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PHLPost tracking

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The Philippine Postal Corporation, known as PHLPost is the official, state-owned postal service in the Philippines. Created over 200 years ago, the company today provides delivery services both within the Philippines and internationally.

Track your PHLPost with Ship24 by entering your tracking number on the homepage. You can track up to 10 packages simultaneously and get real-time updates on their current status.

PHLPost package tracking

How do I track a PHLPost parcel?

PHLPost used to be quite difficult, as although you can track parcels directly with PHLPost as mentioned previously when parcels leave or are en route to the Philippines for delivery, they are usually handled by other logistics partners. This means that it was difficult to get true end-to-end PHLPost package tracking if you were sending an item abroad.

Fortunately, PHLPost tracking today is easy, by using the third-party tracking tool Ship24. Ship24 covers not only PHLPost but also thousands of other logistics partners that PHLPost works with to deliver parcels (or handle last-leg delivery), meaning users can finally be sure of full visibility for a PHLPost parcel.

Tracking a PHLPost package with Ship24 isn't expensive or difficult, it's the complete opposite! Ship24 tracking is free, you don't even need to make an account or fill out a form with your shipment's details. All you need to do is enter your PHLPost tracking number into the search bar on the Ship24 homepage and you'll get all the information on your parcel, including its whereabouts and current status as soon as you click enter.

Ship24's comprehensive, universal tracking tool is available to use multiple times for up to 10 packages at a time. It can even track 10 different packages with 10 different couriers simultaneously, with market-leading precision accuracy on the exact location of your package.

Buyers should note that parcels sent with PHLPost may not be trackable, and it depends on the service offered as to whether a parcel can be tracked. Unregistered parcels, and some parcels weighing under 2 kg, do not have tracking as part of their shipping costs. However, all PHLPost which offer to track (whether part of the way or otherwise) can be tracked end-to-end using Ship24.

What is a PHLPost tracking number and how do I use it?

A PHLPost tracking number is assigned to your parcel by the PHLPost, allowing handlers to identify it as your parcel along its journey. It will be used to let handlers know the destination of your parcel and forward it accordingly and it can also be used to track the progress of your package internationally.

Each PHLPost tracking number will be a different combination of letters and numbers, with those characters determined predominantly by the weight of the package. Usually, a small parcel weighing under 2 kg will begin with RX and finish in PH, while packages over 2 kg can start with CX and end in PH.

PHLPost Express shipping options usually start with EX and finish in PH.

No matter what kind of package you are sending or its weight, all packages eligible for tracking with the PHLPost can be tracked most effectively with Ship24. Ship24 only needs the PHLPost tracking number to begin tracking your parcel worldwide, and its built-in auto-detect feature allows it to track any registered PHLPost parcel even after it has changed hands (for instance, with a last-leg local delivery company or courier at its destination country).

What are PHLPost tracking updates?

PHLPost tracking updates are a way to show the status and estimated time of arrival of your package. Below are some tracking updates that you will receive when you are tracking your packages.

PHL Tracking Updates

Notifications/Status Description
Dispatch to country of destination The package has left the origin country and it's on its way to the destination country by sea or air.
Receive item at origin country gateway The package has arrived at the export office and is ready to be sorted.
Posting of item The item is ready to be transferred.
Dispatch item to destination country The package has left the origin country and is in transit to the destination country.
Receive at country of destination The country has arrived at the destination country.
Enroute to delivery office The package is ready to be transferred to the delivery office.
Item for Customs examination The package is being checked and examined at the customs.
Enroute to next office The package is on the way to another office.
Returned from Customs The package has been checked by customs.
Receive item at delivery office The package is ready to be delivered.
Item delivered The package has arrived at its destination address.

Why does my PHLPost tracking show "Not Found"?

The tracking may show "Not Found" due to several reasons. One is that the parcel has not passed the Central Mail Exchange Center (CMEC) in Pasay City. Before the parcel gets scanned or processed, it must pass through CMEC. Give it a few hours before trying to track again.

Another reason is that there could be some typographical errors on the tracking number you've entered. Make sure to double-check each letter and number before trying to track again.

Why is my PHLPost tracking number not updating?

The PHLPost tracking number might not be updating due to the following reasons:

  1. The parcel is registered for a tracking number but has not been handed to the courier yet.
  2. The parcel is with the courier but is not scanned yet. Wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before trying to scan it again.
  3. There is a missing letter or number on the tracking number that you have entered. Double-check your tracking number and try again.
  4. The weather condition that the parcel is in terrible. In return, this could slow down the delivery process.
  5. The parcel is lost somewhere during transit.

