Posta Shqiptare tracking

Posta Shqiptare tracking

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What is Posta Shqiptare?

Considered to be Albania's national postal service, Posta Shqiptare is the government-owned limited company that offers communication, delivery, and financial solutions to the country and big parts of the world.
Posta Shqiptare has served Albania with important and significant steps throughout history, from the time of the Roman Empire, where it is reported based on archives and ancient documents from history, then at the time were the first posts offices were created, during the 1840s and 1850, till later when the post offices opened the deliveries abroad at the end of 19th century. When they finally declared independence in 1912, Albanian postal, telephone, and telegraph services were finally created, and the first Albanian postal stamps emerged in 1913 for the public.
Going through a series of changes including strategic relationships with DHL, UPS, FedEx, and other companies, infrastructure improvements, and many evolutions, Posta Shqiptare has been redesigned, to have 15 postal affiliates, 19 branches, and services offered to more than 550 post offices. The company provides internet services to all its post offices free of charge.
Posta Shqiptare delivery service has also managed many tests regarding the history of its stamps and their evolution to these days. Albania’s collector's association has control over its own press team, and the cooperation between the federation and the Albanian Post has been such that it is ongoing not only in Tirana but with associations as Shkodra and Fier to increase the development and resources of this philatelic activity, which is the general and perfect reflection of the Albanian postal stamp.

Posta Shqiptare package tracking

How do I track a package from Posta Shqiptare?

The ways to do a Posta Shqiptare tracking process are the same as most of the other delivery companies. The client needs to enter the webpage up to the main section, where he will be asked for the tracking number of his package to be able to do the search and provide the required quickly and officially.
Another way to track a parcel is by using our tracking tool, where the client must complete the same request to write the tracking number of Posta Shqiptare of the shipment so we can send the client each of the details about the status of the order.
Our tracking platform is available to everyone. Our services, just like the Posta Shqiptare online tracking system, are meant to provide real-time information on the position, situation, and other data of the package that is transported by customer instruction.

Does Posta Shqiptare deliver only in Albania? 

No, the Post Shqiptare Post Express Mail Service has been providing fast international shipping since 1990, which is considered as a fast and safe solution for products from 20kg. The reason why EMS is a necessary, efficient, and alternative option in the market is that it offers the shipping and delivery of packages to some 200 different countries worldwide with a speed of 2-5 days only.
The EMS service helps to collect and distribute packages in a very short period of time, giving that since 2000, this company has been a member of the EMS Cooperative, which included 140 postal administrations. This organization is made up of incredible logistics in the postal universe.
It is equally essential to add, that during the delivery of the EMS orders, the Albanian mail has the customs clearance procedure from the participation of the staff, in order to reduce the processing time of the facilities that come as entry, to serve the client as soon as possible for any desired use on the Posta Shqiptare order. 

How long does it take for Postal Shqiptare to deliver?

Since the service on air transportation and facilities is special and works 365 days a year, the procedure is divided into categories that offer the client the choice of applying to the services that seem best for him. Therefore, in shipping and delivery, it has an estimated Posta Shqiptare delivery time of 7-15 days, depending on the route and order the client selects.
For this reason, this company is among the most praised on this side of the world, having the wonderful advantage of being a brand that literally gets and follows the needs of the client, to grow as a company and as a nation.

Is Posta Shqiptare expensive?

To know the higher or lower price index in the services offered by Posta Shqiptare, the company offers an easy and quick price evaluation system, through the virtual calculator found on the official website, which will allow the customer to collect all the necessary information in the form, in order to determine all the Posta Shqiptare prices in a clear and simple way.
Thanks to this option, the payment procedure and transactions to be carried out are streamlined, so that when placing the order and analyzing the monetary impact, the client manages to save money and time, making use of the technology provided through the digital strategy.

How can I contact Posta Shqiptare?

Post Shqiptare provides the client with a range of various options in which he can contact the company quickly, safely, and completely directly with the staff in charge of customer service.
By entering the website, followed by going down to the footer located in the main section, it’s possible to find the different contact details in the Contact Us section, which indicates the opportunity of making calls through their tree numbers of telephone, which are 100% available during seven days of the week in hours from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
In addition, the company also grants the chance to send a fax and communicate through email, with a message that the client wants to send to the company with any question, comment, opinion, suggestion, complaint, or ideas offered and related to the brand and its services like the Posta Shqiptare track and trace. The company is completely open to any type of messaging, to solve any inconvenience or doubt of the client.

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