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With the constant increase of online shopping and the interconnection between countries, the shipping companies have become an essential element to society. They send every day a thousand parcels to the entire world, making them one of the most prolific industries today.
In the Philippines, there is a corporation in charge of the shipping and mail system for centuries ago. We are talking of PHLPost, one of the most important companies in the Philippines, that take care of your packages.

What is PHLPost?

PHLPost is the abbreviated form of the Philippine Postal Corporation, a company that started its functions in 1837. It has over 8.000 employees and has over 1000 post offices all over the country.
PHLPost headquarters are located in the country's capital, Manila. They are also known around the world for their reliability.
This company will send any goods inside the Philippines or internationally. They also propose an express service for the fastest arrival. However, as with every shipping business, they have some limitations for some items that you can see on their official website.
Your package will arrive at the required destination in the best conditions as they also offer an insured package service for all your parcels. With more than a century on the market, they will do anything to help you with your shipping.

How do I track my PHLPost?

Here in Ship24 PHLPost tracking is very easy. You just need to search this shipping company in the Asia section. Once there, type your PHLPost tracking number in the bar and press the blue arrow on the right side. When you do this, you will see all the information about your PHLPost package in no time. You can also directly go on the Ship24 homepage and copy-paste your PHLPost tracking number in the bar.
This company has some requisites to track your parcels; those packages with a weight less than 2 Kg. cannot be trackable. However, Tracking PHLPost is possible with every package over 2 Kg. weight.
The tracking numbers are different according to the weight of the package, a small parcel under 2 kilos, the weight starts with RX, finishes in PH. Normal packages among 220 kilos start with CX and ends in PH. At last express shipping, packages start with EX and finish in PH.

If you meet any issue while tracking your PHLPost order, there might be a good reason. This happens sometimes because the exportation process could take some time before they scan your parcel.

How long does PHLPost take to deliver?

PHLPost shipping time can have variations depending on the service that you contract. They count on various shipping services.
Their Express post service will let you send important items, urgent documents, and any goods in the fastest way possible to domestic locations or abroad. This PHLPost shipping method can deliver your package the next day inside the Philippines and it would take at least a week for international locations.
PHLPost delivery time with their normal parcel post service will last from two to six weeks. In this option, you can choose among the fastest ways with the air parcel service, the cheapest known as a surface parcel. If you really want to protect your parcel, you can contract their safest option, the insured parcel.

Does PHLPost deliver internationally?

Yes, they do. They can send any parcel abroad. You can select among their international services the one, which adapts better to your needs.
Depending on the service you contract, you will have faster or later packages, arriving in good conditions. The international ships can be both in the surface parcel or air parcel. The air parcel service is more expensive but faster.
PHLPost delivery will arrive in any country of the world, on every continent. You can also opt for their insurance package service to make sure that your parcel will arrive in the best way and to secure your investment.

What are PHLPost shipping costs?

PHLPost shipping costs are variable depending on the country where you want to send your parcel and the weight of your package. However, the costs may also vary according to the service that you contract as you read above.
For example, if you hire the cheapest service called surface parcel you will pay the number of kilograms of the PHLPost parcel. If you are sending something to the USA with this method, the price will start at $8 and then almost $4 for every kilogram.
PHLPost shipping fees are more expensive if you choose the air parcel service. The costs normally start at $18 and you can send parcels with a maximum weight of 20 kilograms and 31.5 kilograms for some countries.
Local shipping services are usually cheaper, and they work really well. PHLPost shipping costs as you can see will vary according to the destination country and the number of kilograms of your PHLPost parcel.

How can I contact PHLPost?

If you have any problem or you want more information about inquiries, you can always contact the PHL contact number 02)8288-7678, where they will offer you the best help. Their customer attention service is very good so they will surely help you with your issue.
If you do not want to call the hotline, you can always send them an email to the next direction ems. cs@phlpost. gov. ph to get all the information that you need about their services or one of your parcels in particular.
As you can see PHLPost has been in the market for many years and knows how to satisfy its clients when there is an issue.
If you want to send or get a package from the Philippines, PHLPost could be one of the best options for you. They offer reasonable prices on the market and take care of your packages. they are a trustworthy working company so they will protect all your packages. People from around the world like their services because of their good ratings and shipping methods.
You can easily track your PHLPost packages on Ship24.

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