4PX tracking

4PX tracking


With over 20,000 merchants relying on 4px logistics to ship orders worldwide, 4px became China's number 1 cross-border eCommerce logistics solutions provider. Logistics, software, and consulting are among 4px's services.

4PX package tracking

What is 4PX shipping?

4PX Express Co., Ltd., or 4PX, is a logistics and parcel delivery solutions company that was formed in 2004 to become China's leading cross-border eCommerce solutions provider. It deals predominantly with international express delivery, freight forwarding, and import and export services including e-procurement, warehouse management, inventory management, order fulfilment, and global logistics services.

4PX works directly with merchants from eCommerce websites and marketplaces to help find shipment solutions and is currently one of the market leaders, boasting that it has "the highest orders processed and overall scale in operations" on its website, with some 20,000 businesses relying on 4PX.

Today, 4PX employs nearly 2,000 employees among some 50 locations worldwide, with major investors including the Singapore Post. The company has also expanded its services beyond logistics to include software and consulting services within the logistics industry, intending to be the go-to for all cross-border eCommerce solutions within China. 4XP plans to do this by consolidating global carriers and shipping companies and empowering multinational trade, especially regarding eCommerce.

Do internationally bound 4XP parcels to get handled by other couriers?

Due to the nature of 4XP shipping services, the logistics company also works with numerous international parcel delivery providers, including Aramex, FedEx, and TNT in order to offer universal shipping capability for your parcel. This has led to it becoming a powerful player within the parcel forwarding industry but has also led people to have difficulty tracking their items from time to time, with parcel tracking numbers being known to have changed between handlers and also tracking not being able to be continued with 4XP once a parcel has arrived in another country and handling has been taken over by another courier.

This is where Ship24 excels as a universal tracking tool because its powerful global tracking system can not only track your parcel while it is being handled by 4XP (for instance, when it is in China) but can also continue tracking your parcel when it is handed over to another courier company in a different country.

Ship24 scans over 1200 couriers instantly - including DHL, UPS and FedEx, via its universal tracking platform, which anyone can use for free to track their parcel at any time within any time zone. This has led to both buyers and sellers shipping with 4XP utilizing Ship24's global tracking capability instead of the 4XP site, in order to make sure they can continue to track their 4XP parcel globally, regardless of which route it should take to its final destination.

Where is 4PX located and will my parcel be sent there?

4PX's headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China, connected to the main airport. No, your parcel will not necessarily pass through this warehouse on its delivery. The sorting house will depend on the origin of your package and its final destination. Nevertheless, the address can be found below:

  • Address: No201-221.Domestic Air Cargo Terminal, Airport Fourth Road, BaoAn Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
  • Zip (or Postal) Code: 518128
  • Contact Number: 86-755-23508000 (Please note that the ability to reach the 4PX headquarters will depend on operational hours and you may be redirected to another customer services branch depending on your query)

When tracking a 4PX shipment, you should note that your 4PX parcel may not travel through the above address. 4PX has sorting warehouses and processing checkpoints located across China and overseas meaning that at which location your package will be processed will depend on where it is originally sent from.

4PX also owns a number of warehouses worldwide, including large facilities in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, all of which help with the receiving and forwarding of parcels globally.

However, the Shenzhen warehouse is the biggest fulfilment centre in China, with storage space of 3000+ square meters so it is likely that your 4XP parcel could pass through this huge processing facility, especially if it is bound for an international destination due to its location right next to the airport, airmail frequently travels from this warehouse.

Can I trust 4PX to deliver parcels globally?

It is a testament to the reputation for reliability that 4PX has built up that it has received numerous awards for not only its rapid rise to becoming a market leader in logistics in mainland China, such as evidenced by its receiving the Forbes Magazine's "China's Up and Comer award" but also through its strong relationship that it has built with leading eCommerce platforms such as Alibaba and eBay. It has now formally become a preferred partner with those marketplaces due to its ongoing success in delivering packages and parcels across the world from sellers on those platforms.

