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Shopping overseas is becoming more and more popular with globalization. Online shopping has become nowadays the first selling way in the world. Shopping on websites allows you to look for the exact thing that you want with no pressure and the best prices on the market.
With all this demand, the shipping companies have grown as well. The professionalism of these companies has opened an enormous gate, now you can have goods from all over the world thanks to their services.
Talking about dedicated companies, there is the Kazakhstan Post, also known as KazPost. It is a courier and at the same time the official postal service of Kazakhstan.

What is KazPost?

When you talk about shipping companies, there is no way to leave out KazPost. This company has been offering its services for almost two centuries since it has existed in 1883.
As we said above, this shipping company has been working for many years and has an impressive history behind it. They literally used to manage all the national post systems. Then, they invested all the money in the electricity development system in their country.
In 1992, the company became a member of the Universal Postal Union. Today, KazPost offers logistics services to many websites and shops around the world. It will let you buy without worrying about anything. They will send all your parcels directly to your address.

How can I track my KazPost parcel?

Once you buy the item you want, you can contract KazPost services and they will ship the parcel to your home. When they do that, the package will have a label with a barcode, which is scanned at every important point where the package arrives. With your KazPost tracking number, you will be able to know where your package is.
On the Ship24 website, select the KazPost courier in the Asia category. Once you’re there, type the KazPost package tracking code in the bar and click the blue button on the right side.
This KazPost tracking service will offer you real-time information about your packages to let you know exactly when it arrives.
You can also directly go on the Ship24 homepage and put your KazPost tracking number in the bar before clicking on the blue button on the right side.

How long does KazPost take to deliver?

Normally, KazPost delivery takes at least four to five days to arrive in the far places of Kazakhstan. The packages normally arrive safely and in excellent condition.
International KazPost shipping takes more time depending on the country where they are going. Shipping to the USA could be quick, taking sometimes only a week. Shipping to other countries in Asia and Europe can take at least two weeks. Requiring more time to arrive in Oceania, Africa, and South America.

Does KazPost have different delivery options?

Yes, they do. They offer some amazing international delivery options, especially for the buyers that want items located in the USA. They offer a 15 percent discount for people using this courier when buying from the USA for the first time.
This KazPost shipping method works because they count on a warehouse in Oregon where they do not pay taxes. This reduces the costs, helping people to get their amazing items at an affordable shipping price.
The primary delivery service of KazPost is mail delivery, but they also offer package delivery, and express delivery, also known as EMS-KazPost.
However, you can always choose between its shipping services from around the world. You will count on the international tracked and signed option, the international standard, and the international economy. They all offer original delivery aims from 5 working days to up to 5 weeks.
They will ship your parcels from Monday to Friday with a schedule of 09:00 to 18:00, except for national days.

How much are KazPost shipping costs?

As with almost every shipping company, the costs will depend on the size and weight of the package, being the maximum weight admitted 20 kg. A KazPost package counts with all the electronic exchanges of information allowing you to use the trace system.
On their website, they offer you a calculator where you can check the last price of the KazPost shipping costs according to the international prices on airline shipping. In this way using the volume weight formula that multiplies length x width x height, dividing the result with 5000 centimeters you will have the ultimate price.
The exact amount that their calculator gives to you is the price that you must pay for your KazPost order, to arrive at your address.
You can also click on their “tariffs” section on the KazPost homepage but everything is written in Kazakhstan and prices are in Kazakhstani tenge.

Does KazPost deliver internationally?

They absolutely deliver any parcels around the world. You must only take care of how much your KazPost shipping fees will be to send your packages wherever you want to.
As we mentioned above, there are different international shipping prices, just check them and then choose the price you prefer to get your packages in the best condition. There are no KazPost free shipping promotions.

How can I contact KazPost?

If you have any problem with your KazPost track order or your KazPost shipping time, you can always contact them at their KazPost call center, you can use the next telephone numbers +7 702 008 1499, +7 707 255 1499, +7 700 353 1499, +7 705 931 1499 24 hours, seven days a week.
Remember that the people on customer service will talk to you in Kazakh so get ready for the information that they will give you.
You can also go to their official website https://post.kz/ where they have a 24 hours chat to help you with any requirement. It is very easy to contact KazPost so if you need information about your KazPost parcel, about their services, or any other relevant information concerning KazPost, do not hesitate to contact them through one of the methods proposed above.

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