Japan Post EMS Tracking

Japan Post EMS Tracking


What is Japan Post?

Japan Post is a national public corporation that has jurisdiction over postal services, postal savings, postal exchange, postal transfer, simple life insurance and other operations performed using facilities such as post offices. The company was established in April 2003, taking over businesses transferred from the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to the Postal Services Agency which was in fact established in January 2001. By becoming a public corporation, they introduced the management method of private companies into the postal business, which has been operated as a national business for many years, with the aim of improving management efficiency and services. The new public corporation started as a new service for the convenience of users, such as setting up postcards in convenience stores, savings/insurance desks and extending the handling time of the automated teller machines (ATMs) whist being a national monopoly. The collection and delivery of business letters and postcards became a licensed system and was opened to private companies, which also led to some big competition within private companies in Japan. In October 2007, it was transferred to Japan Post Holdings Co, Ltd due to the privatization of the postal service business.

Japan Post EMS Tracking package tracking

What is Japan Post EMS tracking?

Japan Post Express Mail Service (EMS) tracking is the fastest way of shipping internationally from Japan, you can send up to 30kg of documents and items easily to over 120 countries across the globe. There are 3 main steps to follow when wanting to send through EMS:

  • You need to check the mailability of the item or items you are trying to send and what destination country you may want to send it to. Delivery is available to over 120 countries worldwide but don't forget to check what is and isn't allowed to be sent, for example, Lithium batteries can't be sent under the "Dangerous Goods Regulations"
  • Check the estimated cost to send your items plus the number of days the postal service will need to get delivered to the target address.
  • You need to Pack the items correctly and fill out the required documents needed to enable Japan Post to accept the EMS package. They will provide you with all of the exclusive packaging materials to ensure this is an easy process, you will need to fill out the EMS label correctly including writing a sender and a recipient's name, address and postal code on the EMS label, when shipping goods overseas, a customs declaration form must be completed. There are instructions on exactly how to fill the required documents easily followable here:

Step 1 - Fill out the name and address of the sender.

  • Name
  • House Number and Street
  • District/town/city and prefecture
  • ZIP Code

These should be filled out in this order along with the telephone number and or fax number.

Step 2 - Fill out the name and address of the recipient

  • Name
  • Room/House number and Street name
  • City, County, State and ZIP Code
  • Country

These should also be filled out in this order along with the telephone number and or fax number.

Step 3 - You will need to describe the content of the items being sent in as much detail as you can in a language understood in the addressee country.

  • Specify exactly what goods are in the parcel, for shipments that you are sending for personal use then please state on the parcel "Personal Use"
  • You will then need to fill in the number of items/weight and value of the items. Fill in the currency symbol (e.g $) before the value.
  • Then you will enter "X" in the correct box that corresponds to your parcel.
  • Select a shipping method by also drawing "X" in the correct box.
  • After confirming that there are no dangerous items within the package you can then draw an "X" in the correct box stating you have checked this.
  • If you would like to insure your items, put a checkmark in the desired box and enter the value of your shipment.
  • Select the delivery options in terms of handling your mail in the case that it cannot be delivered to the recipient by entering "X" in the correct box.
  • And last but not least do not forget to sign your name (Sender).

People use EMS tracking because of its speed for example, from Japan Post EMS to an address in the United Kingdom only takes on average 3 days, which is amazing when you think about how far the document has to travel. Again, when sending to UK it would cost approximately 2,450 yen ($14) to send via EMS which is roughly 5 times the price of the next delivery package level down (Airmail) which takes 7 days and 480 yen ($4.22) followed by Economy Airmail (SAL) which takes around 2 weeks and 440 yen ($3.87) and then Surface Mail which can take up to 3 months and 480 yen ($4.22). With EMS you can also send items that you wish to be frozen or cooled for example if a fisherman was to catch fish in China and want to send the fresh fish to anywhere in the world providing the want is there from the other country, they can keep a temperature as low as -15 degrees Celsius for a period between 72 and 80 hours which also boasts no air leakage and a constant same temperature. The quickest countries to post the cooled items are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and France via EMS the fastest postal service, and you can choose from three box sizes to fit your items inside. Cool EMS can support your overseas businesses via door-to-door services at a low cost. Before shipping there are 4 steps to follow:

  • Step 1 - Check Usage Conditions for each destination
  • Step 2 - Check the rate at which you will be charged
  • Step 3 - Check the available post offices
  • Step 4 - Check the shipping day

Once you have done all of these things you are ready to send your parcel, there are 4 steps you should follow during the shipping procedure:

  • Step 1 - Fill in the advanced application form
  • Step 2 - Send a FAX to the post office before 12pm at least 5 days before the specified shipping date
  • Step 3 - The post office will then contact you the next day following the application deadline.
  • Step 4 - Refrigerate your items, pack them, and send.
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