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Royal Mail Package Tracking

A UK designated universal postal service provider founded in 1516 and provides postal service, parcel, EMS, delivery, and freight forwarding. - Royal Mail UK operates to support customers, businesses as well as communities to make first-class deliveries. It is known to provide parcels/ packages collection and make deliveries throughout the United Kingdom. Since it is operating as a brand, it owns the UK’s unique pillar boxes in red color that distinguish them from the others. The company is known to hold the capability to deliver parcels at one price anywhere to over 29 million addresses across UK six days a week, (Monday to Saturday) with over 12,000 Post Office branches and 52 Parcelforce Worldwide depots. Royal Mail Group became a publicly-traded company in 2013.

Track Royal mail package delivery

Since Royal mail is known to provide the following services, the deliveries can easily be tracked using the correct platform like ship24. In order to help yourself answer questions like what time do royal mail deliver parcels, it depends on the services used by the service providers. Royal mail package delivery services include the following:

  • Universal service

This service includes a specific size of the parcel delivered anywhere across the UK. The delivery takes place anytime in the next business day.

  • Special delivery

An expedited delivery made the next business day between 1 pm to 9 am, but charges higher than the universal package.

  • Business services

This service is for businesses who stamp their own mail with either a simple rubber stamp and an ink pad or using a printed label.

In order to find out where your purchased item is, usage of a tracking and tracing service is necessary. Tracking numbers for deliveries made via Royal mail are found on both your postage receipt or within the delivery message sent over by the sender. Where an order is placed onAmazon,eBayor any other marketplace, you’ll get the tracking number in various formats, i.e. between 9 to 27 characters.

  • JV050148647GB
  • 1582DAD1094258A7
  • 0B84048200003019070

To track your delivery status, follow the steps as below:

  • Find the tracking number that was given to you with your purchase or in a separate email by the seller.
  • Enter the tracking code within the Ship24 search bar
  • Click on Track, the system will request the origin post or courier and the destination one (potentially Royal Mail if you are receiving an item to your mailbox in the UK)
  • View all your tracking records for your worldwide deliveries and UK domestic deliveries.

In order to improve your tracking experience, Ship24 offer an all in one solution for every single tracking information request, for more information about a delivery issue you can contact them directly here:

Royal Mail Customer Service

Where an order is placed with Amazon from China, using a global tracking solution as Ship24 is an easier way to track a package online

What is the transit time for Royal Mail parcels/packages?

The transit time of delivery for the royal mail parcels and packages varies from the destination of delivery along with the service opted by the buyers. The express deliveries made via Royal Mail takes 24-48 hours (within the UK), while ordering from China can take between 20 to 40 days (on average) for economy shipping option like unregistered parcels.

Does Royal Mail deliver on Sunday?

Nope! Royal Mail delivers parcels/packages from Monday to Saturday.

How long does Royal Mail 1st class take?

When a buyer chooses to avail 1st class Royal Mail delivery, it takes 24 hours to be delivered. The weight of the parcel for availing this delivery option is up to 20kg.

Accuracy of Royal Mail Tracking information

Where Royal Mail is chosen as a service provider for all the parcels, it’s tracking status defines its accuracy time-by-time. The item purchased could easily be scanned with the following tracking statuses;

  • Parcel advised to Royal Mail
  • Prior to the parcel being entered into the network of Royal Mail, the tracking status would show “advised” that will then change to “in progress” once entered.
  • Collect the parcel from the post office (advised)
  • This status means that Royal Mail allows the recipient to receive their parcel from the post office or else wait until the next working day for its submission. Please note that if the parcel is taken from the post office, the sign of the driver along with his/her card would be required.
  • Attempted delivery
  • As the head defines, this status tells the buyer that an attempt to deliver the parcel has been made. But unable to deliver due to incorrect submission of address.
  • In transit
  • The status tells the buyer that the item purchased is on it’s way to the desired destination. Royal mail tracking would assist in viewing several stages of this status once the details are entered.
  • Delivered
  • The item ordered has been delivered successfully.

With the number of delivery options offered to the recipients, Royal Mail is working with various eCommerce businesses including AliExpress,eBay,Amazon, etc. in order to satisfy their timely delivery need. Be it a domestic service or worldwide delivery, tracking Royal Mail with Ship24 is quick and easy!

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