Royal Mail Track Package

Royal Mail Track Package

Why do I need to track my Royal Mail Package?

When you order an item or items online instead of waiting for that unexpected knock at the door you can track your package every step of the way using, which is free to use and available 24/7. You will be able to see in real-time what status your parcel is at, whether it is 'In transit' and on its way to you or the next destination en route, it could be 'Checked in at depot' meaning that it has been delivered to a sorting department within the Royal Mail and being prepared to send on the next leg of the journey, it could also have 'Delivered' status meaning yourself or someone with authority from the delivery address has signed for the item. And finally could have the status of 'Attempted delivery' whereas the delivery driver has attempted to deliver the package to the designated address and you were not there or another problem could be that the address given is incorrect, in this case, they would have left a document to explain the next steps to retrieve your parcel.

Are there different ways to track my Royal Mail package?

There are two ways to track your Royal Mail package or parcels, you can track your parcel using the very archaic way of using the courier's own website or in-house tracking system. Or the next option would be to use a specialist tracking system, such as

There are many advantages to using a specialist tracking system which has led to a huge number of people favoring a specialist tracker rather than the delivery company themselves. To help give you a better understanding of what these advantages are and how these are more beneficial than traditional methods please find a list below of these reasons:

  • Multiple courier tracking: When using websites like you don't just use the one avenue of tracking service like that with the traditional method of the courier's own website. We are classed as a multi-courier tracking system with over 900 couriers on a live system, no matter how many times your parcel or package changes hands it will be updated instantly. Our system is a worldwide system and you can track all from one place meaning less stress for you. As opposed to a single parcel delivery company or postal service where you can only track through their one website.
  • Multiple item tracking: The beauty of using is being able to track parcels and packages that you have ordered from multiple different sellers. For example, if you were to purchase an item of Amazon that is being handled by DPD, and also purchase an item through eBay that is being handled by Hong Kong post, instead of having to go on to each courier's individual website wasting time and energy maybe 4 times a day, you can use's free of charge services and track however many parcels you wish through just one website and one tracker. Also, if you are purchasing an item from abroad that may change hands and courier's multiple times, will receive this information instantly and update the system. This simultaneous tracking method means that you can enter 10 different tracking numbers at a time onto the website, meaning we are the premier shipping tracking service.
  • Premier courier and online shop scanning: With the online marketplace an everchanging and growing industry, here at we are constantly on the lookout for new courier's to add to our 900 registered already along with the thousands of shops we continually add to making our network one of the most sophisticated and informative tracking systems for every user.
  • Dedicated development team: Our in-house dedicated development team has built an AI-driven machine and 24-hour data monitoring into our tracking system, meaning that we are constantly checking and updating for the most recent information to pass on to users. Along with the development team, we have an in-house support team that can even aid in tracking issues. Please note that although can assist with all of your tracking needs, if there were to be an issue with an individual parcel or package is damaged or failing to be delivered then that would be the responsibility of the handler. This is why using us is encouraged as we can determine if there is a problem or delay in delivering your item in real-time. For example, if you are experiencing a delay because your parcel is stuck in customs then you can check the current status with before making the call to the relevant courier or customs department.

How do I check if I can track my package with Royal Mail?

Once you order a parcel or item off a shop and choose Royal Mail as the courier, whether it be a face-to-face purchase or online you will have been given a receipt with the purchase or have the tracking number sent to you via email. As soon as the purchase is made you can track your package using this will give you a real-time location of your item or items 24/7 until it eventually gets to you. If you are worried that you have not received a tracking number with your purchase then we would suggest contacting the seller directly to determine if it was sent via email/receipt or you were just given a reference number to follow. If you did choose Royal Mail as a courier then you will 100% have a tracking number, it is up to the seller and Royal Mail to provide you with this information. Once you have the tracking number you can track multiple items through our website even if it changed to multiple couriers, as we have 900 couriers and counting.

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