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What is 4PX shipping?

4PX was created during the year 2004, in China, in the modern metropolis of Shenzhen. The company provides today a customized global warehouse fulfillment service which gives people the possibility to stock their products in China but also overseas (in the United-Kingdom, in Australia, in Germany and in the United-States) with the possibility then to deliver their products by local courier. 4PX provides also software and consulting services and is considered as China’s number one cross-border e-commerce solutions provider.

4XP shipping operates also with international express providers such as UPS, FedEx, TNT or again Aramex, to send your products worldwide. The company employs today more than 1500 employees across different countries to process the packages 24/7. Its major investors include Shenzhen Capital Group, which is one of the China government’s largest investment company and Singapore Post Limited.

Where is 4PX located?

4PX’s headquarters are located in China, in Shenzhen near the airport:
Address: No201-221.Domestic Air Cargo Terminal ,Airport Fourth Road, BaoAn ShenZhen, Guangdong, China.
Zip code: 518128
Phone: 86-755-23508000

4PX has warehouses in China and overseas but Shenzhen warehouse is the biggest fulfillment center in China, with storage space of 3000+ square meters. This place provides advanced equipment and also all the delivery channels to worldwide of 4XP Express.

In total, 4PX owns and operates a network of seven warehouses in the world, three in China, the home country of the company, in the cities of Shenzhen, Hong-Kong and Shanghai. The four other warehouses are strategically located in four different countries, two of them in Europe, in the United-kingdom and in Germany, then one in the United-States and the last one in Australia.

What is 4PX Global Express Service?

The 4PX Global Express Service refers to the partnership between 4XP with big international logistic companies. Thanks to its large shipping volumes, 4PX negotiate discounts with different Express providers such as FedEx, UPS, TNT and many others. This cooperation allows 4PX to provide global services for an affordable rate to its customers.

What is 4PX Post Link?

The 4PX Post-Link is another service provided by 4PX. The company has partnerships with many local posts such as Singapore Post for example. When 4PX ship cargos from China to destination country by direct fly, the last step of the delivery will be made by local post and courier service of the country. The post-link service provides three different options of mail delivery, the registered mail, the ordinary mail and the air mail parcel.

How do I track 4PX?

Ship24 provides a tracking tool to give you visibility on your 4PX delivery. You just need to enter your 4PX tracking number, usually composed of 13 characters mixing letters and numbers (eg: RR045010453FI), to get real time updates of your delivery. However, to get an accurate information on your 4PX tracking, you need to care about different steps before. First, you will need to create and print the inbound forecast before the dispatching of the delivery. Secondly, be aware that each single product in your package must have its own barcode before inbound. Finally, different details must be marked outside the master carton such as:

The customer ID for E-order.
The name of the warehouse where you want to send your package, for example: TO “HONG KONG WAREHOUSE”, to “UK WAREHOUSE” …
The number of cartons, for example if you have three different cartons they must be marked as carton 1/3, carton 2/3, carton 3/3.
The inbound forecast has to be put into the first carton (the one marked as 1/3).

When people need more help about 4PX tracking, they can contact the company by email at tousu@4px.com.

How long does 4PX shipping take?

Once your order is released in the system, 4PX handles it within 24 hours after.

Then, if your delivery has to reach oversea warehouse, there are different situations according to the courier that will be used to deliver your package. Generally, after the inventory is delivered, the OBC (On Board Courier) usually takes two or three working days. Sometimes it can last longer, for example with EMS, it can take seven to ten working days to 4PX oversea warehouse.

What currency does 4PX accept?

It I possible to pay with US dollar (the official currency of United-States), with HK dollar (the official currency of Hong Kong) and with RMB (Ren Min Bi, the official currency of the people’s republic of China, which is also one of the world’s major reserve currencies). People who normally use another currency can check the exchange rate on the 4PX website to pay in US dollar, in HK dollar or in RMB.

Can I get my bills when I use 4PX?

It is possible to check your bills in the WMS (Warehouse Management System) between 4th-6th every month and 4PX can also provide invoice when it is required.

Are there any prohibited or restricted items to deliver with 4PX?

All the products prohibited by IATA (the International Air Transport Association) are also prohibited by 4PX. Other products such as chemicals materials, alcohol, cash, liquids, cigarette, toxic substances, securities, arms and all that can be considered as dangerous goods are also prohibited by 4PX.

How to contact 4px customer service?

To contact the 4PX customer service and have information about 4PX tracking or about one specific 4PX order you are waiting for, you can go on the 4PX website, on their contact page. You will find a form where you can let you name, your email, the subject of your message and you can write your message before sending everything.Another way to get more information is to send a message to the following email address: tousu@4px.com. You also have the possibility to call the 86-755-23508000 if you need to reach the Shenzhen warehouse or also the +61 (3) 9416 8777 to reach the warehouse located in Melbourne in Australia.

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