While many trust 4PX when it comes to parcel delivery, if you want to put your mind at ease then you can begin tracking your 4PX parcel via Ship24. Ship24 is a third-party tracking tool that delivers global, multi-courier tracking for individuals. The powerful system offers universal, true end-to-end tracking and event updates made available to you at every stage of your 4PX package's journey.

If you are worried about your parcel when it is being handled by 4PX, just enter your tracking number on the website and let Ship24 bring you the latest information on the location and status of your parcel as it progresses along its journey.

What is 4PX Global Express Service?

The 4PX Global Express Service refers to the partnership between 4XP and several big international logistic companies. Thanks to its large shipping volumes, 4PX has used its market positioning to negotiate cheaper shipping rates with different logistics company providers, including UPS and DHL.

This cooperation means that 4PX provides very competitive rates for shipping with internationally recognized couriers, not only increase trust in the brand but improving its value proposition to customers with a resulting safe and speedy delivery of orders.

Nevertheless, the fact that 4PX works with so many different international logistics companies mean that both buyers and sellers are using independent tracking websites to track their parcels. The reason they are doing this is so they have the ability to track their parcels across different countries and between different couriers, due to Ship24's universal tracking capability.

How do I track 4px?

Tracking a 4px parcel is simple. There are two ways to track your 4px parcel. One way is by entering your tracking number into the 4px website and the other way is to use Ship24's tracking system. With Ship24, you can track up to 10 parcels at the same time and get results within a matter of seconds. Ship24 also has multi-courier detection which means that no matter which courier is handling your parcels, you can still get live status with the same tracking number.

4px typically comes with a 13-digit combination of numbers and letters as its tracking number. With the tracking number, just copy and paste it into Ship24 and let Ship24 do the work for you.

How do I track my 4PX parcel when it leaves China?

Only by using the universal Ship24 tracking tool are you able to be assured that you can track your 4PX package globally, because of its multi-courier tracking capability.

4PX usually hands over parcels to logistics partners to complete international deliveries, so you will need to begin tracking your parcel with a multi-courier tracking platform, such as the free to use universal tracking platform by Ship24, to keep up to date with your 4PX parcels' progress.

To begin tracking your 4PX shipment, you just need to enter your 4PX tracking number, which is usually composed of 13 characters of both letters and numbers, such as RR045010453CN.

The global Ship24 tracking tool can then give you up to date tracking information on your parcel's location and status, wherever it may be across the world.

How do I get free universal shipment tracking for 4PX?

Luckily, tracking your 4PX package has become an easy task, thanks to Ship24's universal multi-courier tracking system. Ship24 is a third-party website that has no loyalty to a single logistics company and therefore can track parcels with over 1200 couriers and thousands of shops at the click of a button.

After a buyer or a seller has posted a 4PX package and a tracking number has been produced for your parcel, you can keep track of your parcel using the Ship24 global tracking tool for free. Some of the benefits of tracking your parcel through Ship24, rather than 4PX include

  • If you shop at various marketplaces and platforms and you need the ability to track several different couriers and logistics companies, Ship24 allows you to search over 10 different tracking numbers with 10 different couriers simultaneously, meaning it is a one-stop-shop for tracking.
  • f you opt for a variety of shipping methods this could mean that your parcel is forwarded by a variety of different handlers, even if they all begin their journey with 4PX. The best way to keep track of your parcel under these circumstances would be via the Ship24 tracking system.
  • If your shipping company subcontracts your 4PX parcel delivery to another courier, you will want to be able to continue tracking your parcel with the new courier without having to reenter your tracking number into a new company's website. This could be especially problematic if you do not know how the new courier handling your parcel is. With Ship24 you won't need to change websites to continue tracking your parcel, and Ship24 can even auto-detect if your parcel has changed hands and find the corresponding tracking information accordingly.

