JCEX tracking

JCEX tracking


Many agencies offer you a delivery service; you should always count on the one which offers you the best deal. JCEX is known for its responsibility values, and for taking care of your parcels. With Ship24, you will be able to track all your parcels around the world by just clicking some buttons. You will be getting actual-time information about the packages. Lets see what this company called JCEX has to offer you.

JCEX package tracking

What is JCEX?

JCEX is the abbreviated form of Jia Cheng International Freight Agent Company; this enormous company from China allows you to send parcels. The JCEX conglomerate owns 16 branches and has actions in another nine overseas branches. It has four operational centers and over five warehouses around the world. It counts with a great reputation having over ten years on the market. Everyone in the world can enjoy their service, which counts with more than 20 overseas routes. In these routes, they count with a logistic group that will inspect the parcels and make sure that they are in pristine conditions. All the experience in the business has to lead the firm to be one of the major companies in the shipping industry.

What are the JCEX shipping methods?

JCEX shipping service has many options to send your parcels. Among their services, they offer the JCEX express delivery that can be local or international. Taking this service, your package will arrive at your door. Another service is the internal freight forwarding one; this will give you the option to send your parcels to the port of your preference. The cross-border custom service will let your export/import all the things you want. You can enjoy any JCEX shipping method to send your parcels. However, they can also function as a warehouse if you need them to take some of your goods with their cross-border distribution service.

How long does JCEX take to deliver?

JCEX shipping time may vary for every country, they usually send all the packages from China. That is why the arriving time will last depending on the continent where you want to get the parcel. Inside China, your parcel can take at least 3 days to arrive at its destination. However, JCEX delivery time will last more in international shipping. For example to Europe, it can last at least from two to three weeks, to Oceania it can take three weeks, to America it will last two weeks. It will all depend on the distance that the package has to travel.

What are JCEX shipping costs?

JCEX shipping costs are affordable; you can use this system to send your parcels for the best price in the market. Your products will arrive at the right place in no time and in excellent conditions. The prices will depend on the size and the weight of the parcel. This will divide them into some categories, where the XS packages will be the cheaper ones. The price also changes depending on the country where you will send the parcel. However, you can see international shipping prices starting at $7.

How do I track my JCEX package?

If you are a person who is always buying online and likes to know where your packages are, it is always good to have the option to be able to track your package. You can go on the homepage of the Ship24 website and in the search bar, you can enter your JCEX tracking number. You will just have to click on the blue button on the right side. When you finish this, you will see your JCEX tracking information in real-time. The package-keeping track is an amazing tool because it lets us know if they have sent our product, and if the recipient approved the shipment. With your JCEX track order, the product will be safe because the company takes care of them, they will also refund your money if the goods suffer any damage while sending them.

If you have any problem while tracking your package, maybe the reason is because you typed an error, just retype again. Sometimes there could be some problems in the JCEX registration and operating, and you can always wait a few minutes or try the day after.

Does JCEX deliver internationally?

Yes, they do. They are one of the best companies to deliver goods worldwide and they can send everything with the greatest velocity in the market. You can send your parcel from China to any country at the best price. JCEX delivery is one of the fastest, you can get your items in just weeks wherever you are. This company offers you the best experience if you will send goods worldwide. They can arrive in North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa with no problems. They will also take extreme care of your JCEX package because that is one of their major features, the security that they offer to their clients.

How can I contact JCEX?

There are many ways of contacting JCEX if you have any doubts about their services or a package in general. JCEX contact number for the customer service is 400-887-1083 and they will attend you from 8:45 to 18:00 hours from Monday to Saturday. Take in account the local hour GMT+8, when you are calling. Another option to contact the JCEX customer care employees is writing to their email cs@jcex.com.cn where they will help you to solve any issue.
If you have any problem with your JCEX order, they will do anything to make you feel sure that they will take all the responsibility if something happens to the parcels.
Finally, with all these characteristics, you can clearly see that JCEX is a shipping company that should reach your expectations in terms of delivery. They will send your parcels within the best shipping time possible if you are located in China or outside the country.

Ship24 will help you to track your JCEX parcel at any time.

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