Royal Mail Tracking Number

Royal Mail Tracking Number

Where do I find my Royal Mail tracking number?

When you make a purchase that requires a Royal Mail shipment or delivery you will automatically be issued with a tracking number or ID, this is normally sent to you via email by either Royal Mail themselves or direct confirmation from the seller you purchased the item/s through.

Once you have found the tracking number down one of these avenues you can go directly to (or Google search to locate us) and begin the painless process of tracking your order. The process is completely free of charge and requires no sign-up fee or forms which many websites do. All that is required is to enter the tracking number you have received into the box at the top of the page and let us do the tracking for you.
Our system searches over 900 couriers and thousands of shops to pinpoint the exact location of your parcel 24 hours a day.
Your tracking number will be between 9 and 27 characters long with a mixture of letters and numbers, it may be called a barcode or a reference and will typically look something like this:

  • T065298EB
  • 000172GFDJSEFUL

What do I do if I cannot find my Royal Mail tracking number?

If you have purchased an item from either the Royal Mail or a seller that used Royal Mail as a courier and you cannot find your tracking number either on your receipt or via confirmation email then there are 2 things you can do. You can contact Royal Mail directly:

Make sure you check your "Junk" or "Spam" filters in your emails to ensure that the tracking number has not been sent there by accident.
If it is a case that you have lost the tracking number and the sender has got rid of the sent receipt or tear off section from the label then unfortunately you may be unable to track, this is why it is so important to keep all information regardless of the total price of the item.

Can I track parcels from the UK to another country?

The answer is yes, if you are outside of the UK or simply want to send an item internationally then you can do this providing you have purchased the "International tracked-and-signed" package. You can simply enter the tracking number you have received into the tracker and we can tell you where it is in the world using our live database of 900 couriers. If the tracking number does not come up with a search result, then we would advise contacting the seller or sender directly to inquire if they sent the item and if they can research on your behalf. Do not forget that due to the Covid-19 situation that delays should be expected when sending outside of the UK with many special measures put in place to combat the spread of the virus, this means strong cooperation between postal and courier partners across the globe to maintain services.

What are the different types of Royal Mail tracking information?

Royal Mail tracking information will be sent through to you at various different stages of your items travel. For example, if your item has left the depot and en route to its next port of call, if any updates happen you will be able to instantly check on with our free to use universal tracking system, with all you having to do is enter the tracking number into the search bar at the top of the screen.
The most common tracking updates you will see are:

  • In Transit, where the package is with a delivery driver on its way to you, or the next location.
  • Checked in at depot, where the parcel has stopped at a Royal Mail sorting office as part of its route to you.
  • Delivered, where the item has already been delivered to you or someone at the address via signature.
  • Attempted delivery, where the item has made it to your stated delivery address and maybe you weren't there, when this happens there will be instructions on when the next planned delivery will be, or a contact number for you to collect the package from.

You will get the same information via the Royal Mail website that you would on, but with being a superior tracking system with 900 couriers available to track, we always recommend saving us as favorite on your desktop or on a tab to track your next purchase from any online marketplace to ensure you have updates at every step of the way. The reason that the information will be the same on both tracking sites is because updates on your parcel are sent directly from the depot, sorting office, courier and so on, meaning that information on your purchased parcel will be available 24 hours a day with instant updates via

How long until I receive my Royal Mail package/s?

The transit time of your package or parcels will vary and depend on the delivery options chosen by you, where your chosen delivery address is, the size and weight of the item or items you have purchased and of course the current climate of the country at that time. For example, with the Covid-19 situation hindering many deliveries since its outbreak in 2020 it may be important to take this into consideration and us to track your parcels 24/7. Which makes it more important to choose the best delivery option to suit you when shipping with Royal Mail. When you purchase your item and shipping, you will get an estimated delivery date and time by Royal Mail, this is calculated by the length, width and weight of your parcel. But to give you an idea below is some information regarding average shipping times.

Commonly, deliveries made via Royal Mail take 24-48 hours from the time of purchase to door (within the UK). When ordering from China for example It can take from 20 to 40 days depending on what shipping method you have chosen, it is extremely important to be vigilant of countries it may pass through as it may put extended time on your delivery with the current Covid-19 pandemic.

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