CTT Correios de Portugal tracking

What is CTT?

Correios de Portugal CTT is a private company working in Portugal. It manages the postal service of the country. Besides, they work with other affairs, such as express courier services, FinTech, and the banking and financial sector. CTT headquarters are located in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. There is the main office, where all the shipments are managed and tracked.
This company was founded in 1520 by King Manuel I, who approved the establishment of the first postal service in the country. After the creation of the first republic of Portugal, the service was named CTT for "Correios, Telégrafos e Telefones". The company was under the rule of the Portuguese government. It was in charge of postal services, along with telecommunications, and other affairs. In 2014, the government of Portugal decided to privatize the company by selling the stocks. The whole company was sold for a total price of 823 EUR millions. After that, CTT opened a private bank with branches in each post office.

Where does CTT can deliver?

In the beginning, CTT was only in charge of national shipments. The Correios de Portugal delivery service was dedicated to government and institutional issues. Since it was a company created by the King of Portugal, CTT worked for many years under the rule of the realm, only shipping parcels related to government affairs.
When Portugal started to be a republic, CTT expanded its horizons. The company started to send and receive packages from other European nations. Although CTT was still controlled by the government, now people from Portugal were able to use this service to send and receive packages, nationally and internationally.
Nowadays, Correios de Portugal sends and receives shipments from all over the world. They work in more than 150 countries around the world. However, due to the pandemic produced by the COVID-19 in 2020, the operations of CTT have decreased considerably. They have worked with shipments to some countries under strict sanitary controls during this year.

How do I track my CTT package?

CTT is a company that of course, has its own transportation system. This way, they can have absolute control of deliveries and shipments on national routes. When it comes to international deliveries, Correios de Portugal uses the services of many different delivery airlines and carrier vessels.
Depending on the package, the time, and other elements, deliveries are received in the destination country by either CTT expresso offices or the national post company. If deliveries are made from one city to another inside Portugal, everything is managed by CTT offices. In both cases, the CTT tracking process can be verified in the Correios de Portugal official web page.
Correios de Portugal tracking is a service available for each CTT user. Every package receives a tracking number that regards all the information related to the parcel, like personal and legal information about the sender and the receiver, the place of departure, place of arrival, weight, type of product, travel route, estimated time, real-time location tracking, among others. All that information can be consulted on the web page of the company by introducing the CTT tracking code.

How long does it take to Correios de Portugal to deliver?

In every delivery company, the delivery time always varies depending on many different elements. The main factors are mostly related to the weight of the package, the size, the distance between the sender and receiver, among many others. Besides, these companies usually have special services that offer a shorter delivery time, with a higher price.
Correios de Portugal has its own transportation system for national deliveries. So, they have more control over the time they spend to deliver a parcel inside the borders of Portugal. CTT offers different options for national deliveries, regarding express deliveries, which reduces the time to a maximum of 24 hours. Naturally, it only works if the distance is not very long. However, for longer distances, CTT has the same express deliveries that decrease the waiting time.
For national deliveries, the maximum time is one week. This is because Portugal is not a huge territory. However, the time for international shipments is very variable. It always depends on other factors that CTT can't control. There are some websites where users say that deliveries from Portugal to the United States can take more than two weeks to arrive. Again, it is very uncertain. However, some pages on the internet may calculate the CTT delivery time.

Is Correios de Portugal expensive?

The Correios de Portugal shipping fees are commonly low in national deliveries. The division of the costs is made based on some specific elements about the package. Such elements regarding weight, type of product, and travel distance. For example, for a package that weighs from 500g to 2Kg, the cost is 3.50 EUR.
On the other hand, the costs for international deliveries are a bit higher, but not completely expensive. Something important about CTT international shipping services is it is separated in two modalities: common shipments, and special amount shipments. Common shipments are for normal deliveries: small packages and ordinary things that people send. Special amount shipments are for corporations that are always sending and receiving a huge amount of objects.
That separation of the service includes costs. For common shipments, the fees can reach a price of 8 EUR per Kg. However, that cost can vary depending on the class of the article you are sending. The special service has lower costs, but its conditions regard, for example, a minimum amount of products, which can ́t be lower than 250.000 objects. The cost per object is around 0.30 EUR and the cost per Kg goes from 9.30 EUR to 23 EUR.

How do I contact CTT?

Correios de Portugal has its own call center to attend to any complaint, message, advice, or any other message. The other ways of communication are through email, the web page, and its profiles on social networks. They can even attend doubts about CTT Portugal tracking and many other issues related to the service of the company.

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