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Universal package tracking API for Japan Post

Japan Post is the most widely used postal service in its native country and is responsible for sending and delivering thousands of parcels daily. Get all the tracking information on Japan Post shipments that your business needs with Ship24's global tracking API.

Universal package tracking API for Japan Post

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What is a Japan Post tracking API?

The Japan Post Tracking API is a specialized tool designed to facilitate the tracking of shipments sent via Japan Post. This application programming interface (API) provides real-time updates about the status of parcels, from the moment they are dispatched until they reach their final destination. It's an integral component of the digital services provided by Japan Post, aiming to offer transparency and up-to-date information on the progress of deliveries.

Functionality of Japan Post Tracking API

By integrating this API into their systems, businesses can automatically receive updates about their shipments. This eliminates the need for manual tracking and provides prompt information on any changes in the shipment status. It's designed to be user-friendly and compatible with various systems, making it a valuable tool for businesses operating on a global scale.

Which types of plans do Ship24 offer for Japan Post tracking API?

Ship24 offers a variety of universal tracking API options for small, medium, and large-scale companies, marketplaces, and e-tailers, which are particularly beneficial for those involved in eCommerce and international shipping. Our tracking API tool is supported by an international team of experts who are constantly developing our services to meet the fast-paced and changing needs of the shipping industry. By choosing Ship24, you are choosing the shipping experts and ensuring you are at the forefront of tracking API functionality. Our tracking API delivers not only a Japan Post tracking API, but a tracking API for over 1,000 different logistics companies, eCommerce marketplaces, e-tailers, logistics companies, and more.

Please note that plans are flexible, meaning that there is a range of tracking functionality options and tracking API quotas you can choose from. This also means that there are limitations on each plan which, if surpassed, will mean the plan owner incurs overages. Don't worry, we can always update your plan to better suit you at any time and we will let you know if you are about to exceed your limit beforehand. Our flexible plans are designed to meet your needs as a. business, and our best-in-class customer support team will be more than happy to discuss any changes you want to make to your plan so it to better serve your needs. Remember to view our tracking API documentation to get the most out of our services when you begin either a free or paid plan.

Users of the Ship24 tracking API should be aware that they have not exceeded the limit of their tracking API plan. They will be notified by email both before they reach their plan limit and once they have reached the limit, as well as a third time afterwards. Users are encouraged to check their emails regularly and if they need to update their plan, reach out to the Ship24 team so changes can be made.

Free Japan Post tracking API

Ship24 provides two different types of tracking API plans:

  • The first tracking API operates as a per-call tool, meaning that you will have the ability to call for the latest information regarding your package whenever you need it. Our free plan starts at 100 calls, however, there are plenty of other quotas available for businesses. Please check our dedicated pricing page (which you can navigate to using the top bar on the Ship24 website) for a full pricing guide.
  • The second is a per-shipment tracking API. This means that you can get every notification that occurs on a parcel as it happens. Again, please check the pricing pages to find out everything you need to know about our market-leading tracking API prices. If you need effective Japan Post tracking API services, look no further than the shipping experts, Ship24. Both of our plans offer the ultimate Japan Post package tracking API solutions.

If you would like to reach out to our team for any further questions, you can do so using the chatbox on the bottom right of the pricing page or by emailing us via the Contact Us link at the bottom of any main page.

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How would an API help me track a Japan Post parcel?

The Ship24 universal tracking API enables any integrated business to track all registered parcels with Japan Post and Japan Post EMS. Japan Post is a postal service that handles parcel deliveries both domestically and internationally. Although it is known as the Japan Post, the parcel delivery service is run by a company called Japan Post Holdings, after the original service was split following a 2005 general election. However, the latter continues to be a major parcel and package delivery company both in its native country and worldwide. The organization's services include logistical operations, quality control assurance, and payment management alongside its globally recognized postal delivery service. Japan Post also now offers the Japan Post EMS service, which gives shoppers overnight delivery options to multiple destinations.

