Deutsche Post tracking

Deutsche Post tracking

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Deutsche Post, one of the largest courier companies in the world, is a subsidiary company of DHL. It aims to connect and improve the lives of the people through its services.

Deutsche Post package tracking

What is the Deutsche Post?

The Deutsche Post AG, which was formally called the Deutsche Bundespost and was the national postal service of Germany before privatization, is a multinational parcel delivery, supply chain, and logistics management heavyweight, which is best known under its operating name, the Deutsche Post DHL Group. Although the Post and Telecommunications Ministry in Germany managed the group financing up until 2005 when their shares were bought out by private interest.

The world's largest courier company, its postal division is responsible for the delivery of more than 60 million letters each day just in Germany alone. Meanwhile, its Express division, known as DHL, delivers millions of parcels annually to around 220 countries and territories. Indeed, since privatization, the Deutsche Post has exponentially increased its postal operations, particularly through its DHL Express arm.

How big is the Deutsche Post?

Deutsche Post Group is a huge multinational company, boasting previous earnings of more than 3.491 billion euros from the shipping and logistics sector. The Deutsche Post and its express subsidiary DHL are one of the most recognized logistics solutions operators worldwide, alongside FedEx, UPS and GEODIS. The group is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

Acquisitions of numerous couriers, including UK mail, as well as investment into electric vehicles, such as with the purchase of electric vehicle manufacturer StreetScooter, have seen Deutsche Post continue to grow in scale and reach while continuing to innovate its business strategy to stay ahead of their immediate competition.

This article will explore some important information about Deutsche Post's international shipping services, including its DHL Express arm, answer some common questions, and provide some important information for people wanting to ship with Deutsche Post. It will also advise on the best Deutsche Post tracking solutions for individuals, shops, and logistics businesses.

Where is Deutsche Post located?

The Deutsche Post is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. However, the Deutsche Post is the definition of a truly international company, with a worldwide presence that includes a huge fleet of vehicles and freight forwarding transportation.

Its worldwide services mean that a quick google search of either the Deutsche Post or DHL in any country will often result in numerous different DHL offices, warehouses, processing plants, and transit stations appearing. However, not all of these will be involved directly in the delivery of parcels posted with Deutsche Post and therefore, they may not be able to service delivery, logistics, or your tracking needs.

Although Deutsche Post has its own tracking system, if you want the ultimate Deutsche Post tracking capability, you need to head to Ship24. Ship24 not only offers a universal tracking platform that can track up to 10 Deutsche Post parcels at the same time (as well as packages with hundreds of other private couriers) but it delivers 100 per cent of tracking event updates regarding your Deutsche Post package in as near real-time as possible.

Is Deutsche Post reliable?

The Deutsche Post, the biggest logistics company in the world, is a market leader that is responsible for transporting hundreds of thousands of packages daily throughout the world. This level of network and operational capacity is evidence of not only the solid backbone of a reliable logistics company but also ensures huge revenue earnings which are invested back into the company.

These investments continue to develop the Deutsche Post's services, but also improve post-purchase customer experiences to keep people coming back. As a result, the Deutsche Post is used again and again by customers, cementing itself as the go-to shipping company if you want fast and efficient global parcel delivery options.

As Deutsche Post continues to grow in line with a booming parcel delivery service and logistics industry, so do more efficient tracking methods, in order to offer the best possible visibility over shipments. Indeed, Ship24 has emerged as a market leader in one of the most important aspects of the shipping world, parcel tracking.

The truth is, massive logistics companies such as Deutsche Post are restricted by only being able to track their own parcels. This has created a need for multi-courier tracking platforms, of which Ship24 has become the go-to for millions.

Ship24 was started by people with not only experience in logistics and worldwide shipping, but also a passion for quality, safe and reliable shipping. The answer to ensuring the latter is by providing effective and efficient tracking.

That is how Ship24 was born, and today we help millions across the globe search for parcels end-to-end, no matter the origin or destination of a package. Whether you are sending a parcel with Deutsche Post from Germany to Peru or with DHL from the UK to Cambodia, all your Deutsche Post tracking and DHL tracking needs can be found at Ship24.

How do I track my Deutsche Post?

Do you need to know where your Deutsche Post package is at any time? No problem. Ship24's Deutsche Post tracking allows you to locate your parcel at any time, anywhere in the world.

Each shipment sent with Deutsche Post will have a unique Deutsche Post tracking number. With this unique code, you can head to the Ship24 website on your mobile, tablet, or computer and enter the code into the website for the latest Deutsche Post parcel tracking results.

There are no long or complicated forms to fill out, you don't even need to make an account, just enter your Deutsche Post tracking number into Ship24 to begin universal shipment tracking.

What is a Deutsche Post tracking number?

A Deutsche Post tracking number is a combination of numbers and letters to track your parcels. You can use the tracking numbers to get live updates on the current status of your parcels. A Deutsche tracking number consists of 2 capital letters, in the beginning, followed by 9 numbers, and ends with "DE".

Deutsche Post Tracking Number Format

Some examples of Post of Deutsche tracking numbers are:

  • EX 123 456 789 DE
  • RV 546 941 321 DE
  • SH 091 928 821 DE

Once you have your tracking number, head over to the Ship24 homepage and copy it there. With Ship24, you can get close to real-time updates to get in touch with your parcels. You can track up to 10 parcels at the same time and get results in a few seconds. Ship24 has multi-courier detection as well, which means that no matter which courier is handling your parcels, you will still receive live updates of the parcels with the same tracking number!

Where can I find my Deutsche Post tracking number?

