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Electronic commerce has made it easier to buy and sell products around the world. In this way, it has allowed people to buy anything they want without any other limit than the space barrier. However, everything is not perfect in the online world because, in most cases, the packages can get lost. For this reason, it is important to rely on a company that counts on services like BPost.
In addition, the BPost tracking service will let you know where your package is at all times so you won't lose it from your sight anymore. We will introduce you in this text BPost, how you can track your BPost package, and other information related to BPost.

What is BPost?

BPost is a Belgium company that handles the postal market not only in Belgium but also in Europe, North America, and Asia. That makes the BPost international company dedicated to saving the people packages.
Besides, this company does not only provide traditional services such as postal logistics to different continents, but it also handles logistic services for online commerce. In general lines, BPost offers four kinds of postal services.
First of all, they offer the recollection and distribution of any kind of packages from cards or newspapers to big boxes. BPost also classifies the parcels to guarantee the integrity of the objects inside them. However, the best services of all are the BPost international tracking which offers to all the customers the possibility to always know the location of their parcels.

How do I track my BPost package?

BPost tracking is an easy process. In order to track your package, the BPost international tracking service is available for you, and it is also very easy to use. To determine your parcel's location through the tracking service after you completed the order process you can use your parcel's reference number or a code bar.
You can receive the BPost number through different methods according to the information you had supplied to the company. This is how you can receive the code bar through email, text message, or your mailbox.
Once you have the code, you only have to get on the homepage of BPost and type your parcel's code in the bar to monitor the way your parcel is going to follow from its starting point to its final destination. In this way, you are always going to count on the whole information regarding your parcel status, and it is the main reason why you can feel more comfortable with this company's international tracking service.
You can also use the Ship24 website and put your BPost tracking number in the search bar to get more information about your parcel shipment.

How long does BPost take?

BPost delivery time is not determined as only one for every package. It can vary due to different factors. The size of the parcel is one of those factors because if it is too big, it might need special transportation. The limit weight for every parcel is 30 Kg and the limit size is 150 cm.
The BPost shipping time can vary from 15 to 25 days for international shipping. Of course, the time variation also depends on the destination, because it is not the same to send a package to Asia than to send it to North America. However, you don't have to worry at all because BPost is a very responsible postal company whose only goal is to take care of your parcels.

What is BPost international parcel?

As we said before, BPost does not only take care of the postal services in Belgium but they also offer the BPost international parcel services. Despite this, you could think that the international parcel service can be a complicated process, with BPost this is very easy to do.
First of all, you can choose between the two BPost shipping modalities. You can choose if you want to create an account in BPost or send your parcel in the guest modality. In this way, registration is not necessary.
Besides, their international services include parcel delivery to 27 countries, all made from the comfort of your online connection. Also, if you want, you can let the person to who you are sending the parcel, to choose the method through which he or she wants to receive the parcel.

Does BPost deliver on Saturday?

Unlike other postal companies that do not work on Saturday, BPost is different because they make deliveries on Saturdays, nonetheless under some conditions. To get access to the Saturday delivery system, you will have to pay 2 € extra to the total parcel's price.
Besides, you have to know that the parcels that you want to get delivered on a Saturday, you have to bring them to the BPost office on Friday because this is the only way it can be delivered the next day. If you bring your parcels on another day of the week, thanks to the BPost delivering to the next day's policy, your parcels won't be delivered on Saturday. For this reason, you have to take precautions if you specifically need the parcel to be delivered on a Saturday.

Is BPost expensive?

These are the questions that most of the users make before hiring BPost services. However, you do not have to worry because BPost is not too expensive. If you need to send a parcel to Belgium, the delivery prices start from 4.40 €. But, if you are interested in sending a parcel to another part of the world, the international service costs start from 9.95 €.

How can I contact BPost?

Getting BPost customs clearance contact is very easy. You can contact them on their phone line, but you have to choose between their private individual number (02 278 50 44) or their business number (02 201 11 11). Besides, you can also contact them through their online form, which you can find on their website. In this way, you only have to contact them and clear any of your doubts, get information, or make suggestions.

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