Japan Post is particularly renowned for its customer-facing departments, with people using Japan Post able to contact them directly via the organization's phone number if they are in-country. Otherwise, they can head to the website or email for any queries regarding their postal services. By contacting the postal service, you can get information regarding the necessary packaging preparation for your parcel or documents that you wish to send as well as providing shipping rates depending on the destination, dimension, and weight of the parcel. These will vary depending on the aforementioned and anyone unsure of what shipping costs will be, especially if their item is an abnormal size or weight, should check with Japan Post customer services before sending to avoid any unforeseen costs.

When you have all the required information, a seller can take their package to the nearest Japan Post agency. Once the seller has made contact with Japan Post, shipping requirements have been met and the shipping fee has been paid, the sender will receive a unique tracking code which you can use to track the parcel from this point onwards. The sender should then share this code - or tracking number - with you for you to begin tracking your Japan Post parcel. If your Japan Post package was bought online, however, you should receive a shipment tracking number instantly to your account either when logged in to the marketplace or platform where you bought the item or via the purchase confirmation email which should be sent to your account using the email address which you signed up with.

Once you have your Japan Post tracking number, you can begin tracking your parcel using either their tracking website or the universal Ship24 tracking system.

How fast is Japan Post at delivering parcels?

The turnaround on your Japan Post parcel delivery will vary depending on several factors. These include the following:

  • The size of your parcel - Different sizes of parcels often mean different shipping methods, with larger items generally unable to travel the quickest route - by air - unlike smaller parcels. Smaller parcels shipped via air will generally have the fastest delivery time as long as they are being delivered to a major destination.
  • The weight of your parcel - Just as with the size of your parcel, the weight can also affect the transportation method used, with heavy items again likely to be shipped via slower routes on land or sea.
  • The shipping method - As mentioned above, size and weight can determine a shipping method. However, buyers should be aware that there is usually a choice of shipping method which will offer varying delivery times. It is best to check these options for their estimated delivery times if you want your order within a certain timeframe.
  • The destination - Harder to reach destinations, such as rural destinations or regions without much courier coverage, will take the longest to arrive. Although delivery estimates are usually stated, it is always best to bear in mind if sending to a more remote location and expect a generally longer time to delivery.
  • The time of year - Holidays, such as Chinese New Year or Christmas, can see shipment volumes double or triple, meaning delays occur among stretched courier services. Equally, large sales events, such as Black Friday, can cause a huge surge in orders which may delay deliveries.
  • Unforeseen circumstances - Bad weather, road and shipping lane blockages, customs holdups, and a whole range of other unforeseen circumstances can delay delivery times. Sometimes, you can just get back luck!

A system that will never let you down, however, is the global Ship24 tracking API. No matter what is happening to your parcel or what delays it is facing, Ship24 will be able to update you on the latest available information on your parcel as close to real-time as possible. Although we cannot change the weather, we can keep you fully informed on what is happening in the closest to possible real-time. That is why businesses are tracking their parcels with the universal Ship24 tracking API.

What is the average arrival time of Japan Post package deliveries?

The average arrival time for a parcel sent with Japan Post is two business days. This is the usual time for customers using the standard delivery option with the postal service. The faster option for deliveries can arrive at their destination the same day or within the next 24 hours, depending on when the parcel is picked up by Japan Post. This special service is known as the Japan Post EMS. To use this service, businesses can expect a bigger price tag because of its delivery time advantages, but it is worth bearing in mind should a fast delivery turnaround is needed.

As for worldwide shipping, delivery times will of course depend on variables, such as size, weight, destination, and so on. However, the average arrival time for parcels sent with Japan Post's standard international service is around five working days. However, the Japan Post EMS service is available for international parcels, which shortens that time to within the following 24 hours from when the parcel is picked up by the Japan Post EMS service.