These are just some reasons on why the PHLPost tracking number is not updating. If the tracking number is still not updating after a few days, contact the courier to resolve this issue.

Where do I enter a PhilPost tracking number?

The Post of the Philippines tracking number will contain numerical and letter characters which identify your parcel. These will be unique depending on the specifics of your parcel, however, PhilPost tracking numbers that weigh 2 kg and under usually start with RX, whereas parcels over 2 kg begin with CX. PhilPost Express usually starts with EX. Both packages will end with a PH to identify them as a PhilPost parcel.

It doesn't matter which method of postage you choose with PhilPost as Ship24 tracks all registered PhilPost packages. So you don't need to note down or remember the above, just copy and paste it into the Ship24 website and we'll do the rest. This is thanks to Ship24's in-built automatical carrier detection features which mean that it can find any parcel with any registered courier.

When you search with Ship24 you are searching thousands of e-tailers, online marketplaces, logistics carriers, and postal service companies all at once, meaning whoever your PhilPost parcel is handed over to, Ship24 will allow you to keep track, especially during the last-leg phase of delivery! Put an end to switching tracking for good, with Ship24.

Can I track my PHLPost international parcel?

You can track your PHLPost international parcel. Simply head over to the Ship24 homepage and enter your tracking number. You can track up to 10 parcels at the same time and Ship24 will automatically detect the courier and give you results within a short time.

Please note that depending on what service you have obtained, there are some services that do not offer a tracking number.

Why haven't I got any tracking notifications for my PHLPost parcel?

When you first drop off a package or parcel at a PHLPost post office, you may find that there is a short delay before the first 'event' notification regarding your parcel appears. This is usually because of the time it takes PHLPost to process your shipment.

PHLPost parcel processing is the point where they have received your package but are yet to process its future journey therefore no tracking information will be made available yet but PHLPost.

Any updates that are available will be on Ship24 as close to real-time as possible. Enter your PHLPost tracking number anytime to check if there are any updates free of charge.

If your package has already travelled a certain distance, and now you are no longer receiving notifications for it, there are two common reasons behind this explained below:

  • The package you are sending has been passed on to another courier where there is no PHLPost capacity to deliver the shipment, such as when it lands in another country (such as the USA, where it could be handed over to UPS, FedEx, USPS or another logistics service to complete the last leg of its journey). In this case, you used to have to switch tracks to the new courier, which didn't always work as tracking numbers can change if they are handed by another private courier or postal service. Now, with Ship24 universal tracking, you can track your parcel worldwide using just the original PHLPost tracking number, thanks to the advanced AI-integrated tracking features built into Ship24's core.
  • A package may be stuck at customs in another country, which could require action on your behalf. This can occur when there are prohibited items contained in a parcel or if the parcel exceeds the import tax exemption threshold (meaning the items inside your parcel are valued at higher than the allowed import tax threshold). Alternatively, the size or shape may not be allowed to pass through.
    If you are concerned that too much time has passed without getting any notifications on your parcel, there could be a number of other reasons why and you may need to get in touch with PHLPost directly. Ship24 does not deal directly with parcels so it is always advised to contact the original courier to who you purchased shipping if you have any queries regarding your parcel.

Are packages sent with PHLPost insured?

PHLPost does offer insurance options on deliveries, which will usually come with an added charge on top of the standard shipping costs for your chosen PHLPost service.

How long does PHLPost take to deliver?

PHLPost shipping times will vary depending on the PHLPost shipping service purchased, the PHLPost parcels destination and the size and weight of the parcel, as all four of these factors will influence the method of transportation PHLPost will use to ship your parcel.

The fastest delivery service offered by PHLPost is PHLPost Express, which offers delivery within one week to any of the international locations that it services. This service is usually delivered by aircraft in order to offer the fastest possible turnarounds on deliveries.

The following table shows the duration of the delivery depending on when you are sending it domestically or internationally. The information shown below is recalibrated due to the pandemic.

