Chronopost tracking

Chronopost tracking

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What is Chronopost?

Chronopost is a French company and member of the Le Groupe La Poste, which also owns the DPD group. Chronopost provides express shipping services for Le Groupe La Poste for both domestic and international destinations.

Chronopost's domestic services mostly deliver the next day, with some Chronopost deliveries taking 48 hours depending on the exact delivery locations. The service is for documents or parcels weighing 30 kg or below (66 lbs). This is fairly fast in relation to other delivery companies operating within France, such as GEODIS, DHL, and TNT.

Chronopost package tracking

Where is Chronopost located?

Although Chronopost is based in France, it also has international offices in Morocco, the Ivory Coast, and other international areas. However, its service centers are predominantly based in France and around Europe. A number of important points to note if you are using Chronopost regarding delivery and tracking are as follows.

If you are using Chronopost to deliver a parcel internationally, such as to the United States, Chronopost may not process your package upon arrival. It may also not be in charge of delivering it in the destination country. For instance, Chronopost express packages are usually delivered by FedEx under their international priority service rather than by Chronopost themselves. This means that you may not be able to continue tracking a Chronopost package via the Chronopost website.

Rather than switching from website to website as your package goes from handler to handler, thousands have begun tracking their Chronopost parcels with Ship24, a universal shipment tracking site that simultaneously tracks hundreds of different couriers, including UPS, FedEx, and Chronopost.

The idea behind Ship24 is to make tracking accessible all from one place, so individuals and businesses don't have to worry about how to continue tracking their parcel should it change hand. Every event update relevant to your parcel will be found and delivered to you on Ship24, meaning no more stress about having to access tracking. Ship24 is universal, meaning it covers shipment tracking to anywhere in the world.

Does Chronopost deliver packages that weigh more than 30kg?

The Chrono Mission product line, which covers domestic and overseas shipping, can cater for shipments of items weighing up to 1.4 tonnes, or 3,080 lb. These larger, specialist shipments can also have total dimensions measuring up to 14 m squared, or 490 ft squared.

How big is Chronopost?

Today Chronopost is the french leader in express delivery with a network of 9,700 local pick-up points in France and 36,000 in Europe. It is especially recognized in France and to a slightly lesser extent, Europe and its express services are a popular part of the offerings of the Le Groupe La Poste, of which it is a part.

Indeed, Chronopost is part of the same group of businesses as DPD, which is responsible for delivering more than 5 million parcels every day in some 230 countries, with the two often working together to execute deliveries within Europe, further extending the size and scale on which Chronopost operates. DPD group boasts more than 1,000 processing centers and parcel forwarding warehouses in Europe alone, which are serviced by nearly 60,000 delivery vehicles. The company also continues to grow over 40,000 pickup points in the EU, making it the second-biggest package delivery network in the region.

Currently, the DPD group employs some 75 thousand people alone. Chronopost, which is part of the DPD group, is France's number one express parcel delivery service for packages up to 30kg. Deliveries are organized and operated between some 100 branches and hubs located around France, not including the nearly 20,000 local forwarding stations dotted around the country. Finally, Chronopost also has 42,000 pickup points on the European content.

Chronopost prides itself on making sure they meet the highest levels of service quality, consider not only the current challenges but also ones in the future, and pledge to not stop innovating Chronopost parcel and package delivery services in order to deliver the best possible logistics solutions for individuals and businesses.

What are the core Chronopost services?

Chronopost core services include:

  • Express delivery
  • Secure delivery
  • Shipping in France and abroad
  • Simplified returns and exchanges
  • Easy processing, drop-off, collection
  • Insurance service

What delivery timeframes does Chronopost offer?

Chronopost delivers a number of express delivery timeframes to suit individuals and businesses.

The fastest Chronopost delivery service is a same-day delivery option which is available for domestic deliveries only. Same-day express delivery is also among the most expensive services Chronopost offers.

They also offer fast and affordable delivery to locations within Europe, as well as express delivery to some 230 countries and territories across the world. Chronopost also offers customized express delivery of what it calls "exceptional shipments", you can check it out on their website to see if you need exceptional shipment services.

All of the above services can be tracked using the universal shipment tracking website Ship24.

What is the maximum weight and dimension allowed for a Chronopost parcel?

The maximum dimensions allowed for your Chronopost parcel must not exceed 150 cm. The package can also not exceed W+2H+2L = 300cm, unfolded. Chronopost delivers parcels weighing up to 30 kg. The minimum dimensions allowed for your Chronopost shipment are 22.9 cm x 16.2 cm (or a C5 envelope format).

What are the maximum dimensions and weight for Chrono Relais service?

The maximum dimensions allowed are different from the standard Chronopost delivery service. When it comes to the Chrono Relais service, the maximum width must not exceed 250cm. Equally, the total W+2H+2L and the length must not exceed 100cm.

Chrono Relais services cannot handle packages weighing more than 20 kg, unlike the Chronopost Express where parcels must not exceed 30 kg.

How fast is Chronopost shipping?

Chronopost has a companywide average delivery time of 2 to 5 days, which includes international and domestic mail.

International service delivery times, however, vary much more due to several determining factors such as final destination - due to the increased distance between it and the origin - but also potentially because of a lack of delivery capacity at a destination. This could occur when Chronopost may be able to collect, process, and send a parcel very quickly to a certain destination, but it has to rely on a local courier to finish the last part of the journey. Whereas in most major destinations across Europe, Chronopost will continue to handle the parcel until delivery, in some locations, there may not be Chronopost operational capacity to do so. When handing over to another courier, this means the following could occur:

Another courier is put in charge of handling your parcel, who may not be able to offer as fast a turnaround on delivery as Chronopost or other leading courier companies

Tracking becomes more difficult, with using tracking a Chronopost parcel needing to wait longer for updates or switch track to the new courier if they know who they are.

