Österreichische Post tracking

Österreichische Post tracking

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What is Österreichische Post?

Österreichische Post is a company that operates and manages all the postal services in Austria. The company was founded in 1999 and comes from a corporate division that the Austrian postal services company Post and Telekom Austria went through. The Österreichische Post can be considered to be a company that limits its responsibilities between the public and the private sector.
This is since 51% of the company's stock shares belong to the Österreichische Industrieholding consortium, which is a company in charge of managing the financial resources of public companies in Austria. Among the postal services it offers, Austria Post contact can be considered as one of the most loved by users, the reasons for which will be explained later.
It does not have a wide range of postal services. However, since 2006, the company has redoubled its efforts to improve the quality of all its postal services. In the last 4 years, Österreichische Post has been nationally recognized for the efficiency and reliability of its postal services.
Currently, Österreichische Post has 5 corporate divisions that are responsible for running the company's most important postal services. These include letter mailings, dispatching, and handling of correspondence for large companies and institutions, administration of correspondence for the print media, sending parcels by air, and finally, administration of the post office network. Finally, it is important to mention that the first 4 corporate divisions of Österreichische Post can exercise their postal functions both nationally and internationally.

Österreichische Post package tracking

How do I track my Österreichische Post package?

The Austria Post Tracking Packages service is available in two options:

  • The first option is to enter the tracking number into the electronic tracking system on the official website.

It is important to note that the Österreichische Post tracking number can only be acquired by e-mail or at the company's branches. Besides, users will only be able to obtain the tracking number once they have completed all payment procedures for the requested services.

  • The second option that users have to track their packages is to go personally to any of the post offices that are distributed in all the zones or regions of the country.

At these offices, users can track their packages or correspondence in detail. It is important to mention that customers can only use the Austrian Post registered tracking service if they are registered on the virtual platform found on the company's website.

Who delivers Austrian Post in UK?

Österreichische Post has several agreements with different countries to improve the quality of its postal services. Österreichische Post also has good relations with postal transport and distribution companies such as DHL, UPS, TNT, and DPD. Through these companies, Österreichische Post can provide postal deliveries to any city or area in the United Kingdom.
In this way, Österreichische Post can guarantee millions of users efficient, reliable, and excellent quality postal services. It is important to note that depending on each company, the considerations and requirements for sending and delivering parcels may vary. Weight, dimensions, delivery urgency, delivery times and delivery quality are factors that vary for each of these companies.

How long does it take to get a package from Austria?

Österreichische Post shipping time may differ drastically from countries in Europe to countries in other continents. In European countries, such as the United-Kingdom, the estimated time to send, distribute, and deliver packages or postal correspondence is approximately 7 days. Delivery times are usually fast, as Österreichische Post has excellent relations with all countries in Europe.
However, for shipments, distribution, and delivery of parcels to countries on other continents, delivery times are often very different. One of Österreichische Post main problems is delivering parcels to countries outside Europe. This is mainly due to the company's inefficient logistics. For example, for deliveries to the United States, the approximate delivery time is 30 days.
At the national level, Österreichische Post delivers parcels, letters, or documents at the best delivery time in the market. Regardless of the area, region, or city in Austria, the company can deliver parcels in approximately 24 to 48 hours. If users agree to use the EMS postal service, the delivery time is less than 24 hours. In this way, the company can guarantee a reliable and efficient service in terms of delivery times. In the last year, users have expressed positive opinions regarding the company's quality of service.

What are Österreichische Post shipping costs?

Depending on the weight, the dimensions of the package, the type of service requested, and the destination, shipping costs can vary significantly. For domestic deliveries, payment costs are usually about 4 dollars.
For international shipments and deliveries, the price of the costs is approximately 20 dollars. It is important to mention that the cost of international shipments for packages of 20 kg or more, can exceed 50 dollars. Also, the type of transport and the type of postal service can affect shipping costs.
Finally, it is important to mention that sending packages to countries that have strict customs rules can significantly increase the taxes and shipping fees. It is recommended that users set the level of urgency for sending their packages. The higher the urgency of the shipment, the higher the shipping costs.

Does Österreichische Post have customer service?

One of the best attributes that Österreichische Post has is without a doubt its customer service. Österreichische Post customer service not only responds within 24 hours to any type of inquiry requested by the customer, but it is also characterized by offering a wide variety of consultation and contact options.
Users can access different options, where they must fill out forms, either to make inquiries, complaints, recommendations, or service claims. Among the options offered, users can request the Austria Post order number of any package, in case of having lost the tracking number.
This way they can request the Österreichische Post tracking service if necessary. Finally, the official website of the company offers important data such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and official social network accounts of Österreichische Post. Users can contact the company's customer service from Monday to Saturday.

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