Uzbekistan Pochtasi tracking

What is Uzbekiston Pochtasi?

Uzbekiston Pochtasi, also called O’zbekiston Pochtasi or in english Uzbekistan Post is the postal service of Uzbekistan. It is an expanded postal net with postal routes, which is used to receive, handle and deliver postal items, state pensions and periodicals.
The goal of this postal service in Uzbekistan is to give a high quality service with the help of an ongoing modernization process in order to meet the customer's demand and need that grows everyday in Uzbekistan. Uzbekiston Pochtasi wants to ensure a quality service of postal items according to the UPU standards.
The country's national postal net is organized by Open Joint-Stock Company “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” according to the geographical principle. It includes 14 regional divisions structured in 177 country and city centres, with in total 2986 post offices (2296 rural) and one specialized branch named “Halkaro Pochtamt”. The network is also composed of 34 air routes, 2 railway routes and 436 automobile routes that provide the regular conveyance of postal items.
At the post offices 6579 delivery sections are organized. Among them 2480 are present in the cities and the towns, and 4099 are located in rural areas. On the served territory, 5376 post boxes are installed for the letter post collection, including 3449 in rural areas.
The operating net is one of the most important values of the republic post. More than 15000 people are working at the post ventures, handling thousands of letters, telegrams, money orders, parcels and delivering newspapers, magazines, pensions and allowances to millions of people every day.

How do I track my Uzbekiston Pochtasi parcel?

To follow your Uzbekiston Pochtasi parcel, you can go on their official website on the following page : here. You will just need to enter your Uzbekiston Pochtasi tracking number in the bar code and click on “Search”. The Uzbekiston Pochtasi website will give you the necessary information about your Uzbekiston Pochtasi package. For more precision you can also track your parcel with the Ship24 website. You just need to go on the homepage and put in the search bar the tracking number corresponding to your parcel. Ship24 will precise you all the details about your Uzbekiston Pochtasi shipment and show you the location of your parcel in real time.

How do Uzbekiston Pochtasi tracking numbers look like?

Generally, Uzbekiston Pochtasi tracking numbers are composed of 13 characters, starting with the two Latin capital letters “CP”, followed by 9 numbers, and ending with the two Latin capital letters “UZ”. Here is an example of an Uzbekistan Post tracking number: CP123456789UZ. Usually, the tracking numbers are provided with your receipt (they are written on it). Make sure to write your tracking number without blanks while tracking your Uzbekistan Postorder. If you put blanks, the system won’t be able to track your shipment and you won’t get the information needed about your Uzbekistan Post package.

What postal services does Uzbekiston Pochtasi propose?

Uzbekistan Post proposes different types of postal services for domestic and international destinations. Here are the different Uzbekiston Pochtasi postal services proposed for both domestic and international destinations:

  • The shipment of simple registered letters and letters with a declared value.
  • The shipment of ordinary customized and postcards.
  • The shipment of simple and also customized secogram.
  • The shipment of parcel categories, ordinary parcels with a declared value.
  • The shipment by registered small packets.
  • The shipment of publications in appropriate packaging.
  • The shipment of simple electronic international money transfers.

Two more services are available but only in Uzbekistan:

  • The shipment of ordinary and of registered parcels and the shipment of parcels with a declared value.
  • The shipment simple, telegraphic, and electronic funds transfers.

Uzbekiston Pochtasi also proposes couriers services for both international and domestic destinations:

  • Forwarding of postcards.
  • Forwarding of letters.
  • Forwarding of parcels.
  • Distribution of printed publications in appropriate packages.

In Uzbekistan, Uzbekiston Pochtasi also proposes the forwarding of wrappers.

What are the other services proposed by Uzbekiston Pochtasi?

Uzbekiston Pochtasi proposes other services such as:

  • Selling parcel boxes.
  • Writing addresses on postal items.
  • The storage of parcels.
  • Selling postage stamps and philatelic products.
  • Packing of parcels plus repackaging of parcels at the sender's request.

The company also propose contractual services such as:

  • Giving the possibility to the customers to receive subscriptions to newspapers and magazines.
  • The company proposes the reception and the delivery of telegrams.
  • The company provides long-distance international telephone conversations.
  • The subscription fee for city telephone.
  • Acceptance of payment for utilities such as electricity, gas, or again hot water.
  • Selling magazines, periodicals, and books.
  • Selling of consumer goods.

What is “Halkaro Pochtamt”?

Halkaro Pochtamt is the special international mail office of exchange. This branch handles all types of postal products coming from foreign countries that are sent from Uzbekistan. This branch also deals with the conveyance of postal items and periodicals.

Where are the Uzbekiston Pochtasi branches located?

Uzbekiston Pochtasi has different branches in the country:

  • Karakalpak branch
  • Andijan branch
  • Bukhara branch
  • Dzjizakh branch
  • Kasshadarve branch
  • Navoiy branch
  • Namangan branch
  • Samarkand branch
  • Syrdarya branch
  • Surkhandarye branch
  • Fergana branch
  • Khoresm branch
  • Tashkent branch
  • “Tashkent Pochtamti” branch
  • “Halgaro pochtamti” branch
  • “O’zbekiston markasi” branch

How can I contact Uzbekiston Pochtasi?

If you have any issue with your parcel, you can contact Uzbekistan Post at their helpline, by phone, with the following number: 233-62-34. This helpline service is organized for the convenience of the clients in Joint-Stok Company “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” branches that are located in the Kara-Kalpak Republic, in other regions of Uzbekistan, and in the Tashkent city.

You can reach this service from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm. The service is not open from 1 pm and 2 pm. According to the region where you are living in Uzbekistan, you will have to compose a code before the given phone number. You can find a list of these codes: here.

If you are living outside of Uzbekistan, you can try to send an email at the following address: aj@post.uz.

Ship24 will help you to track your Uzbekiston Pochtasi parcel and for more precision, you need to contact the courier in charge of your shipment.

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