Although the first point may cause delays to your parcel, you can at least be reassured that you can continue tracking your parcel worldwide with Ship24. The Ship24 tracking tool has an in-built auto-detect system that finds your parcel no matter who is handling it, just with the original Chronopost tracking number.

Indeed, it works with thousands of other couriers, online shops, and freight forwarding companies too, meaning that you can continue to track international parcels that are handed over two times or more, all from the same platform. Start tracking any Chronopost parcel with Ship24 and enjoy the difference!

Can Chronopost deliver parcels to a pickup point?

Depending on the size and weight of your parcel and the service Chronopost service chosen, you can choose another delivery option to suit your individual, recipient, or business needs accordingly. These options are listed and explained below:

  • At a post office: Your Chronopost parcel will be delivered to the nearest post office available to you.
  • At a local pick-up point: Your Chronopost package will be delivered to a convenient pickup point near your location.
  • At a Chronopost depot: Your order will be kept secure at a Chronopost depot.

Chronopost uses an alternative vehicles fleet which includes electric vehicles, as well as some vehicles which are powered by natural gas. Some deliveries are also made by cargo bike, as part of Chronopost's commitment to continued delivery sector innovation and to reduce their negative environmental impact.

Chronopost also invested in delivery optimization, eco-driving training, and densification of their depot network with saw a 35 percent drop in the company's total CO2 emissions per parcel. Ship24 also supports environmentally aware shipping, which is a focus of the Ship from China option available on the Ship24 website. This offers eco-shipping options that ensure the fastest and most efficient routes are used to ensure minimal environmental impact. Check out our Ship from China options today and enjoy super-fast shipping to over 40 countries.

Is Chronopost carbon neutral?

All Chronopost deliveries offer carbon-neutral postage at no additional cost.

Chronopost has been actively set on reducing CO2 emissions as part of its operations in four areas, namely vehicles (used in its fleet), fuel, driver training, and delivery optimization.

Chronopost also supports two projects to help offset its carbon footprint. One of which helps the development of wind-generated electricity in India and aids the production of energy through methanation in Brazil.

Since 2019, 100% of Chronopost's deliveries in Paris are made with alternative vehicles, over 80 of which are electric vehicles as well as some NGV vehicles and cargo bikes. They aim to deliver to more than 60 of the largest cities in France via electricity as soon as 2022.

How can I track my Chronopost universally?

To track using Chronopost, you will need to log in to the website in order to access your account. Once you have logged in you will need to find your account details and then look at recently shipped orders in order to choose the order you wish to track.

A simpler way to track a parcel, however, is using the Ship24 tracking platform. You don't need to log in or enter any personal information, you don't even need to make an account! Simply enter your Chronopost tracking number and you'll get the location and status of your parcel delivered on-screen instantly.

Ship24 is not only free-to-use when tracking Chronopost packages but it has the capability to give you market-leading global shipment tracking capability. Our multi-courier auto-detection is built-in, so you just need to enter the tracking number and let our platform do the rest. That's why over 300 million people and counting have begun tracking their parcel worldwide with Ship24.

Enjoy a simple but powerful, universal tracking system that scans thousands of freight forwarding companies, couriers and logistics businesses with a single click, and end your tracking worries today. Ship24 guarantees as close to real-time location and status events (or notifications) will be delivered to you as soon as they happen. So, whether to track one Chronopost parcel or 10 different parcels at the same time being handled by 10 different couriers, try the ultimate tracking tool from Ship24.

Does Ship24 offer Chronopost tracking API?

Businesses, professionals, or developers can integrate a Chronopost tracking API into their tracking system with Ship24. Ship24 offers two solutions for tracking API, “per-call” and “per-shipment”(comes with Webhook). We recommend getting Tracking API & Webhook (“per-shipment”) plan as it offers more extensive features and it can relay information faster at an affordable cost.

When you create an account on Ship24, you can head over to our tracking API page and click on “Get Started”. There, you can choose one of the plans mentioned above and any plan you choose will give you 10 free plans to test out on your system.

There are many benefits to why you should use Ship24’s products. Benefits including true end-to-end tracking, auto-courier detection, and blazing fast integration are just among the benefits you can get. We guarantee you that your users will receive close to real-time events regarding their parcels. If you have any questions on our tracking API, don’t hesitate to email us at

Who delivers Chronopost in the US?

For most Chronopost packages that need to be delivered in the United States, especially for the Chronopost Express packages, Chronopost will use its partner FedEx. These packages will be sent as an "international priority" with the FedEx delivery. To continue tracking a Chronopost parcel that has been handed over to another courier, use a universal tracking platform, such as Ship24.

How can I contact Chronopost?

Chronopost advises customers to contact them via social media, through either their Twitter or Facebook accounts. The Twitter account can be found at @Chronopost. Please note, that if you post a message in this public forum, it will be available to the public and the Chronopost customer service teams will answer in public.

If you send a private message (which is often better especially if you are discussing a tracking number of other confidential information), the teams will answer your message in private. To contact in private, you just need to follow @Chronopost before sending your query.

On Facebook, you can also ask your questions and the customer service team will answer you via a form. To find them on Facebook, search Chronopost in the search bar at the top left of the screen.

You can contact the Chronopost customer service teams from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm and on Saturday from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm (not including public holidays). You can contact the teams using the following phone number:

  • +33 (0)969 391 391 (the calls are charged at standard rate)
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