Japan Post tracking

What is Japan Post?

Japan Post is a courier agency that sends and receives deliveries inside and outside of the country; it currently manages the main position in terms of postal services, accounting and quality control, postal item verification, credit and payment management, and Tokyo Logistics and Fund Management.
Japan post does not only offer postal service, both national and international ones, it also serves as an agency for the management and transportation of money between accounts outside of the country; another service offered by the company is the acquisition and creation of stamps, according to every need or purpose.
Making use of a courier service is both easy and fast for any user, even if it is your first shipping, be it domestic or international. You can save a trip to the agency by accessing Japan Post contact number, which will put you on the phone with one of the many support assistants working for the company. They can give you any information regarding the conditions and preparations for your package or document and even give you the shipping rates, according to the destination, dimension and weight of the parcel.
When you have all the required information, you can take your package to your nearest Japan Post agency, provide the required data of destination and pay the fee. When you finish all the steps, the attendant will provide you with the respective Japan Post Tracking number, a copy of the parcel information and will inform you of the estimated time of arrival for your parcel.
A recent addition to the services offered is the Japan Post EMS, which makes it possible for your package to reach its destination within the next 24 hours after the courier begins its transportation.

How do I track Japan Post?

As a transportation and courier company, Japan Post offers many options to keep track of your package or document status being sent inside or out of Japan, the same as receiving one. At the moment you pay for the transportation fee of your package, you will get an ID number for it, which will give you total access to all the delivery information, such as its current status, possible complications and the estimated time of arrival. For this, you have to use the Japan Post shipping tracking option on the website.
Thanks to this Japan Post tracking optional service, you will be always aware of the packages or documents you send and receive from every corner of the world.

How fast is Japan Post?

Japan Post speed will vary depending on the destination, be it inside or outside of Japan.
The average time for a parcel to arrive at its destination address inside of the country of Japan is 2 business days from the moment the courier takes the parcel from the agency and proceeds to transport it. There is a faster option for a delivery which, depending on the time of the request of the service, can arrive at its destination the same day or the next 24 hours. This special service is called Japan Post EMS, having a higher cost of transportation than the standard service.
For the shipping of a parcel to another country of the world, the delivery time depends on the destination area or continent, resulting on an average time of arrival of 5 working days from the moment it arrives and is processed at the carrier distribution center. The Japan Post EMS is also available for international parcels, ensuring the arrival of the package in the next 24 hours.
For international delivery services, not only does it have a different rate of prices, based on the country of destination, importation laws and regulations, but it is also possible to ensure the delivery of your package or document after 24 hours since paying the service of the Japan Post International EMS. This subcategory of the Japan Post international parcel courier service is made possible thanks to the employment of daily pick-up from the carriers, getting your package on the way to the airport as soon as it leaves the Japan Post agency.

How long does Japan Post take to US?

Japan Post makes its deliveries at almost all the countries of the world, with a few exceptions existing due to each country's laws of importation and carrier. In the case of the United States, a basic parcel sent there has different estimated times of arrival, depending on the service paid. For example, the fastest courier service ensures a delivery on the next day, by paying an average of 30 USD, your package will arrive at its destination after the next 24 hours. This is how the Japan Post delivery time works.

Does Japan Post deliver on Saturdays?

There has been a recent change on the days of delivery. This means that instead of delivering packages and documents every day of the week except on Sundays, recent modifications were made to restrict deliveries to just the days of the week. The only way to get a delivery on a Saturday is by requesting an EMS delivery which can get to its destination on Saturday if requested on a Friday.

Does Japan Post require signature?

After the estimated time of arrival has passed, or even before that, the courier will knock at your door to deliver your package in your hand. You must be the destination person assigned to the parcel since the carrier will ask you for a signature in order to give the package to you. In case there is no one home, the carrier will try to get in contact with you via phone, to schedule a new delivery time.

How do I contact Japan Post?

Whenever you have doubts or suggestions about the service, you can access the Japan Post email contact, which will be soon answered to clear those doubts. Also, when you have a JP Post tracking number of your parcel, you will get constantly notified via email of the status of your package.
Japan Post is a safe and efficient courier service that will ensure the delivery and integrity of any document or product you desire to send or receive from and to almost every corner of the world.

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