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What is Pošta Slovenije?

Pošta Slovenije is a state-owned government company whose headquarters are located on Slomšek Square. The company Pošta Slovenije was created to manage all postal services in Slovenia. Among the most outstanding services, we can mention the tracking Pošta Slovenije service, which is known for its reliability and efficiency. At present, the company Pošta Slovenije has a wide range of services, such as bank transfer services.
The postal history of Slovenia began many years ago, from the 19th century. However, the influence and importance of postal services began in 1994, when the Slovenian Post Company was first founded. When it was founded, it did so in cooperation with the Telekom Slovenije telecommunications company. By 1995, both companies were consolidated and the Slovenian government issued some legislative laws to help regulate the postal services of Pošta Slovenije.
After their consolidation, Pošta Slovenije begins a new path where the objective is to develop and implement the most modern technologies to improve the logistics and the postal and communication infrastructure of the country. Shortly after its consolidation, Pošta Slovenije also started the development of a subsidiary company that will bear the name of Poštna Banka Slovenije. 
This company is created to manage and offer other financial and banking service options to millions of users. Over time, both companies become the largest and most important public companies in Slovenia.
Since its establishment, Pošta Slovenije has made rapid progress and established itself as one of the best postal companies in Eastern Europe. With the operational support of the company Telekom Slovenije, every year, Pošta Slovenije initiates renovations and implementations of modern technologies to improve the quality of services and the entire logistics network of the country's postal operations. This is one of the reasons why Pošta Slovenije offers a wide range of services to millions of customers and inhabitants in Slovenia.
By the year 2019, it was confirmed that the company had more than 150 post offices that are distributed in the regions of the country. It also has a wide, modern, and varied network of transport vehicles, to distribute and deliver all postal orders, including registered letters, money orders, documents, or packages of different sizes. It is also important to note that the company Pošta Slovenije not only offers excellent banking services but is also an energetic enthusiast to develop job opportunities for people with disabilities.
Pošta Slovenije is one of the pioneers in the world in offering job opportunities to people with disabilities, to deliver mail through electric vehicles. The company also has a serious commitment to contribute to the implementation of a more ecological and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

How do I track my Pošta Slovenije package?

Users can locate their postal orders through a modern Pošta Slovenije tracking system. This virtual tracking system can be found on the company's official website. Users will also have access to an informative guide that will help them understand the use of the tracking system. The users will have to enter in the electronic system the Pošta Slovenije tracking number, which must be 13 digits. Additionally, users will also have to enter a security code.
Once users have completed all the payment procedures and the orders have been accepted by the company for national and international traffic, they will be able to obtain the tracking and security codes. It is important to mention that these codes are installed electronically in each of the packages. This facilitates the service of tracking more efficiently.

Does Pošta Slovenije deliver internationally?

The company is not only capable of making deliveries throughout the national territory, but it also has the infrastructure and logistical capacity to make international Pošta Slovenije parcel deliveries to over 200 countries around the world. All postal services offered by the company can be used for international deliveries, starting from those economical to those more expensive services.
It is important to note that the company Pošta Slovenije has an important relationship with the transport company DHL. In this way, Pošta Slovenije ensures that its customers have another transport option to send their postal orders.

How long does it take to Pošta Slovenije to deliver?

The Pošta Slovenije delivery time can differ greatly due to several factors. For those deliveries that must be made nationally, the estimated delivery time is 3 to 4 working days. With the EMS service, the estimated delivery time is 24 hours.
For international deliveries, shipping times are usually very good:

  • With the use of standard services, for countries in Europe, Asia, and North America, the estimated delivery time is between 6 to 10 working days.
  • With the use of EMS services, the estimated delivery time is 2 to 4 working days.
  • To countries in South America and Africa, the estimated time is 2 weeks.

Is Pošta Slovenije expensive?

Pošta Slovenije shipping fees at the national level are the most competitive in the market. With the delivery of letters, the average cost is less than a dollar. With the delivery of packages, the price increases. For the delivery of packages, the approximate price to pay is 5 dollars, including insurance. For deliveries of packages weighing more than 10 kg, the approximate price to pay can exceed 3000 dollars.
For international deliveries, the approximate price is 6 dollars. For deliveries of packages to the United States or countries in America, the approximate price is 50 dollars. For European countries, the approximate cost is 60 dollars. For the rest of the countries, the average price is 98 dollars.

How can I contact Pošta Slovenije?

On the official website, customers can access Pošta Slovenije contact details. Among these data, the users will be able to obtain for example the Pošta Slovenije phone numbers or the official emails. They can also fill in a form for dealing with queries, requests, complaints, and suggestions. 
Customers will have the opportunity to resolve a wide variety of concerns or problems related to the delivery of their postal orders. Likewise, all this information can also be found in the company's official mobile application, which can be downloaded from Pošta Slovenije website.

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