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France is such a big and active country that it requires different companies, organizations, and people to maintain their daily activities. In order for many of these companies to maintain their operations efficiently and for people to be able to maintain optimal communication between them, they require logistics and correspondence companies to supply their needs. Colissimo shipping service offers its services to the entire national territory, meeting and exceeding the expectations of its customers at all times. This is one of the best French companies in logistics and correspondence services.

What Is Colissimo?

Colissimo is a French company that offers postal and parcel services all over France. However, Colissimo is the original name of the company when it was founded more than 100 years ago. Today it is better known as La Poste or La Poste Colissimo. Thanks to the postal company, thousands of people send different types of items all over the country and guide them to choose the best offers budgeted for their needs.
Colissimo allows you to send letters, parcels, and other documents inside and outside France. On their website, you can find all the stamps and download them, learn how to pack your Colissimo packages, and much more. Thanks to the company's online platform and all the services it has to offer, you can use it efficiently and easily. It allows you to save time when packing your products, labeling or certifying them, anytime and anywhere.

How do I track a Colissimo parcel?

The Colissimo tracking service is the tool that allows you to know the location or status of your package wherever it is. You simply have to enter the website, locate the tracking section, and enter the tracking number in the search field. It is really a very easy tool to use and shows you precisely the tracking of any of your packages, inside or outside France.
In case you have problems accessing the company's official platform, you can perform the tracking through our website. You just have to enter our site and type the Colissimo tracking number.

What does a Colissimo tracking number look like?

Like most of the tracking numbers of postal companies around the world, the tracking number is a set of numbers made up of 11-15 characters. Among these characters are numbers and letters, which allow us to identify all the packages individually. Here is an example of a Colissimo tracking number: EE123456789IN.

Is Colissimo A DPD? 

Indeed, Colissimo is a DPD company, which has the capacity to deliver your packages in periods of 4 to 6 working days. Moreover, with this service, it is possible to deliver the packages directly to the door of your house or apartment. In case of very heavy or bulky items, they can also be delivered to your door, but with the assistance of a third person.
If you are not at home at the time of delivery, it can be postponed or rescheduled to a day of your choosing, or you can also request a direct pick-up by the office. In case you have decided to pick up your package through the office, you have 10 working days to do so. After 10 days, the package will be returned to its destination of origin.

How do I contact Colissimo?

Colissimo communication system is quite practical and specific. Its website is the main way to contact the company for any information, query, or complaint. Within the contact section, you will find a series of options that will guide you to the realization of your consultation in a detailed and specific way.

Does Colissimo deliver on Saturdays?

Colissimo only works and delivers 5 days a week, which are Monday to Friday. All deliveries, both nationally and internationally are made between these days, their working days.

What is La Poste Colissimo International?

La Poste Colissimo International is the same postal company but oriented to offer its services internationally. Colissimo International is in charge of transporting letters, documents, and parcels to different countries in the world, meeting the needs of many of its customers. Whether you want to send a package to another country in Europe or the rest of the world, you can do it through Colissimo. Also, the Colissimo parcel tracking service remains available for these international shipments.

What are Colissimo shipping costs?

If you want to have an idea of the Colissimo shipping fees, then you can check all their rates in detail on their website. They classify their costs in different ways. Let's see some rates of their services according to the destination and weight of the packages. 
Prices for shipments in Metropolitan France (Continental France, Andorra, Monaco)

  • 250 g - 4,95 EUR
  • 500 g - 6,35 EUR
  • 750 g – 7,25 EUR
  • 1kg - 7,95 EUR
  • 2 kg - 8.95 EUR
  • 5 kg - 13.75 EUR
  • 10 kg - 20.05 EUR
  • 30 kg - 28.55 EUR

Price of international shipments according to weight and zones OM1 and OM2*:

Weight OM1 Zone OM2 Zone

500 g

1 kg

2 kg

5 kg

10 kg

30 kg

9,60 EUR

14,16 EUR

19,90 EUR

29,90 EUR

47,90 EUR

106,90 EUR

11,65 EUR

17,45 EUR

30,60 EUR

51,50 EUR

100,50 EUR

254,50 EUR

Prices for international shipments to the UK and Switzerland:

  • 500 g - 12,55 EUR
  • 1 kg – 15,50 EUR. 
  • 2 kg – 17,55 EUR
  • 5 kg – 22,45 EUR
  • 10 kg – 37,00 EUR
  • 30 kg - 61,50 EUR

Prices for international shipments according to weight and zones B and C*:

Weight Zone B Zone C

500 g

1 kg

2 kg

5 kg

10 kg

30 kg

17,00 EUR

20,30 EUR

22.20 EUR

28,50 EUR

47,20 EUR

73,60 EUR

24,85 EUR

27,65 EUR

38,00 EUR

55,65 EUR

105,30 EUR

168,00 EUR

* OM1 Zone: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane, Réunion, Mayotte, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy

*OM2 Zone: New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, French Southern, and Antarctic Territories (TAAF).

*Zone B: Eastern Europe (excluding EU, Switzerland, and Russia), Norway, and the Maghreb.

*Zone C: Other destinations. African countries, Canada, the United States, Russia, and the Middle East.

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