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PostNord tracking

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Being Sweden's national postal service, PostNord aims to make life easier for its consumers, customers, and colleagues.

PostNord package tracking

What is PostNord?

PostNord is a multinational courier and delivery holding company, which is owned by two Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe. PostNord was born out of a merger between Posten AB, the name of the Swedish postal service, and the Danish national post, Post Danmark A/S. PostNord is now jointly owned by the Swedish and Danish governments, which own 60 per cent and 40 per cent respectively.

However, both of the postal services that merged had a long history prior to the merger, Posten AB was founded in 1636 for use by the royal family. However, more recently the company had begun to act as a government-owned limited partnership and served as the national mail service of Sweden before the merger.

Today, PostNord is a large multinational company that serves the Nordic region, and its operations aid logistics for individuals and businesses in the region. PostNord also has lots of other stakeholders due to being owned by its respective governments, such as the general public and the governments of both countries involved in overseeing its operation and making sure it is serving the general interests of its respective populations.

In this article, you will find all the information on how to use PostNord delivery services, how to track PostNord delivery services and other essential information regarding PostNord logistics solutions. To check out some of PostNord's competitors, you can find links to DHL, TNT and GEODIS here. However, please note that all of these postal operators and services can be tracked at any time using Ship24 universal tracking.

Is PostNord open on the weekends?

PostNord does not open during weekends and is closed for a number of annual holidays, which can be found below:

National Day of Sweden, Midsummer Eve, Midsummer Day, All Saints Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday, May Day, Ascension Day, Whit Sunday, and Epiphany,

How can I contact PostNord?

PostNord can be contacted for private matters by telephone during its opening hours, which are Monday to Friday between 8 am and 7 pm.

The telephone numbers are:

  • 0771333310 (for local calls)
  • +46771333310 (for international calls)

For business matters, the opening hours are slightly different. You can contact PostNord for business matters between 8 am and 5 pm on the telephone via 0771333310 or +46771333310 if you are calling by phone.

You can call this customer services line about any number of the services available from PostNord, including Parcels, Pallets, and Express delivery,

For Groupage calls, customers are instead asked to call +46406803100 between 8 am and 6 pm or for Express and Courier, you can call anytime, 24 hours a day, on 020969696.

There is a section on the web page that offers all the information about the company's contact details. They offer email addresses to send complaints.

If you need to contact PostNord regarding your tracking, make sure you have all the current tracking information by checking on Ship24. The global Ship24 tracking system scans a huge amount of e-tailers, forwarding companies, and couriers to get the most up-to-date information on the location and status of your PostNord package.

Therefore, you can find out who is handling your parcel, where it is, and what its current status is before you call to make sure you are firstly calling the right handler who can deal with your query and secondly, have the most recent information to help PostNord deal with your question or complaint as quickly as possible.

What services does PostNord offer?

PostNord offers a range of delivery services, including domestic and International letters as well as domestic and international parcels.

PostNord Services

Some of the PostNord services are listed below:

  • Logistics solutions for in-out flow businesses. This PostNord service provides logistics solutions by handling in and outgoing shipments, regardless of the origin of the deliveries. This system works similar to last-mile arrangements, whereby the companies offer to handle parcels but may use other couriers to help deliver them if they are travelling from or two a country in which PostNord does not have a presence (such as Singapore or China). While PostNord can help find logistics solutions, the best way for businesses to track a parcel that utilizes this form of forwarding is through the universal shipment tracking tool from Ship24. Using just your tracking number of any registered parcel handled by PostNord, you can track any parcel worldwide.
  • Processing and parcel station services for third-party logistics. This PostNord service means that third-party logistics companies can use PostNord warehouses for their logistics solutions as part of their journey. To track parcels effectively that use third-party logistics solutions such as this, you will need a multi-courier tracking system, such as the one used by millions every month, by Ship24.
    Ship24 is a website that offers a range of tracking options. You can either simply track one parcel instantly by entering the tracking number into the search bar, search many at the same time, or if you are a business, use a tracking API or Webhook system to take your package tracking to the next level. Check out the Ship24 options available to make sure your tracking isn't affected by third-party logistics.
  • eCommerce parcel delivery solutions. This PostNord service offers consultancy on how to get tailored services for your e-business from the logistics sector. More information can be found on this on the PostNord website. If you are using PostNord for eCommerce parcel forwarding as either a buyer or a seller, then make sure you have universal parcel tracking capability, beyond just PostNord tracking, with Ship24.
  • Tracking and parcel visibility. This PostNord service includes API and company apps, along with greater visibility over the general flow of shipments handled by PostNord.

How fast is PostNord?

The delivery speed of PostNord typically depends on the geographical location of the destination. When it comes to domestic shipping, PostNord takes one to four days delivery depending on the service you have acquired. When it comes to international shipping, it could take two to four days for countries in Europe and four to seven days for the rest of the world.

Other factors may affect the delivery time. Factors such as climate change, global pandemic, blockage of roads, or a remote country could delay the delivery of the parcel.

Is PostNord a reliable delivery service?