Ship24 is the best way to keep track of your parcel and its close as possible to real-time tracking information updates are the best way for you to know where your parcel is and therefore when it will be delivered. Once integrated, if you want to track a parcel using the Ship24 tracking API, just call us our system - whether with Japan Post, China Post, FedEx USPS, or otherwise - to get instant tracking. There are no time-consuming forms to fill out or hard-to-understand drop-down menus that require further information, our universal Ship24 tracking API simply scans the web with the tracking number provided and fetches the relevant data on your package.

Do you need an API to track parcels sent with Japan Post?

Businesses are tired of having to enter tracking numbers on multiple websites as their parcel changes couriers and countries on route to its destination. The Ship24 tracking API changes this, providing one-stop global shipment tracking services to any integrated system. No matter whether your parcel was sent with Japan Post originally and changed hands to other local couriers, or was sent with any other courier, the Ship24 tracking API is your ultimate tracking solution as from the provided tracking number, it auto-detects the location and status of your parcel from hundreds of different couriers and thousands of different shops worldwide.

The global tracking API from Ship24 means businesses no longer need to spend time tracking their parcel or wondering if it is stuck somewhere in some customs bay waiting for further action, Ship24's tracking API brings you the latest possible worldwide tracking information on your package in near real-time, meaning you stay in the know.

It really is a win-win for consumers and buyers, as Ship24 provides the ultimate tracking service solution, period.

Does my tracking API track Japan Post 7 days a week?

Currently, parcels posted with Japan Post are delivered between Monday to Friday on standard delivery. This means that although you will be able to track your parcel's location and current status via Ship24, your parcel will not be delivered on Saturday or Sunday given the current delivery days as specified by Japan Post. Customers can opt for Saturday delivery using Japan Post's premium service - Japan Post EMS - which is also tracked via Ship24

However, customers should note that delivery days are subject to change and there may be weekend delivery options added in the future for standard postage and even Sunday deliveries for Japan Post EMS services. It is always best to check with both the seller and the Japan Post website to get the latest information on parcel delivery days.

Regardless of which day your parcel is posted or due for delivery, Ship24's universal tracking API will allow you to view the latest tracking information, so you know where your package is and what the status of the parcel is. Ultimately, this helps businesses to:

  • Reduce time spent on keeping up to date with tracking international parcels and packages
  • Ensure their business is utilizing an optimal tracking API
  • Have true end-to-end global tracking capability
  • Enhance their ability to access accurate and speedy parcel tracking information via the tracking API.

Businesses that have access to global package and parcel tracking information are enjoying the numerous benefits which come with simplifying the whole shipment tracking process. Ship24's universal tracking API system can substantially change the focus of your business, freeing up time for you to get on with your core business and not worrying about where your packages are.

How do I contact Japan Post over parcel issues?

Although Ship24 is an all-encompassing tracking API option for businesses, issues and suggestions when it comes to the actual handling of the order by the courier should be directed towards Japan Post. When contacting the Japan Post regarding your parcel, be sure to have your tracking number handy with you so they can get to the bottom of your query or dispute. It is also useful to check Ship24 for the latest information about your package or parcel so that you can bring this information to the table when you make contact. Having the tracking number, along with the current location and current status of the parcel as provided by Ship24, will mean Japan Post should be able to quickly get to the bottom of your issue.

Which API can I use for Japan Post international package tracking?

A vital component of a capable API is one with an inbuilt auto-detection system, which offers multi-courier tracking capability. Businesses should also choose a system that offers fast integration and as close to real-time status and location updates as possible.

In an increasingly globalized world, transnational business-to-business trade has become an integral part of the global economy. To ensure confidence and stability when it comes to international, B2B shipping, a capable tracking API system is essential.

Ship24 offers one of the most advanced tracking number detection systems on the market, coupled with IT support as standard alongside a range of market-leading features. Therefore, Ship24 has been recognized as outstanding in the shipment tracking field not only for Japan Post parcels but for universal tracking with over 700 hundred couriers.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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