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Thai Post Package Tracking API

Thai Post Package Tracking API gives you as a business the power to track your parcel or packages around the globe and give your customers much needed updates on their whereabouts.

Thai Post Package Tracking API

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Who is Thailand Post?

Thailand post or Thai post is owned by the Thai government and makes up part of the communications authority. Since 2003 it has been run by the state and offers a postal service domestically and internationally. They have been running for more than 120 years, it first commenced as a telegraphs department and now offers multiple services. If you were to send items internationally there are three major services you can take into consideration:

  • Registered
  • EMS
  • LogisPost World

With the differences being "Registered" is the slowest delivery option but cheapest, "EMS World" is similar to express shipping from other couriers, and "LogisPost" is for larger packages between 20kg and 200kg.

They have a clear vision as a group of postal and logistics service providers with comprehensive sustainability and international standards.

Their mission is to:

  • Provide goods, news, information and money transfer services around the world that customers can access conveniently, with quality and international standards, with also reasonable pricing and reliability.
  • Develop Thailand Post to be the centre of the postal business and logistics services to benefit the countries e-Commerce business.
  • To manage and leverage operational data to build a knowledge base, innovate to support and promote the development of customers businesses to grow together.
  • To use resources efficiently for the sustainable growth of the economic, social, and environmental sectors.

Their values and corporate culture can be understood using "I-SURE":

  • I - stands for Integrity
  • S - stands for Service-minded
  • U - stands for Unity
  • R - stands for Result orientation
  • E - stands for Change Capability

It is chaired by Mr Ratthaphon Phakdipoom whose title is Chief Executive Officer and President of General Electronic Commerce Services Ltd. They have a strong ethos on corporate social responsibility throughout the business operation of Thailand Post and have shown this through continuously supporting CSR. It is a company that grows alongside Thai society carrying out projects and activities that are beneficial to mostly the education, youth, social, economic, and environmental sectors. They pride themselves on having a strong postal network to all corners of the country. One thing that they did to show Thailand that they are their own company is create commemorative stamps to depict different stories etched into the minds of Thai nationals.

How does Ship24s tracking API benefit Thai Post customers?

Thai post handles millions of packages and parcels a year, both sent personally and via businesses. Because of this, the businesses need a strong tracking API solution to ensure that their items on the way to customers are fully tracked and accounted for every step of the journey. It doesn't matter if it is a Business to customer (B2C) or a business to business (B2B) a tracking API that you can count on is vital. Occasionally tracing isn't possible directly with Thai Post more often than not when packages or parcels are sent internationally or are being imported, this is because regularly third-party logistics and carriers are involved in the shipment of the package. This is why multi-courier tracking services like Ship24 have proven to be the best business solution. We at Ship24 have access and can track over 1 thousand different couriers, marketplaces and logistics companies and more to update the shipment information on your parcel frequently. By using the Ship24 tracking API you will receive:

  • International Thai Post tracking API functionality with worldwide scope.
  • Multi-courier, postal and e-tailer coverage, to enable you to keep ties on your package or parcel regardless of its end destination.
  • Any tracking notifications that occur regarding your package or parcel will be updated to you with the latest location and status as close to real-time as possible, meaning you are always in the loop.
  • Built-in AI machine learning.
  • Auto-recognition on tracking numbers, which means you won't need to enter the courier or couriers separately who will be looking after your package. All you have to do is simply enter your tracking number and let our system do all the hard work, sourcing information and getting the correct data regarding your package.

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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Why is a Thai Post tracking API important?

A tracking API does not only track a shipment and give your business full visibility, it gives you the most information possible to ensure you can act accordingly if a problem was to occur for example if there were to be a problem with transport due to the covid-19 situation and your parcel was held up in between countries waiting for clearance or in customs due to an error with paperwork then the tracking API will have this information and give you the opportunity to act depending on what the situation may be. Having this information to hand constantly is pivotal in making big decisions for the sake of your business reputation and gives you direct information on who to contact. Businesses that dispatch parcels to customers as part of a business-to-customer (B2C) distance selling eCommerce sale, use the information provided to liaise with the courier who is handling the package to follow up and inform the customer waiting to receive the package of a potential hold up. This speeds up how quickly the issue is resolved and makes an all-around better experience for the end-user. In the same breath, some companies do give the customer the option to access the tracking information, which gives your business the reputation of being trustworthy and reliable. This should eventually end up as more purchases on your store.

Who uses a tracking API service?

A Thai Post tracking API is used most often by companies who would like to make sure they have the market-leading tracking capability to hand. Our business clients can sleep easily that they have the best tracking functionality at their fingertips, meaning they won't miss an update or notification whilst tracking their packages. To find out more information with reference to tracking API visit our dedicated website, which will include information on pricing and FAQs, along with the other services we provide for example eCommerce IOSS VAT declaration solutions and ship from China logistics. Get more with Ship24.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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