PostNord's long-established Nordic network, along with its significant investment into being able to track the flow of goods which it is handling, makes PostNord a trusted service, especially within the main regions in which it dominates. It also has continued to develop its services through eCommerce and third-party logistics solutions, working with e-retailers and other couriers, evidencing a level of trust through those working partnerships.

The fact that some of the PostNord services are also customizable, shows the amount of control that the postal service has over packages being forwarded through its services. If you are tracking a PostNord package.

What are the packaging restrictions for PostNord?

Although PostNord handles all packages carefully, it asks that all customers make sure that shipments are packaged properly in order to ensure that shipments are not damaged. Vehicles and aircraft that transport goods do so with the utmost care.

Now you can also export and import heavier goods with us. We deliver throughout the Nordic region via our own network and to the rest of the world with strong partners.

What is the Skicka Lätt PostNord parcel service?

For general parcels weighing up to 2kg, you can use the PostNord service known as Brev Skicka Lätt. The total dimensions of any parcel sent with this service must measure L + W + H 90cm at the most.

Once you have purchased Skicka Lätt in the send direct section of the website, simply print off your shipping sticker and place it onto the parcel before dropping it off at the nearest post office.

This service can sometimes be distributed in just two days after drop-off (not including weekends or holidays).

Which items are prohibited from being sent with PostNord?

Items prohibited from being sent will vary between different postal services as well as the customs of different countries, depending on where you are sending your shipment. Therefore, you should always check with the parcel courier and logistics company to make sure that none of the items you are sending is either prohibited.

For instance, there was a ban on the export of protective equipment during 2020 in Europe, due to shortages across the continent. This would have, therefore, included exporting COVID-19 prevention safety equipment with PostNord.

What is a PostNord bulky mail?

PostNord considers a bulky item as a shipment with a thickness or diameter which exceeds 30 mm, or a short-side that exceeds 250 mm. However, this does not apply to International Registered parcels and packages. Please check with the PostNord website before printing your package labels to avoid disappointment.

How do I track a package with PostNord?

Tracking a PostNord order is very simple. First, every single PostNord parcel will be labelled with a code, which is a PostNord tracking number. This code allows both PostNord and anyone else who needs information on the journey of the parcel, to track it.

The tracking code will not contain personal information, such as personal information about the sender and receiver, but it will help anyone who uses it for tracking find out the location of the parcel and the current status of the delivery through the PostNord website.

Depending on where you track your parcel, you may also be able to get information on the type of shipment, as well as its weight, size, estimated delivery time, and other information.

Although PostNord offers tracking through either its website or app, people wanting to track a PostNord parcel are advised to do so via a universal shipping platform, in order to know they will have the most up-to-date information on their parcel at any given time.

Ship24 means easy tracking, and no matter what kind of shipping option your parcel is travelling with or its dimensions, any registered PostNord parcel can be fully tracked through Ship24.

Why is my PostNord tracking not updating?

Sometimes you have to wait a few hours or at least 24 hours before you can start tracking your PostNord packages. The reason for this is that the registration or processing of the item might take longer than usual. Another cause of this problem would be mistyping or entering a missing number or letter of the tracking number. Please make sure to double-check the tracking number and try again.

How long does shipping take when sending with PostNord?

One of the advantages of using the PostNord delivery services is the speed of the deliveries, with packages usually delivered within three working days for Nordic countries within the PostNord network. This is because PostNord uses its own fleet of transportation vehicles as well as using rail in some circumstances.

For international deliveries, the time varies depending on the destination country. When a PostNord package is sent to Europe, delivery can take up to 14 days and for countries in the rest of the world, it can be 18 days or more. Naturally, the closer it is to Sweden or Denmark, the shorter the delivery time is.

PostNord offers an estimated delivery time for each delivery it handles, so please check with PostNord if your delivery needs to be delivered urgently, to make sure it arrives on time.

Does PostNord deliver on Saturday in Sweden?

PostNord also offers the possibility of home delivery, but again, these are only made during the working days. Packages that are sent on Friday will be delivered on Monday or later, depending on the distance and the type of service opted for by the sender.

How long does it take for PostNord to deliver?

When it comes to home deliveries, PostNord delivery staff will deliver directly to the door of the receiver's house. If no one answers, the delivery will be taken to the closest PostNord office.

The package will then be kept at the nearest Post Office for a period of 15 days, in which the recipient will need to either contact PostNord to arrange another delivery with them (if possible) or need to proceed to the post office to pick up their delivery.

PostNord delivers mainly in Swedish and Danish territories, with parcels originating from outside these regions or being forward outside this area being handed over and handled by other couriers accordingly.

Delivery time within Sweden and Denmark is quicker than shipments to other countries because PostNord can move parcels faster between its own in-house forwarding facilities. When a parcel is handled by other couriers or enters another country's customs, delays can occur.

How long does PostNord keep packages which are for pickup?

When a shipment arrives at a PostNord warehouse or processing centre, workers from PostNord will confirm the delivery electronically and keep it until the receiver takes it. The recipient will get a notification via SMS, email, or by the PostNord app, which will alert them to the parcel has arrived at the PostNord depot.

The person picking up the parcel will have 15 to do so. Parcels that are not picked up and who do not contact PostNord to make an alternative arrangement may be returned to the sender.

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