Colissimo tracking

Colissimo tracking

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What Is Colissimo?

Colissimo is a collection and drop-off domestic and international parcel service that is part of Le Groupe La Poste. It offers domestic postal and parcel services across France as well as international delivery options to destinations such as Australia and the USA, up to 60lbs. The service works by allowing customers to drop parcels and packages at any La Poste location, where they are then collected by a courier and then delivered typically within 48 hours in France.

La Poste is another one of the postal services provided by its parent company Le Groupe La Poste. La Poste's main parcel delivery services are delivered via its standard delivery options, however, La Poste Colissimo service is also popular, as well as its express service, which is called Chronopost. La Groupe La Poste also owns logistics solutions company DPD and international logistics counterpart GeoPost.

Le Groupe La Poste also is involved in banking and insurance, through La Banque Postale and telecommunications with La Poste Mobile. However, it largely focuses on its logistics arms which account for the majority of its income and are what it is most recognized for.

Le Groupe La Poste has continued to innovate through the various subsection services that it offers, such as Colissimo, which has meant that despite an increasingly competitive sector, crowded by other private postal services such as DHL and GEODIS, it has continued to be not only relevant but well used, especially in France.

You can track all packages delivered with Colissimo, Chronopost, or La Poste with Ship24, so no matter which service you choose you use, you can find all your La Poste tracking in one place.

Colissimo package tracking

What is the best way to track an internationally bound Colissimo parcel?

Tracking your Colissimo parcel effectively can be done best with Ship24, the universal tracking tool that allows users to track their Colissimo parcel to any international destination no matter whether it is handed to another courier or not along its journey. Indeed, the nature of Colissimo parcel delivery (especially for international deliveries) is that often when your Colissimo package arrives at the destination country, it is handed to a different courier or postal service for the final leg (also known as the last mile) of its journey.

In this case, Colissimo tracking may become ineffective, with updates taking longer to reach anyone tracking them due to the tracking information needing to pass through multiple couriers, or tracking will have to be switched to the new courier, through their website.

There is an easier way, of course, with Ship24's Colissimo tracking. With Ship24, you can continue tracking all Colissimo parcels end-to-end in one place, as Ship24 can not only track Colissimo packages but parcels handled by thousands of other couriers, e-tailers, freight forwarders, and postal services meaning it continues to offer updates on your parcel no matter how many times it changes hands, all from the same website.

This has been revolutionary within the shipping industry and was designed by people not only with experience in the sector but a passion for making parcel tracking simple for both businesses and individuals alike.

In the increasingly complex shipping sector, Ship24 keeps it simple, putting end-to-end international tracking free of charge at your fingertips.

What is the Colissimo parcel delivery service?

Created in 1989, Colissimo was designed to offer an easy-to-use, fast-track service which provides collections and deliveries at home from Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.

What happens if my Colissimo is not met by the recipient on delivery?

Most Colissimo parcels which are delivered in France are delivered to a Colissimo pickup station, which was formerly known as a Cityssimo locker. These lockers are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are a convenient method of ensuring a parcel can be picked up at any time by a recipient. It also means that the Colissimo parcel recipient doesn't need to be at an address for a certain time to receive their package.

However, if the delivery is to be made to an address and no one is at the address when the attempted delivery is made, a calling card will be left which will allow the recipient to request a second delivery on the date of their choice, or to collect the package at the post office whose address is specified on the back.

While Colissimo is waiting to hear back from the recipient, a parcel will be kept for 15 to 30 days depending on the circumstances, before being returned to the sender.

If you think you may have missed your Colissimo package delivery or would like to check on the location and status of your Colissimo parcel at any time to make sure you don't miss the delivery, you can track a Colissimo parcel universally on the Ship24 tracking website for free. Ship24 is being used by millions every month to track parcels because of the fact is offers tracking for thousands of couriers and parcel handling companies, including Colissimo and all of its partners, from a single place. Rather than heading to lots of different sites to track packages with different couriers, have all your package tracking needs solved within Ship24.
Where can I ship to with Colissimo parcel services?

Colissimo serves some 235 countries around the world, including its own in-house postcode-to-postcode tracking which is provided in a choice of 6 different languages. The service also guarantees end-to-end delivery times to over 35 destinations. That is why Colissimo has become a trusted partner to many businesses looking for delivery time guarantees.

Where will my Colissimo package be processed?

Colissimo is part of a much larger logistics solutions company - Le Groupe La Post - which includes DPD, GeoPost, La Poste, and Chronopost services, therefore Colissimo packages are not guaranteed to pass through any particular address or warehouse but could pass through any of the premises owned by the aforementioned on their journey.

Yes, Colissimo does own and operate sorting warehouses and processing centers independently from Le Groupe La Post, but it does not mean that your package will pass through any one particular place. Depending on the origin and destination of your parcel and the pickup or dropoff service which you choose will all determine the route of your Colissimo parcel.

