Chronopost tracking

What is french Chronopost?

Chronopost is a french company, member of the famous group La Poste, a french postal service which also owns the DPDgroup. The particularity of Chronopost is to provide an express shipping and a delivery service both in France and internationally. Today Chronopost is the french leader in express delivery with a network of 9,700 local pick up points in France and 36,000 in Europe.

Chronopost proposes more delivery services in France, such as the next-day service that doesn’t work internationally. The next-day service is the most used in France, however there are some variations according to the delivery location and also for the documents and the packages weighing up to 30 kilos. The international services vary more by location and these services provide delivery for items of 30 kilos maximum.

Chronopost offers other innovative services such as the parcel collection, an insurance and a delivery rescheduling. Here is a more precise list of what Chronopost proposes to its customers:

  • Express delivery times
  • Secure delivery
  • Shipping in France and abroad
  • Simplified returns and exchanges
  • Easy processing, drop-off, collection
  • Consideration of the specific characteristics of goods
  • Proposed insurance of goods

What are the maximum weights and dimensions for a Chronopost parcel?

Chronopost delivers parcels weighing up to 30 kilos maximum all over the world. However, for the Chrono Relais service, the parcels don't have to exceed 20 kilos.

  • The minimum dimensions allowed for your Chronopost shipment are 22,9 x 16,2 cm (which corresponds to a C5 envelope format).
  • The maximum dimensions allowed for your Chronopost parcel are the following: W= 150 cm ; W+2H+2L =300cm, unfolded.
  • The maximum dimensions allowed are different for the Chrono Relais service: W= 250cm; W+2H+2L and the length must not exceed 100cm.

What are Chronopost shipping times?

Because each delivery is unique, Chronopost adapts to your needs, with a delivery in 2 to 5 days on average. Chronopost offers are designed for the delivery of all your goods: standard parcels, sensitive products, foodstuffs, palettes, large volumes, etc. Chronopost ensures express and secure parcel delivery whatever the offer was chosen and the destination in France and abroad.

Chronopost has set up many offers for a tailor-made parcel delivery service in France and abroad. These unique solutions make it possible to transport and deliver all types of goods under optimal conditions.

In France, Chronopost delivers from Monday to Friday for business and private customers. All deliveries are made in person, with a signature required and the Saturday delivery is possible upon request.

The next day delivery is an option in France that gives record delivery times:

  • 5000 municipalities can benefit from the next-day-delivery before 9am.
  • 25000 municipalities can benefit from the next-day delivery before 10 am.
  • All the country can benefit from the next-day delivery before 1pm.

In addition and depending on the offer chosen, parcels can be dropped off in different ways for greater flexibility:

  • At a post office.
  • At a Chronopost depot.
  • At a local pick up point (where you no longer need to print the shipping label with the e-label service).

Is Chronopost part of DPD?

Yes, Chronopost such as DPD, BRT and Seur are brands part of the DPDgroup. It is a French group operating in the express road-based market principally. The group also proposes international parcel delivery services for packages weighing under 30 kilos.

How do you track Chronopost?

Chronopost tracking or in french "suivi Chronopost" is not a difficult action. You can track your Chronopost order using different ways, even for your Chronopost tracking international :

  • the Chronopost website:

You need first to track and to find the records of your shipment in the section “My Account”. You will be able then to subscribe to notifications to receive updates about your Chronopost parcel by SMS or by email.

  • The tracking tool Chronotrace:

It is an advanced tracking tool that has many features. To benefit from it, you need to take out a contract.

  • The website Ship24:

You simply go on the homepage of the Ship24 website and put your Chronopost tracking number in the search bar. After clicking on enter, you will get all the information about your Chronopost parcel and its present and future location during the shipping. It is very easy and convenient to check your Chronopost suivi” with Ship24.

  • The Chronopost application:

if you don’t have a computer with you, you can download the mobile app which is available for IOS and Android smartphones. The application will give you a Chronopost live tracking with all the details about your parcel.

Does Chronopost deliver internationally?

Your parcel delivery needs can indeed extend beyond French mainland borders. Chronopost serves 230 countries and regions worldwide. Whatever the destination, in France or abroad, there is an offer suited to your goods. For parcels sent abroad, Chronopost provides country fact sheets giving specific information for each destination (delivery times, public holidays, customs restrictions, etc.). You can easily check your Chronopost tracking international on Ship24.

Who delivers Chronopost in the US?

For several Chronopost packages that need to be delivered in the United States, especially for the Chronopost Express packages, Chronopost will use its partner FedEx. These packages will be sent as “international priority” with the FedEx delivery.

How to contact Chronopost?

You can contact Chronopost customer service via different kind of supports:

  • On social media.

On Twitter with @Chronopost. If you post a message in public, the Chronopost customer service teams will answer in public. If you send a private message (which is often better especially if you communicate your personal tracking number of other confidential information), the teams will answer to your message in private. You just need to follow @Chronopost before sending your query.

On Facebook, you can also ask your questions and the customer service team will answer you via a form.

  • By phone.

You can contact the Chronopost customer service teams from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm and on Saturday from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm (not including public holidays). You can contact the teams using the following phone number: +33 (0)969 391 391, the calls are charged at standard rates.

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