 tracking system covers all La Poste shipments, both within France and the 40 other different countries the postal service serves.

However, it is important to note that although sellers or buyers may opt to use La Poste to handle their shipments, it is the logistics arm of its parent company, namely GeoPost, who are responsible for their international shipping orders.

Is GeoPost and DPD group part of La Poste?

For its international deliveries, La Poste uses GeoPost, which is a holding company owned by Le Groupe La Poste. DPDgroup is the parcel delivery network of GeoPost. In 2020, the DPDgroup posted sales of some 11 billion Euro, evidencing the popularity of the service. Indeed, many of the parcels and packages handled by La Poste are couriered through DPD post when parcels are traveling internationally.

Can the Ship24 tracking API track my parcel through multiple couriers?

DPD shipment services also have their own track and trace system for their parcel, however, it is separate from La Poste which can make tracking a parcel that passes between the two difficult, especially if the tracking number changes slightly between handlers, as sometimes happens.

In order to solve these issues, the Ship24 tracking API is designed to take these variables into account and can still track a parcel along its journey no matter how many couriers or countries its transitions through. The Ship24 tracking API has the ability to scan all the relevant courier websites, whether it be La Poste, GeoPost, DPDgroup, or otherwise, in order to find the location of your La Poste package and its current status.

Does the Ship24 tracking API cover La Poste, GeoPost, and DPDgroup?

Using the universal Ship24 tracking API, businesses, buyers, and sellers can rest assured that their tracking information is the most recent information available on their package, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, as soon as they call.

Whether they enter a La Poste, DPD, or GeoPost tracking number, the Ship24 global tracking API will be able to identify and locate their parcel whoever it is currently being handled by. Furthermore, having access to the information which Ship24 provides will allow you to react sooner to any action required to keep your parcel moving, such as if there is an issue at customs that requires a resolution.

The universal Ship24 tracking API offers true end-to-end tracking of any La Poste parcel. The system is built to not only offer universal source to doorstep tracking but to make the shipping process as transparent as possible.

How can I track my parcel with La Poste?

To track your La Poste order, you can take your La Poste tracking number, which will be provided once the seller has purchased delivery with the postal company and handed over the item. However, if you have bought the item from an online platform or marketplace, then the tracking number may be received by the buyer after the checkout phase either in the my orders section of the web page they are using or via the confirmation email that is usually sent when a purchase is made from such online platforms.

In order to identify what a La Poste tracking number will look like, below is an example of a typical La Poste tracking ID code. A La Poste tracking number will generally be composed of 11 to 15 characters, including both numbers and letters, which are most likely in capital form.

For example, a La Poste tracking number can look like the following:

  • 6Q01929938641
  • 9Q48372195800
  • 7Q75860129684

If you check international parcels shipping via La Poste, it will display most tracking details, including both origin country and destination country.

However, businesses who need a more comprehensive and superior tracking experience and want to avoid having to log on websites or know which courier their parcel is being handled by as it progresses on its journey, are turning to the universal Ship24 tracking API.

Why should I use the Ship24 tracking API to find my La Poste parcel?

The Ship24 tracking system can auto-detect multiple couriers handling any parcel or package using just the tracking number. Whether your parcel is with La Poste, one of its international partners or subcontracted to a different handler, the Ship24 tracking API offers all the information you need to know with just the tracking code.

International parcel shipping is a complex operation and tracking numbers often change as they pass from country to country. The Ship24 API tracking system, which offers universal reach, was designed with the capability to handle these variables so we can locate and update you on your parcel as near to real-time as possible.

Our system does the hard work scanning all of the relevant courier websites to find your La Poste package, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Ship24 is continuously developing its service, adding new couriers and new sources. We already work with over 700 couriers and thousands of online shops to ensure we offer superior tracking capability for our clients. But we don't stop there, we are continuously updating new tracking ID patterns using machine learning, in order to keep on top of the fast-moving shipping sector.

