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What is PostNord?

PostNord is a holding company of courier and delivery services founded in Europe. This company is the result of the fusion of Posten AB, the courier company of Sweden, and Post Danmark A/S, the corporation in charge of postal services in Denmark. If you want to hire its services, in this article we will provide you with the PostNord contact details.
The Posten AB Company was founded in 1636 by the Lord High Chancellor of Sweden, Axel Oxenstierna. In the beginning, this service was only dedicated to government affairs with some reduced privileges for common people. During the 90's decade, the company started to be a government-owned limited partnership.
On the other hand, Post Danmark A/S was established in 1995, but its foundation occurred in 1624 by King Christian IV of Denmark. In April of 2008, Post Danmark proposed the idea of merging with Posten AB, which finally happened in 2009.
PostNord is owned by both Swedish and Danish governments. Swedish government owns 60% of the company, while the Danish authorities have the remaining 40% of PostNord. It is important to mention that the company counts with many services such as the PostNord package tracking, a free service that the company offers to provide the clients with better security about the shipments.

How do I track a package from Sweden?

The deliveries of PostNord mainly cover both Sweden and Denmark territories. In these countries, the delivery time is lower than shipments to other countries because of its postal offices. Of course, PostNord tracking is available for every PostNord user, without additional fees.
Tracking an order shipped from Sweden is very simple. First, every single parcel is labeled with a code, the PostNord Tracking Number. Such number is the identification of each package, and the whole information about the delivery is also registered under that code. Some data as the personal information about the sender and receiver, delivery location, type of the article, weight, size, estimated time, and others are regarded inside the package information.
In addition, the company offers the PostNord tracking app that works in cell phones with Android and IOS. This way, every user of PostNord can track their packages without so much effort or complications.

How long does shipping from Sweden take?

One of the advantages of using the PostNord services is the speed of the deliveries. For shipments inside Swedish and Danish territory, PostNord uses its own transportation system. It is formed by different cars, mini-vans, vans, and trucks, all painted with the colors of the company. The company also sends the second-class mail by using rail.
Deliveries in Sweden and Nordic countries are accomplished in a very short time. Naturally, these times depend on different factors regarding the type of service:

  • first-class mail
  • express mail
  • registered mail
  • economy mail

The place of drop-off and delivery, and geographical conditions of the region. Packages are commonly delivered in a maximum period of 3 working days.
For international deliveries, the time varies depending on the destination country. Naturally, the closer it is to Sweden, the shorter the delivery time is. For Nordic countries, the maximum shipping time is three days. But, for international deliveries, the lapses of time divide for Europe and the rest of the world. When the package goes to Europe, the delivery time is up to 14 days and for countries in the rest of the world, the time can reach 18 days.
However, the company provides the PostNord international package tracking, which works with the tracking number and gives the whole information of the delivery, including the estimated time of arrival.

Does PostNord deliver on Saturday in Sweden?

PostNord is a company that commonly delivers in the destination city's post offices. Because of this, deliveries are only accomplished during working days. It means that if a package was sent on Friday, it will arrive at its destination on Monday.
However, receivers can take their deliveries at any moment of the week. PostNord offices work the seven days of the week, so if a parcel arrives on Friday but the receiver can't take it until Saturday or even Sunday, there is no problem. Besides, shipments can also be done on weekends, but the transportation service is only available during working days.
PostNord also offers the possibility of home delivery, but again, these are only made during the working days. Packages that are sent on Friday will be delivered on Monday or later, depending on the distance and the type of service.

How long does PostNord keep packages?

PostNord works under the common rules or customs that typify every single mail service. When an order arrives at a PostNord office, the workers confirm the delivery and keep it until the receiver takes it. Besides, the receiver gets a notification via SMS, email, and by the PostNord app, which gives the advice that the order is waiting for him to take it.
The common waiting time is 15 working days from the moment of delivery. That is the time the receiver has available to pick up the delivery. If the client doesn't pick up the package during that period, then the parcel will be returned to the sender.
When it comes to home deliveries, the PostNord worker knocks on the door of the receiver's house. If no one answers, or no one comes to pick up the package, the delivery man takes it to the closest PostNord office. Of course, the receiver gets notified about this. The notification lets him know that his package is waiting for him at the closest PostNord office and that he has a period of 15 days to go and take it.

How do I contact PostNord?

There is a section on the web page that offers all the information about the company's contact details. They offer email addresses to send complaints and doubts.
Besides, there is also the PostNord Sweden contact number that communicates the client with the PostNord call center. There, the operators attend the messages of the clients. There are telephone numbers for customer service, technical inquiries, parcels, pallets and express, customer service InNight, among many other affairs.

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