Ship24's free-to-use, universal shipment tracking has been used by over 300 million people to track their packages worldwide and continues to be used by millions every month because of its trusted, true end-to-end tracking capabilities.

Can I track my 4PX globally via the 4PX website?

4PX works with international logistics partners to deliver packages, meaning that tracking them is not always possible to do through the 4PX website and you will need to track your 4PX parcel using a third-party universal tracking tool, such as Ship24.

The Ship24 universal tracking tool is simply a website, where you enter your 4PX tracking number and it begins tracking your parcel instantly, giving you the latest locational and status information on your parcel, in as close to real-time as possible.

Is 4px tracking real?

Considering that 4px is China's number 1 eCommerce logistics solutions provider, you can say that their tracking is real. To test if your tracking number is legitimate, simply use Ship24 to track your parcels. You can get close to real-time events regarding your parcels' status. Ship24 will give you information such as the origin and destination country, the estimated time it will arrive, and much other useful information!

How long does 4PX shipping take?

Shipping time with 4PX will vary depending on your 4PX package's destination, size, weight and also how the parcel will be handled upon landing in its destination country.

However, the average delivery times for common destination countries (for standard 4PX package delivery options) are as follows:

  • The United States, France, Italy, Turkey, Finland, Portugal, Morroco, South Korea, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and France usually take between 12 to 25 days.
  • The United Kingdom, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Nepal, and Taiwan usually take between 4 to 14 days.
  • Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Japan and South Korea usually take between 18 to 35 days.
  • Over 30 days includes Brazil, Russia, Salvador, Serbia and most African Countries.

Are there any prohibited items that cannot be delivered by 4PX?

All the products prohibited by IATA (the International Air Transport Association) are also prohibited by 4PX. Other products such as chemicals materials, alcohol, cash, liquids, cigarette, toxic substances, securities, arms and all that can be considered dangerous goods are also prohibited by 4PX.

How can I contact 4PX customer services about my parcel?

To contact the 4PX customer service regarding information about your 4PX parcel tracking or a specific 4PX order you are waiting for, you can go to the 4PX website, which is available on their contact page.

Here you will find a form where you will need to enter your details (such as your name and email) and the subject of your query. It may help speed up the resolution of your query if you include the latest tracking details of your parcel, which you can find at Ship24. Having these details like also allude you to whether 4PX are still handling the parcel, or whether the parcel has changed hands.

In this case, 4PX may have to chase up the package with the current handler or you may need to contact the current handler yourself. Either way, put yourself in the know by tracking your 4PX shipment on Ship24 beforehand.

Another way to get in contact with 4PX is to send a message to the following email address: tousu@4px.com. You can also call 86-755-23508000 if you need to reach the Shenzhen warehouse or also +61 (3) 9416 8777 if you need to reach the warehouse located in Melbourne in Australia. (Opening hours of these sites vary and your query may be forwarded to a customer service centre depending on the inquiry).

How do I use a 4PX tracking number to locate my parcel?

When it comes to tracking your 4PX parcel online, you have two options. Either you can track your parcel using the in-house 4PX tracking tool or opt for the free of charge, universal tracking application from Ship24.

Once you have your tracking number, which should typically arrive within 6 days after payment, you can take that number to Ship24 and begin tracking your parcel instantly, without any further information being needed.

Please note, that 4PX often takes 3-6 days to process picked up items ready for dispatch so in some cases you may not receive a tracking number (or code) from 4PX or the seller within the first 3 to 6 days.

When tracking your 4PX parcel, you will just copy the 4PX tracking number and paste it into the tracking bar on the website's page. Sometimes, more information may be required, and, in some cases, tracking may be limited due to your parcel being handled by a third-party courier.

As soon as your parcel leaves China, it will most likely be handled by a third-party logistics company so to avoid the headache of trying to identify, search for and enter your tracking number with the new company, start tracking your 4PX shipment from the beginning with Ship24.

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