Royal Mail Shipping

Royal Mail Shipping

What is Royal Mail shipping?

The Royal Mail shipping refers to the delivery services offered by the UK national postal service. Shipping is not just resigned to packages which travel by sea and can refer to land, rail, or air transportation. Royal Mail shipping encompasses multiple services, including and package delivery, EMS, and freight forwarding.

The Royal Mail is based in the UK; however, it is also involved in lots of international forwarding, international delivery of mail and last-mile logistics for other couriers. The latter can be executed as part of its subsidiary companies' services, namely Parcelforce and General Logistics Systems (GLS). Royal Mail also handles and delivers orders for a number of online marketplaces and eCommerce websites, such as eBay and Amazon. Royal Mail competitors include DHL, DPD and TNT.

How big is the Royal Mail shipping operation?

The Royal Mail delivers to more than 25 million addresses across the UK every week, with six days a week delivery options spanning from Monday to Saturday. The service also boasts more than 12,000 Post Office branches in the UK. It also has over 50 Parcelforce Worldwide depots which it utilizes to facilitate the delivery of mail internationally, particularly in Europe.

What is Royal Mail shipping tracking information?

Royal mail shipping tracking events are updates related to your package which happen along its journey. You will be notified of such events by your means of tracking. With Ship24, you will get 100% of any event notifications that should occur as a parcel progresses from its point of dispatch right up to its final destination. An example of an event notification would be if a royal mail shipping parcel has been picked up and is now in transit or has been checked in at a depot along its route to its final destination.

With Ship24, if any updates have occurred, they will be available instantly. You can use the Ship24 tracking service for free by entering your Royal Mail shipping tracking number on our homepage (click the Ship24 logo in the top right of the website to access the homepage).

Some of the most common Royal Mail shipment tracking events will be as follows:

  • In transit (the package is being transported from one place to another, as part of its journey).
  • Checked in at depot (It has been received by a Royal Mail processing center and is being processed before next dispatch)
  • Delivered (the parcel was delivered successfully to its final destination)
  • Attempted delivery (there was a problem with delivery. This could be for a number of reasons. For instance, the recipient/nobody was home to receive the parcel)

Where is my Royal Mail shipping tracking number?

A Royal Mail shipping tracking number is typically between 10 and 25 characters long, consisting of numbers, letters, or both. An example of some of the tracking numbers received by customers is below:

  • JV059685737GB
  • 1582DAD9567008A7
  • 0B84043758695847200

If you want to track Royal Mail shipping, then you need to follow the steps below on the Ship24 website. Please note, you should only go to the Ship24 website if you have your Royal Mail shipping tracking number already. You should receive this number from them directly when you purchase Royal Mail shipping, either on your recipient or via a confirmation email. If you have purchased from a marketplace or online retailer who is using Royal Mail to deliver your parcel, it may need to be supplied by them (in this case, the Royal Mail tracking number might not be supplied immediately as the seller or sender will need to purchase Royal Mail delivery services first, before they receive the tracking number to pass on.

Once you have your Royal Mail tracking number, please follow the steps below.

  • Enter your Royal Mail tracking code in to the Ship24 search bar (on the homepage)
  • Click to track your parcel!
  • In just a few seconds, Ship24 will scour the internet for the latest Royal Mail shipping information available
  • View your Royal Mail parcels journey so far, as well as its current status and location.

If you have any issues with your parcel, please contact the Royal Mail directly.

How can I track Royal Mail shipping?

When it comes to tracking Royal Mail shipping, you have two options. You can either track Royal Mail shipping directly through the company website. This offers basic tracking capability, or you can use the Ship24 tracking tool, which has been specifically designed to offer the best international Royal Mail shipment tracking available for its customers. Where the Royal Mail tracking application may not be able to track your parcels when being handled by other logistics firms and couriers as part of its journey, Ship24 covers thousands of firms worldwide to ensure you don't miss a single parcel update. See the list of bonuses for tracking your parcel with Ship24.

  • Multiple courier tracking: With Ship24 you don't need to switch your tracking between couriers should your parcel change handlers during its journey. Instead, you can rest assured that Ship24 has you covered as we track all the major couriers which will likely be handling your parcel. Whether UPS in the US or China Post in China, we've got you.
  • One-stop-shop tracking: All your tracking can be done right here on the Ship24 homepage. Track up to 10 items simultaneously, for free!
  • Superior courier and online shop scanning: We scour the internet with our powerful Royal Mail shipping tracking system to find and deliver the latest on your parcel.
  • AI-drive machine learning: Our system is built from the ground up to deliver tracking information quickly and efficiently, with powerful machine learning at its core.
  • Support: Our dedicated in-house support team is made up of industry experts from around the world. Talk to us any time regarding our services and we'll be happy to help!

Please note, although Ship24 can help with all of your Royal Mail shipping tracking needs, problems with individual parcels, such as damage or failure to deliver, are the responsibility of the handler.

However, people and businesses who are shipping Royal Mail parcels should check for the latest tracking information via Ship24 before contacting the Royal Mail, as it usually helps speed up the issues resolution process if you can provide the latest Royal Mail shipping information.

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