Deutsche Post tracking

What is Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post is a German postal company that originated after privatizing the former Deutsche Bundespost postal company in 1995. The German post and Telecommunications Ministry were responsible for its management and financing, until 2005 when its shares were bought in their entirety and became a private company.
In this article, we will review some important aspects of the Deutsche Post international shipping services.

Is Deutsche Post reliable?

There have been some complaints about lost or poorly routed packages. These kinds of issues have already occurred with Deutsche Post unfortunately, but it is not the only postal service experiencing issues like these. Besides, these types of complaints are rare and infrequent, leaving aside the fact that Deutsche Post is a company that transports hundreds of thousands of packages daily throughout the world, and there is a very low percentage of situations of this nature.
Moreover, Deutsche Post DHL is aware of this, so they implemented improvements in the Deutsche Post tracking measures not only for the customer but for themselves as a Courier company. If there is something that needs to be improved, it is to expand the number of languages ​​on the main website. At least English, Spanish and French, as these three languages ​​are the most widely spoken in the world, as well as training their staff in more empathetic customer service techniques.

How do I track my Deutsche Post?

Do you need to know where your Deutsche Post package is at all times? No problems Deutsche Post DHL offers Deutsche Post tracking, a service that allows you to locate your parcel at any time, nationally and internationally around the world. They even have their app in Google Play Store and Apple Mac Store completely free.
Each shipment has a Deutsche Post tracking number. Then on your phone or computer, you enter the code in the search engine of your package or download the Application and on the invoice, there is a QR code that you can scan and have as a backup on your phone directly in the App. This facilitates any paperwork by having that code always with you. It works on both pages in the same way: Deutsche Post and DHL, and when it is a Deutsche Post international shipping the DHL platform works very well.
You can also use the website Ship24 to track your Deutsche Post package by putting your tracking number in the search bar. Once you click on the arrow "enter", you will get all the information about your parcel, the current status, and the next steps of the delivery.

Is DHL the same as Deutsche Post?

Deutsche Post DHL is a Deutsche Post subsidiary in charge of mobilizing mail and packages around the world. In 1998, Deutsche Post bought a quarter of the DHL Company's shares in Germany. This gave them some influence and control over the decisions concerning DHL, and after 4 years they bought the remaining shares, becoming a single company.
It can be said that two companies: Deutsche Post and DHL merged and offer the same service, at the same price with the same conditions and DHL, being a multinational company, further facilitates the international Courier, taking it to more destinations with a more direct link. This works both ways when you want to receive merchandise you can use DHL as an international Courier.

How long does Deutsche Post take to deliver?

The Deutsche Post international shipping time varies from the service, whether they are by air or by sea. In general, a Deutsche Post DHL shipment by air takes around 10-12 days, and by sea between 12-15 weeks. This may vary from country to country and its customs, health, and tax regulations.
They are referenced based on the number of shipments already made. But neither experience will be the same as the other. Often the delays are not caused by the company itself but by internal administrative problems in the destination country or random inspections, affecting the Deutsche Post international shipping time.
Do you need to send a package nationwide? Deutsche Post same-day delivery is a service that ensures to send up to 30kg of parcels in no more than 24 hours, with a special rate. They offer Broad National Courier and international shipping, which delivers your parcel to any part of the world thanks to the merger it has with DHL, which facilitates any link and stopover that your package has to do to reach its destination.

Who delivers Deutsche Post in the US?

Being a DHL transnational company with a global reach, any shipment you make from Germany with either Deutsche Post or DHL will be delivered by DHL in the United States thanks to the agreements they have. in extreme cases or due to any confusion, the United States Post Service (USPS) will take care of delivering the order.
Let's take an example, some countries cannot make a direct link to the United States, one of them is Iran due to political sanctions that both nations have. This becomes an annoying setback in the Deutsche Post international shipping service. They solve it using scales.
From Iran, they travel to a country that does have these authorizations, such as the UK or Germany, and from there they go to the United States. Being Deutsche Post and DHL commercial allies, they represent the same company, this means that if you want to send something to the United States, but you don't have a Deutsche post office close, DHL, being a multinational company with a branch in the United States, uses the same platform and courier system to make its deliveries in the same way. Unlike other companies that would use the US post, the country's public postal service.

How do I contact Deutsche Post?

To contact this courier company you can access its official website. They also manage official accounts on various social networks where they post their promotions, news, and important information about the Deutsche Post international shipping time and the rest of their services. It is considered as a communication channel between customers and the company, through comments or direct messages.
Their email and phone line have a customer service section where you can contact them. Or simply go to any DHL or Deutsche Post agency nationwide. There are thousands of them to choose from.

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