Hellenic Post tracking

Hellenic Post tracking

Since ancient times, communications have been a major need of humankind, the opportunity to exchange information with other people, no matter the distances between the sender and receiver, is a service with great importance and has been constantly evolving to satisfy that very need.
Not limited only to the transport of letters, Hellenic Post tracking gives the opportunity to the customers to track their packages and any kind of shipments until they reach their due destinations. That is how Hellenic Post has been serving Greece and their citizens since 192 years ago, always with the best quality postal service.

What is the Hellenic Post?

Hellenic Post is a group of companies founded in 1828 by a presidential decree and for the last, almost two hundred years have been providing postal services, with the highest quality in the country of Greece. Established as a state company, it is currently working as an anonymous society and 10% of its share capital belongs to the EFG Eurobank Ergasias S. A, while the Greek State holds the rest.
It does not only provide high-quality postal services but also the most affordable prices and under what the "Postal Services, Electronic Communications, and Other Provisions Law" establishes, it is providing universal services so all Greeks can count on the best postal service for the shipping of their parcels.
The Hellenic Post position in the postal market speaks of its commitment towards Greece and its inhabitants, not limiting itself to just postal services, but also continuously expanding its services encompassing mail international distribution, for example shipping a package from the Hellenic Post to Canada, as well as other varieties like financial services, always with the main goal to adapt their services to the needs of the users.

How do I track my Hellenic Post parcel?

As a company deeply compromised with satisfying the customers and making their use of its postal services, Hellenic Post reduces the complexity of tracking the client parcel to a few easy steps. The users can be tracking Hellenic Post shipments anytime by directly entering the tracking number that has been produced to identify their parcels in the camp named Track and Trace located on the right upper corner.
Another method consists of selecting the option called "Track an Item" in the Tool column on their main web page's right side, which will redirect customers to another page where they may type until five different tracking numbers, separated by commas.
The redirected page not only includes the camp for the Hellenic Post tracking numbers but also the instructions to use it, as well as the explanation about the characteristics of the tracking number, in addition to an example of how it looks to facilitate identification of the tracking number. You will also see some contact information to ask for support. Any of the methods will result in the page providing the corresponding information about the parcel location.

Where does Hellenic Post can deliver?

The Hellenic Post is bound by law to serve as universal postal services for Greece, encompassing all fifty-one prefectures and all their municipalities with postal offices in their principal cities, as well as a member of the International Post Corporation that allows it to expand the ELTA Hellenic Post shipments range to any of the other member countries of the same corporation that includes the principal countries of North America, Europe, and Asia, facilitating the international post service.

How long does it take for the Hellenic Post to deliver?

When we talk about time, the Hellenic Post shipping does not take too much longer than other postal companies. Of course, the delivery time is going to vary according to the destination because it does not take the same time to make national than international shipping.
In the same way, the time also depends if the delivery is in Europe or America because the distances are so much longer for any country in America than a country in Europe. However, it does not mean that it is impossible to know the time that your shipment is going to take. A Hellenic Post delivery from Greek to the United States can take around 15 to 17 days. However, as we said before it is an estimated time because it can vary according to the exact destination and the dimensions of the parcels.

What are Hellenic Post shipping fees?

As with almost every postal company the shipping fees are adjusted to the destination and the dimensions of the parcel. However, independently this company has a policy of military Hellenic Post parcel. According to this policy, military parcels until 5 kilograms do not have a cost at all. It means the soldiers and military staff can send their parcels for free.
But, for the regular users, the shipping fees may start at 15 euros for the parcels. However, according to the size, weight, and destination of the package, the fee for the shipping can vary from 0 to 22 euros.

How do I contact Hellenic Post?

There are many ways to get the ELTA Hellenic Post contact, from going to their different offices all around Greece or as easy as contacting them on their Facebook page or their Instagram and YouTube accounts.
As well as downloading their applications on Google Play and Apple App Store, there are links that you can find on the lower side of their main web page. There are also Customer Service phone lines: 800 11 82 000 or 212 0000 800, which is scheduled from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 20:00.
There are other channels for more comfort of the customers; Hellenic Post can be contacted by e-mail to the address service@elta-net.gr or by writing a letter to the postal address Hellenic Post Customer Service, Adrianoupoleos 45, 16070 Kessariani.
In this way, when we talk about the way to contact the Hellenic post, we can say that it is like their services. It means that they have many ways so the users can contact them and clear any doubts about their services.

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