There are various ways how you can obtain your Deutsche Post tracking number. If you are the recipient, you can ask the sender to send you the tracking number or you can check out your email address for the parcel confirmation. However, if you are the seller, you can find the tracking number on the shipping label, the receipt, or on via the confirmation email or phone number that you have provided.

The tracking number is a 13-digit combination of letters and numbers. The format is 2 capital letters in front, followed by a 9-digit number, and ends with the Germany ISO code which is "DE".

Is DHL the same as Deutsche Post?

Yes. Deutsche Post DHL is a Deutsche Post subsidiary in charge of express mail, package forwarding and delivery worldwide. In 1998, Deutsche Post bought a quarter of DHL Company shares in Germany. This gave them some influence and control over the decisions concerning DHL, and 4 years later they bought the remaining shares, becoming a single company.

The merger was hugely successful, building the foundations of being a multinational company, and taking it to more destinations with a more direct link than ever before.

How long does Deutsche Post take to deliver?

Deutsche Post usually handles domestic deliveries and slower economy options for delivery, with their DHL Express arm handling speedy international deliveries.

However, Deutsche Post shipments by air take on average around 1 to 10 days depending on the service chosen, especially if shipping to countries located near to Germany (if the package originates from Germany). However, more remote international locations which are shipped by some of the slowest transportation methods (such as by sea) can on average around 12 to 15 weeks or more.

This may vary from country to country and its customs, health, and tax regulations. Deutsche Post's international shipping time also varies between the different services it offers. However, Deutsche Post can deliver does offer same-day delivery for parcels up to 30kg, if you are willing to pay for it.

DHL offers much faster delivery times, with the average DHL Express delivery taking as little as 1 to 4 working days to major destinations. This can be reduced to 24-hours with certain shipping options, depending on the size and weight of your package (and budget!).

No matter which service you opt for, either with Deutsche Post or DHL, you can track your shipment end to end with Ship24.

How long does it take Deutsche Post to update tracking information?

Deutsche Post is responsible for updating the tracking event information of all packages with their own in-house team, or by the courier, they may have outsourced a last-mile delivery too (such as is common for international shipments). However, as soon as that information is supplied by DHL, it will be available to view on the Ship24 tracking website.

What days does Deutsche Post deliver?

Deliveries by Deutsche Post will be made between Monday and Saturday, with posts not guaranteed to arrive at a particular time during the day.

Who delivers Deutsche Post in the US?

Any shipment you make from Germany with either Deutsche Post or DHL will be delivered by DHL in the United States. If for some reason DHL cannot deliver the parcel themselves (such as lack of capacity within a certain region), UPS is usually chosen to handle the final leg of the journey of a parcel.

Whether your parcel is handled by DHL for its entire route, Deutsche Post and then DHL in the US, or Deutsche Post, DHL and UPS, you don't have to worry. You can seamlessly track your parcel no matter which service is handling it across its full journey with Ship24.

Ship24 is a third-party logistics tracking tool that is not restricted to just one courier or logistics company meaning it is becoming the go-to option for buyers, sellers, individuals and businesses who want all their tracking in one place.

Whereas before you would need to switch from one courier's website to the other as a parcel handover would occur to continue tracking, leaving some people in the dark about where their parcel was and who it was being handled by, now are finding solace in the one-stop-tracking-shop, with Ship24.

How do I contact Deutsche Post?

To contact the Deutsche Post company, you can access its official website. They can also be contacted on the various social media accounts they operate, where they post promotions, news, and important information about Deutsche Post international shipping and other services.

They can also be contacted by various in-country customer service telephone numbers, which will vary depending on the country you are calling from.

How do I track my Deutsche Post parcel?

Deutsche Post tracking has become easy with Ship24. The universal tracking tool Ship24 provides offers one of the easiest to track Deutsche Post parcels

Deutsche Post will create a unique tracking number for your package once you purchase (or the seller who you buy an item from who is shipping with Deutsche Post) postage with Deutsche Post. Once you obtain your Deutsche Post tracking details, head on over to Ship24 to receive all of the shipment tracking details on your Deutsche Post parcel.

How do I mail a package with Deutsche Post?

You can send a letter or parcel by putting it in a post box or handing it in at your local post office. You will need to know the following information if you wish to mail a post with Deutsche Post.

  • The address you wish to send the Deutsche Post package to.
  • The nearest Deutsche Post drop-off location, in order to start your parcels journey.
  • Which Deutsche Post service you would like to utilize (depending on the size and weight of your parcel, where you would like it to be delivered, and how fast you want it to be delivered)
  • That your package does not break any packaging restrictions or contain any prohibited items. Find the list of Deutsche Post restricted items on the Deutsche Post website.
  • If Deutsche Post is a cross-border package (it is being sent from one country to another) senders should make sure the contents do not exceed the de minimis threshold value of the destination country, or they may be liable for import tax fees and/or customs tax.

How can I track a Deutsche Post parcel?

Tracking a Deutsche Post package internationally is perhaps the easiest it has ever been thanks to the universal shipment tracking platform from Ship24. Open up the Ship24 website with your Deutsche Post tracking number in hand and enter it into the search bar. You don't need an account or to add any personal information, just the tracking number. Then Ship24 will do the rest, finding the latest location and status information on your parcel wherever it is in the world.

Buyers should note that the reason why many are using Ship24 instead of Deutsche Post tracking directly is that it allows you to track multiple couriers simultaneously. Equally, when customers want to track Deutsche Post parcels internationally, they just want to track them all in one place, which is possible with Ship24.

This is because Ship24 scans the internet looking for your parcel, ensuring you can continue tracking your Deutsche Post worldwide.

Finally, Ship24 pulls tracking information for your Deutsche Post parcel in as near to real-time as possible, meaning any Ship24 will get you the latest info possible.

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