PHLPost Domestic Mail Services

Destination Ordinary Registered Mail Express ePacket
Within Locality around 3 to 5 business days around 3 to 5 business days around 2 business days around 2 business days
Intra Regional Mails around 7 business days around 8 business days around 5 business days around 3 business days
Intra Regional Mails around 10 to 15 business days around 10 to 15 business days around 7 to 10 business days around 5 business days

PHLPost International Mail Services (Outbound)

Destination International Ordinary International Registered International Express Surface Air Lifted Surface Mail
Asia/Asia Pacific around 13 to 15 days around 13 to 15 days around 13 to 15 days around 30 to 90 days around 30 to 90 days
Europe/Middle East around 15 to 17 days around 15 to 17 days around 15 to 17 days around 30 to 90 days around 30 to 90 days
America around 15 to 19 days around 15 to 19 days around 15 to 19 days around 30 to 90 days around 30 to 90 days
Africa around 17 to 21 days around 17 to 21 days around 17 to 21 days around 30 to 90 days around 30 to 90 days

*Please note that flight cancellations are exempted.

Does PHLPost deliver internationally?

Yes. PHLPost delivers to many international destinations. They also handle imported mail from other countries, offering last-leg delivery services. PHLPost delivers to over 190 countries just as part of its EMS service offering.

Is PHLPost shipping expensive?

PHLPost shipping costs vary and it is always best to contact PHLPost directly or use the website to find out the exact cost of your parcel depending on its specifications. However, to give you some idea of the prices you can expect when shipping with PHLPost, please find some of the most common shipping destinations along with the average price of PHLPost shipping below.

The standard PHLPost shipping cost of sending a parcel to the USA starts at around $8 for the minimum weight and then increases by almost $4 for every kilogram added.

PHLPost express shipping fees are more expensive, with prices starting at $18 in the USA.

You can send parcels with a maximum weight of 20 kilograms and 31.5 kilograms for some countries. PHLPost shipping costs as you can see will vary according to the destination country and the total weight of your PHLPost parcel.

Shipping domestically with PHLPost is usually the cheapest service that PHLPost provide. However, as the Philippines spans multiple islands as a country, you need to check with the PHLPost as to prices for your specific parcel.

Does PHLPost offer EMS postal services?

Yes. As a member of the UPU, PHLPost offers EMS postal services as part of its operations. This means you can send EMS parcels and packages with the PHLPost to any of the over 190 countries which are signed up to the international postal scheme.

The most popular EMS service is the China Post EMS, due to it being used by the thousands of e-commerce merchants on online marketplaces like Alibaba which use it to ship products abroad. However, PHLPost as a national postal service signed up to EMS also offers EMS delivery both for parcels in the Philippines as well as helping Filipinos ship packages abroad.

If you want to know more about the PHLPost EMS services, then you can contact either of the email addresses below. Alternatively, you can check out the EMS website for general information on EMS international parcel delivery services.

All EMS tracking can be done on Ship24, which is one of the most effective ways to track EMS parcels because of the nature of the international, multi-handling service. This includes tracking PHLPost parcels handled as part of the EMS service.

Ship24 can track any PHLPost parcel, whether it is sent using the PHLPost EMS service or standard shipping, anywhere in the world. As long as you have a PHLPost package tracking number you can begin tracking instantly, stress-free, with the best universal shipment tracking app on the market.

How can I contact PHLPost?

If you have an issue, want more information or have a general inquiry, it is first good to check the FAQ section of the PHLPost website to see if there is a quick solution to your query.

However, you can always contact the PHL contact number +02 8288-7678 during opening hours and they will be able to assist you with your query. If you are calling from abroad, you may want to bear in mind that there is not an extensive amount of languages available for your query to be answered.

If you are in the Philippines, you can visit one of their over 1,000 local post offices, which will also be able to help. If you are contacting them about a parcel, make sure you have your tracking number with you so they can identify the parcel you are contacting them about. Also, to increase the chances of them being able to resolve your issue, make sure you get the latest information on your PHLPost parcel using the Ship24 app

If you do not want to call, you can always send an email here:

Response times using this method vary and if you are in an opportunity to call it is always advised, depending on the urgency of your issue. PHLPost is a well-established parcel delivery service and should be able to follow up on your query effectively.

Are PHLPost and PhilPost the same thing?

PhilPost is the former name of the PHLPost, which was originally called the Philippines Post. PhilPost was perhaps more recognizable as it is a more natural shortening of the Philippines, however, with shipping industry competition increasingly opting for capitalized abbreviations, such as DHL, PostNL, TNT, UPS, USPS, and so on, PHLPost was preferred.

Many still search for PhilPost, however, which is why this next section will answer some of the questions answered above in order for customers to still have access to the right information if they wish to track a PhilPost package, know how much a PhilPost parcel costs or where PhilPost delivers too.

How do I get international tracking for a PhilPost package?