If you want to know where your Colissimo package is being sent from or two along its journey, or indeed its current delivery status at any point, you can find 100 per cent of all related tracking information for your Colissimo shipment on Ship24's universal tracking website.

All you need is your Colissimo tracking number and you are all set to access end-to-end tracking information for all Colissimo parcels. Ship24 scans thousands of online sources to find the relevant information on your package and can be used to track 10 different parcels with 10 couriers simultaneously!

Do I need to track my Colissimo parcel?

Tracking your Colissimo parcel is important, especially when it comes to delivery notifications. This is because tracking the location and status of your Colissimo parcel will give you a better idea of when it is going to be delivered. Even if you receive an estimated delivery time when purchasing Colissimo shipping, you may find this is subject to change depending on certain circumstances.

By keeping up to date with all Colissimo tracking events with Ship24, you can keep yourself informed on your parcel's progress at all times and as a result, able to know if any delays or unforeseen circumstances are affecting your Colissimo packages' progress. Equally, for sellers, tracking a Colissimo package order can allow them to let their customers know if there are any potential delays and why to ensure a better post-purchase experience.

Tracking your parcel is also important when it comes to identifying potential processing complications, such as at customs, and alerting you to any action you may need to take regarding your Colissimo package. Especially with international deliveries, issues can occur at customs. Tracking a Colissimo parcel with Ship24 will let you know as soon as possible what is happening regarding the customs process, by providing the latest information on the progress.

If you are not at home at the time of your Colissimo delivery, redelivery can be rescheduled to a day of your choosing, or you can also request a direct pick-up by the office. In case you have decided to pick up your package at a Colissimo or La Poste office.

What does a Colissimo tracking number look like?

Like most of the tracking numbers of postal companies around the world, a Colissimo tracking number is a set of numbers made up of 11 to 15 characters. Among these characters are numbers and letters, which allow us to identify and track Colissimo packages individually.

  • An example of a Colissimo tracking number is EE123456789IN.

Is Colissimo part of the DPD package delivery service?

Colissimo is a postal service offered by La Groupe Le Poste, which also owns the DPD logistics solutions and package delivery company.

How do I contact Colissimo?

The best way to contact Colissimo if you are located outside of France is via the service website. You can contact Colissimo regarding any query or complaint you may have but depending on your time zone response times will vary. Within the contact section, you will find a series of options that will help you reach the department relevant to your inquiry.

Can a third-party tracking platform find my Colissimo parcel?

Using Ship24 is recommended when tracking Colissimo parcels because the postal service uses different couriers to help with its international deliveries. Ship24 is designed to track parcels with companies like Colissimo which can use a number of delivery partners to forward parcels along their route. It is also free and can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week to track Colissimo packages worldwide.

With Ship24 you don't have to know which courier or postal company is handling your parcel, you just need your tracking number to begin tracking. When you, a business or merchant purchase a Colissimo service, you will receive a Colissimo tracking number and this is all you need to enter onto the Ship24 website to begin universal shipment tracking on your Colissimo parcel, every step of its journey.

You don't need to log in, enter any personal information or do anything else. It is as simple as entering your Colissimo tracking number and the Ship24 will automatically detect which courier a package is with, where it is and what its current status is.

Find out just how easy it is by tracking a Colissimo parcel with Ship24 today!

How much does Colissimo shipping cost?

To get the most accurate idea of what a Colissimo shipping fee will cost for your specific parcel, then it would be best to check all their rates in detail on their website, as they will vary depending on the dimensions, weight, and destination accordingly. However, to give a general idea of the price of Colissimo shipping, please see some of the most commonly used weight and destination prices below:

Prices for shipments in Metropolitan France (Continental France, Andorra, Monaco) prices are typically around 5 euros for 250g Colissimo packages, 6.30 euros for 500g packages, 7.25 for 750g Colissimo parcels. Colissimo packages which are 1kg, 2kg, and 5kg, cost 8 euros, 9 euros, and 14 euros respectively. Finally, 10kg Colissimo packages cost 20 euros and a 30kg package will set you back around 30 euros.

Prices for international shipments to the UK and Switzerland on average cost 13 euros for 500g, 16 euros for 1kg, 18 euros for 2kg, and 23 euros for 5kg. The heaviest parcels, 10kg, and 30kg will cost 38 euros and 62 euros respectively.

Prices for international shipments to other destinations are split into Zones. For example, Zone B includes Eastern Europe (excluding EU, Switzerland, and Russia), Norway, and the Maghreb while Zone C covers all other destinations, such as countries in Africa, Canada, the United States, Russia, and the Middle East.

The average prices for Zone B will be less than Zone C. Zone B's average prices are 17 euros for 500g, 21 euros for 1kg, and 29 euros for 5kg. The most expensive weights for zone B, being 10kg and 30kg, will cost 48 euros and 74 euros respectively.

Zone C prices are on average around 25 euros for 500k, 28 euros for 1kg, and 55 euros for 5kg. 10 and 30kg parcels will cost 106 euros and 168 euros respectively.

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