Pošta Srbije tracking

Pošta Srbije tracking

What is Pošta Srbije?

Pošta Srbije is a state-owned company in Serbia that is responsible for managing and providing all postal services in the country. Today, the Pošta Srbije headquarters are located in Belgrade, the capital of the country. The history of Serbia's postal services dates back to 1840, after which the country began to modernize and improve its postal services with the printing of the first postage stamp.
With over 1500 offices, the company offers a huge variety of excellent postal services that are the envy of many countries in Europe. Pošta Srbije track and trace service is one of the most modern in the world and has been awarded in the past for its accuracy and efficiency.
Currently, Posta Srbije has more than 1500 offices in the most important regions and cities of the country. Besides, it has more than 3,646 delivery areas, more than 1,500 transport vehicles, 3,000 mailboxes, 3 customs offices, and 3 main postal sorting centers, among many other important buildings that perform other types of postal services.
Pošta Srbije is one of the most important postal companies in Europe. Its influence and relevance are due to Serbia's postal history. In the year 1874 Serbia was one of the 22 founder countries of the UPU, known as the Universal Postal Union. This is one of the reasons why Pošta Srbije is recognized worldwide for offering one of the best postal services today.
Since 2002, Pošta Srbije has always made an effort to be at the forefront of technological and technical development to improve the quality of the country's postal services. Always with the vision to make and offer the best postal services in Europe. In fact, in 2010, it was a pioneer in Europe in developing a management system like SAP, to manage the resources and business of the company.
Similarly, in the same year, Pošta Srbije developed a communication network PostNET that is installed in all the postal offices of the country, and that aims to considerably improve all the postal services offered by the company.
Since 2015, the company has been at the forefront of developing advanced logistics technologies and systems that have enabled the incorporation of other types of services. For example, Pošta Srbije offers financial services, in which users can buy and sell foreign cash at any of the offices that are distributed in Serbia. Also, it has sophisticated mobile applications that allow users to use services that track the status of postal items, consult price information, and obtain information from the nearest post offices.
In more than 180 years of postal history, Serbia has been one of the pioneers in Europe in the development of postal and telegraphic services. Pošta Srbije is one of the technological, economic, and cultural pillars of the country, as well as playing an important role in the international relevance of the Universal Postal Union.

How do I track my Pošta Srbije parcel?

The postal tracking system in Pošta Srbije is considered an example to follow among all UPU member countries. From the very first moment users enter the Pošta Srbije tracking number into the virtual system, they will have access to real-time information on the date, time, location, and status of their postal item.
The Pošta Srbije tracking system also provides information about the post offices where they can receive the packages, their status, and the date, time and place where the package or postal correspondence was delivered. The ID or tracking number of each postal item is unique and special. It can only be obtained once all payment procedures have been completed. The customer will also be able to know if the package was returned or redirected.

Does Pošta Srbije ship worldwide?

Pošta Srbije is one of the most respected postal companies in Europe and the rest of the world. For this reason, Pošta Srbije can send mail to more than 220 countries around the world. Pošta Srbije shipping packages can be made by air, sea, and land transport. Also, users can use different types of postal services that can be adjusted to their economic and urgent needs.

How long does it take to Pošta Srbije to deliver?

Delivery times may vary due to different factors that the company takes into account to work efficiently. Pošta Srbije delivery service is one of the best in Europe because usually, the packages or correspondence arrive at their destination much earlier than expected.
Depending on the type of postal service requested by the customer, nationally, deliveries are made in less than 24 hours. With the fastest postal services, packages and correspondence can arrive in less than 6 hours and directions to the destination address.
Depending on the country and the type of postal service, for international deliveries, the approximate Pošta Srbije shipping time is usually one week. For example:

  • For deliveries in the United States, the estimated delivery time is 9 to 12 days.
  • For deliveries to countries in Europe, such as the United Kingdom or France, the estimated delivery time is 5 to 9 business days.

What are Pošta Srbije shipping costs?

As with delivery times, Pošta Srbije shipping fees can also change because of several factors that the company considers as very important. Each type of postal service has a unique price. Also, additional postal services such as personal delivery, SMS notifications, or Special handling parcels may influence the final shipping cost. However, Pošta Srbije offers the most competitive prices in Europe. For domestic deliveries, the average price is 2.5 dollars. For international deliveries, the average price is 35 dollars.

How do I contact Pošta Srbije?

The Pošta Srbije contacts can be found in a special section on the official website. In this section, users will have access to the most important data of the company, such as telephone numbers, e-mails, and official Facebook accounts.
Using these data, everyone can contact customer service. Additionally, users also have the opportunity to access various electronic forms where they can make requests, complaints, suggestions, and different types of queries related to all the services offered by Pošta Srbije.

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