You can choose to track parcels directly with PhilPost, however, PhilPost is part of a network of logistics solutions, and therefore your PhilPost parcel is likely to be carried by another carrier at some point on its journey, such as when it is on the way to the Philippines or it lands in its destination country outside of the Philippines.

When it comes to tracking PhilPost packages this used to potentially pose a problem, leaving people wondering how to track a PhilPost package internationally. Today, tracking a PhilPost parcel is simple, with Ship24.

Ship24 works by constantly tracking thousands of online couriers, logistics companies and marketplaces, so that if any PhilPost package delivery becomes available on any of the couriers we track (such as when it changes hands between couriers on route to its destination after or before PhilPost has handled it) Ship24 will know and tell you!

In order to ensure full visibility for a PhilPost parcel, including all the necessary tracking information you need, begin tracking with Ship24 and have all your tracking-related issues solved. If that isn't enough you can track up to 10 different shipments with 10 different couriers covered by Ship24 at the same time for free, or 10 different shipments sent with PhilPost.

There are no forms to fill or personal details required, just search on the Ship24 website with your PhilPost parcel tracking number to access the latest tracking information.

As long as your parcel is registered, Ship24 can track all PhilPost packages globally and all in one place, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

Is my PhilPost parcel lost?

If you are not receiving any PhilPost tracking information on your parcel this could be for a number of reasons. These are listed below. Remember, any tracking information that is available on PhilPost parcels will be available as close to real-time as possible on the Ship24 website. Always check on the Ship24 website.

Firstly, when you first drop off or a PhilPost parcel is picked up, there is usually a period before you will be able to access your first tracking notification. When PhilPost first accepts a parcel there is a processing time that will cause this, which is known as the 'processing period'. This should not take more than 24-48 hours, depending on your shipment.

If you are concerned that you have still not received your PhilPost tracking number or the first update after this timeframe, and you have checked the Ship24 website, then senders are encouraged to check with PhilPost (PHLPost) directly.

If your PhilPost parcel has already travelled part of its journey, the second reason for a lack of tracking on a PhilPost package could be that your PhilPost parcel has been accepted by another carrier, such as in a destination country, who will be responsible for the final part of its delivery. This happens if you send your parcel from the Philippines to Russia, or vice versa, with the respective national postal service (such as the Russian Post) handling the local delivery.

Regardless, you don't need to worry about a switch in carriers when using Ship24 universal tracking, thanks to those AI-powered tracking features which ensure Ship24 will always know where your parcel is.
The Third reason you may not have had any new tracking information on a PhilPost package is that there is an issue with the parcel at the customs point.

This may require action on either the sender or receivers' part, such as if there is unpaid import tax on the PhilPost parcel contents (where the declared or actual value is higher than the import tax threshold of a country).

In more serious circumstances, a parcel may be stuck or rejected if it contains prohibited items or the size or shape does not fit the requirements of the destination country.

Although you can track a PhilPost package with Ship24 to check the location and status of your parcel and find out what may be holding it up, please remember that Ship24 cannot help you with the aforementioned and therefore you need to contact the carrier directly for any queries you may have on your PhilPost parcel.

What is PHLPost?

The Philippine Postal Corporation, which was first rebranded PhilPost before finally becoming PHLPost in 2012, is the state-owned postal corporation of the Philippines.

First founded in the 1760s in the country's capital Manila, PHLPost was formed initially to transport government documents. Today, the PHLPost operates on par with any other national postal service, employing more than 8,000 staff who operate and manage over 1,300 post offices across the Philippines. Other state-owned postal services include China Post, Royal Mail, India Post, Russian Post, etc.

With the growing online shopping market continuing to bring new availability to a wider range of goods in the rapidly digitalizing global market, logistics and shipping solutions are increasingly in demand. As the largest postal operator in the Philippines, PHLPost has become an integral part of shipment handling and delivery in this part of the world.

Indeed, the long-established history of the PHLPost also makes it the most well-known and well-used in the region. Subsequently, it continues to develop international networks and work in partnership with many leading courier firms in both the region and the across the world to offer logistics solutions for in and outbound mail in the Philippines, whether it be as a last-mile delivery service or facilitating the shipping of items abroad.

What is the history of PHLPost?

Over 250 years old, the postal district of the PHLPost encompasses Manila and the entire Philippine archipelago. In the 1800s, Manila became known as a leading centre of postal services within Asia, with post offices set up in many major locations within its various provinces. The PHLPost underwent a series of changes in operations and management, finally becoming the government-owned postal institution we know today.

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