All the data you receive on your parcel will be the latest, most up-to-date information, displayed with a layout that delivers clarity. Our ultimate aim is to improve your shipment tracking experience while optimizing logistical efficiency for all parties. In a testament to this, we have a dedicated responsive support team that is ready to help, available to everyone who tracks parcels with Ship24.

Furthermore, for more specific enterprise SLA support we can assign dedicated account managers to provide a more tailored integration experience for those who may require it. Client satisfaction is absolutely number one at Ship24 and our total support ethos has meant businesses come and stay with one of the leading shipment tracking APIs in the market: The universal Ship24 tracking API.

Can Ship24 track La Poste deliveries every day of the week?

La Poste delivers from Monday to Saturday, with the only exception being during public holidays or if there is an unforeseen delay in postage delivery, such as when nobody is available to receive the parcel, adverse weather conditions block the given transport method or the delivery service is receiving an unusually high volume of orders, such as during holidays.

The La Poste delivery timeframe will depend on chosen delivery options by the buyer or seller, as is usually agreed upon before purchase. However, some orders can also be further delayed or even canceled due to incomplete addresses on La Poste packages or damaged or broken items due to substandard box packaging by the sender.

In order to get the best and most up-to-date information on your parcel, especially for businesses, it is best to track your La Post shipment through Ship24's universal tracking API. Tracking through the global tracking API system means you can guarantee you are fully informed on the latest tracking-related information on your package and parcel, no matter who it is being handled by or where it is worldwide.

It doesn't matter if your post is being delivered on Monday morning at 4 am or at midnight on Friday, Ship24 has the latest location and status information on all of your packages courtesy of its powerful universal tracking API.

How can a La Poste tracking API help my business?

La Poste handles a huge number of parcels every year, including millions sent by businesses. Rather than taking the risk by tracking directly with La Poste, which does not guarantee universal La Poste tracking capability, businesses that need reliable data are switching to tracking specialists who do. Businesses who need to be able to rely on getting 100 percent of event notifications regarding their La Poste parcels are choosing to do so with Ship24 to ensure just that. Ship24 provides global tracking API services for La Poste parcels and thousands of other carriers, logistics operators, and so on. It is able to do this because it does not just collect information from La Poste, but from thousands of other places on the web to deliver the latest La Poste tracking API information.

What event notifications will a La Poste tracking API provide me with?

A La Poste tracking API will provide you with 100 of the notifications you would receive tracking directly with La Poste or any other courier. La Poste tracking API notifications will be created when a La Poste shipment arrives, is processed at or dispatched from any carrier center, warehouse, post office, or any other form of checkpoint which your parcel will pass through on its journey to its final destination.

An example of some of the notifications you would receive are as follows: Package received, the package being processed by customs, the parcel is out for delivery, and so on.

If you do not understand any of the tracking notifications, they have not changed or you believe your parcel is heading in the wrong direction/to the wrong address, you need to contact the courier company directly. Tracking your shipment with Ship24 will give you all the information you need to resolve issues with your parcel, however, it cannot deal with problem-solving for individual parcels as this is the responsibility of the carrier.

Will a La Poste tracking API show an estimated delivery time?

A La Poste tracking API will only show the progress of your parcel, which should allow users to predict from the information delivered when their parcel will arrive. Tracking a La Poste parcel with an API will also allow you to know the latest status and location information. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the courier to quote an estimated delivery time to customers when they purchase parcel delivery services. Therefore, you should ask either the courier or the seller who is using the courier at the point of sale, what the estimated delivery time is regarding their La Poste parcel. Please note, this is subject to change depending on the service chosen, size of package, transportation method, and various other factors. Please speak to the person responsible for sending your package to make sure you are given a delivery estimate.

If you want to take your tracking capability to the next level, do so with the shipping experts. Ship24 was launched by a team of professionals in the logistics sector to resolve international shipping problems. Our team designed and launched a powerful, multicarrier, universal tracking tool to make tracking simple, all in one place. Our tracking API is utilized by both small and large businesses who rely on it to deliver 100 percent of La Post tracking API results.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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