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The Asian continent contains many countries that have allowed it to develop in an exceptional way, and not only independently as a country, but they have managed to help each other to improve the situation of their continent.
Singapore is one of the most and best-developed countries we can find in South Asia. Today there are millions of opportunities to be found there, and we can clearly see this by noting the number of companies, both national and international, that have established operations centers there.
With so many companies operating, there is also a need for the emergence of logistics service companies, such as Janio tracking. This is one of the best companies, offering logistics and freight forwarding services not only in Singapore but also in the rest of South Asia.

What is Janio SG?

Janio delivery is one of the leading companies in logistics and freight forwarding services, as well as e-commerce and other services. It is headquartered in Singapore but has a solutions network spanning the top 15 markets in Asia, including Malaysia, mainland China, Indonesia, and Thailand.
Janio shipping maintains a strong network in South Asia, supported by an excellent infrastructure that allows different companies around the world to take their operations to other horizons in a safer, faster, and more reliable way.
The Asian company has been able to combine its human and material resources very well to offer the best range of solutions to a large part of the continent. At Janio you can find solutions for both local and cross-border, B2C or freight, warehousing, fulfillment, and a wide range of services and products.

How do I track a package from Janio?

Janio Asia tracking is the perfect tool that allows the company's customers to know the location or status of their packages in real-time. That is why every package that leaves the company's office has a Janio tracking number, which allows the package to be registered in the database and to be tracked.
On Janio official website you can easily find the Janio tracking section. In this section, you will find a search field where the Janio tracking number must be entered in order for the system to track your package.
If the Janio tracking number is correct, you will be able to see all the information about your package on the screen, including its location or status. It is important not to confuse the tracking number with the reference number, as they can sometimes be very similar. Be sure to enter the tracking number in the search field.

How long does Janio take to deliver?

Janio delivery time can depend on several factors. Primarily, it will depend on the type of transportation the package requires, whether it is air, ocean, or ground. It will also depend on the destination of the package, whether it has a domestic or international destination.

  • Generally, domestic shipments are usually completed via air or road. Packages can be delivered within 1-3 days.
  • On the other hand, Janio delivery times for international freight is between 3-6 days.

Whether a package is to be delivered domestically or to a South Asian country, it can be tracked at all times with Janio Asia tracking. This tool also allows you to calculate the time in which a package may be arriving at its final destination.

Are Janio shipping costs cheap?

It can be very easy to believe that Janio shipping costs can be expensive. After all, their infrastructure is so well thought out that it can imply a lot. But the truth is that Janio has been busy keeping costs competitive in the logistics solutions market.
Many people, not only in Singapore, consider Janio shipping costs to be quite affordable compared to other companies of a similar range. And thanks to this, more and more companies are buying the company's services because they are not only economical but also reliable and secure. 
On the official website of the site, you can find some of the estimated Janio shipping costs and the costs of other services that Janio offers.

Where in Asia can Janio deliver?

A great advantage that Janio has been able to take advantage of is the different access routes that the countries of South Asia have. The same destination can be reached from different sides, and there is not always a fixed route to follow, but several alternatives. This is what has allowed Janio to reach more than 20 countries in Asia, America, and Europe.
Whether by land, air, or sea, Janio has all the tools to deliver packages to countries such as

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • The Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • Germany
  • The United-States
  • Australia, and more to come.

And from all of them, you can use Janio Asia tracking to track packages.
Janio has its sights set on other countries such as the UK, France, Turkey, and other countries with different content to establish operations centers and continue to expand its distribution network. It is possible that in a couple of years it will be able to restructure the network and benefit more people around the world.

How do I contact Janio customer service?

From the company's website is the best way to achieve a really effective Janio contact. In the contact section of this website, there are a number of forms and sections where customers can feel comfortable choosing the options that best suit their needs.
Whether the customer is a company or a person who wants to know any information about the brand, they can select the boxes that best suit them, complete the form and submit it. In a few minutes, you may receive a response from the Janio team.
Similarly, on the website, you can also find the different offices that the company has in various parts of the world. You can find the address of their main headquarters in Singapore, as well as those of other countries where they operate. On the other hand, if you wish to make more direct contact, you can send an email to contact@janio.asia and make the request you want.

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