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The Montenegro postal system started in 1841, known as the Montenegrin Post Office, and was responsible for receiving and distributing the country's telegraph and communication system at that time. But it was not until 1998 that Pošta Crne Gore was established as the country's postal service office.
Since that date, it has been innovating and adding new services, technologies, and systems to achieve a better and wider service. Montenegro became part of the UPU in 2006, shortly after it became independent again, and since then Pošta Crne Gore shipping postal services work in different ways throughout the country and also internationally.

What is Pošta Crne Gore?

Pošta Crne Gore is the national company in charge of organizing, managing, and directing everything related to the universal postal traffic. This is the most important commercial network in Montenegro, in which new services are constantly developed to meet the needs of the current market. Pošta Crne Gore offers all kinds of postal services, express mail services, EMS, sending and receiving postal items, and much more. 
This national postal company is in charge of maintaining a high-quality offer, keeping and considering new values that benefit the company and the users, as well as establishing modern and comfortable systems for its working staff. This postal network sends postcards and parcels all over Montenegro and other countries.

How do I track my Pošta Crne Gore parcel?

The best way to track your parcel is through the official website of the company. On the main page of the site, you will find a link that will take you to the Pošta Crne Gore tracking section so you can know the location and status of your package, whether it is a postcard or any other package.
You only need to enter the Pošta Crne Gore tracking number in the search field and the platform will show you all the detailed information about your package. If it is still on its way if it was picked up, or even if it was not picked up and returned to its destination of origin. In case you have problems accessing the company's official site, you can also track your package from our portal, as we will also offer you all this information.

Where does Pošta Crne Gore deliver?

Currently, the postal network of Pošta Crne Gore offers the delivery of its services in 40 countries in different parts of the world. Unlike other postal companies in other countries, this is one of the companies that deliver to fewer countries, but this is because it is still developing and making itself known to the world. Among the countries to which Pošta Crne Gore delivery service reaches are States in all continents, especially in Europe.
The company delivers its packages within the entire national territory. They have established offices in all regions of the country allowing people and organizations to stay connected and operational at all times. In case you have sent a postcard, document, or package to another country you can also use Pošta Crne Gore international tracking to identify the location or status of your package wherever it is in the world.

How long does it take to Pošta Crne Gore to deliver?

Pošta Crne Gore offers one of the most efficient and fastest services in the world. For local postal services, Pošta Crne Gore delivery time is 1 to 2 working days depending on the area to which they have been sent. It is likely that on occasions there will be delays in delivery due to external factors, but the company has different routes and alternative means to meet the established delivery periods.
International shipments will depend on the destination country, as the further you go, the more borders you have to cross, and the more checks you have to carry out. It must be considered that many customs have restrictions and regulations that must be respected to maintain harmony in the work:

  • Delivering a package within the same European continent can take up to 3 or 4 working days to reach its destination
  • Those going to America take up to 6 days to arrive.
  • In Asia and Africa, packages can take between 9 and 7 days to arrive, respectively, but it will all depend on customs controls and restrictions. 

Is Pošta Crne Gore expensive?

No, in fact, the Pošta Crne Gore shipping costs are one of the lowest in the European continent. The rates for postal services within the national territory are standardized according to the weight of the letter or document. Sending a 20g postcard costs 0.30 Euro ($0.35). A letter is sent as a postcard until it weighs more than 2kg; those documents that reach 2kg can reach a price of only 2.40 Euro ($2.83).
Rates for domestic mail is also usually very low, as they can simply double the price of domestic rates or increase a bit more. But compared to other postal companies, it is much cheaper. Many people in the country, or rather everyone who uses this company, take advantage of every service it offers to stay in touch with their relatives, send packages, or even send money to other parts of the world.
It really is a great opportunity for all the services that Pošta Crne Gore has for the inhabitants of Montenegro. Its rates for national and international shipments are among the cheapest in the whole continent, thanks to the company's support from the government to maintain its operations.

How can I contact Pošta Crne Gore?

Pošta Crne Gore contact service has different alternatives to serve as many people as possible. You can contact the company at +382 20 40 3901, or if you want to go directly to customer service you can dial 19895.
You can also use other electronic means such as e-mails:

The main office of Pošta Crne Gore is located at Freedom Street No. 1, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro. If you want to know more about all the services, rates, packages, and everything else that Pošta Crne Gore has to offer, visit the official website /www.postacg.me/, and find out what this postal service company has to offer.

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