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Comprehensive shipment tracking API solutions

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Comprehensive shipment tracking API solutions

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What is a shipment tracking API?

Being able to track shipments has become an essential part of both C2C, B2C, and B2B shipping. Boosted by the ever-growing demand for overseas eCommerce it is more important than ever to be able to keep track of the flow of goods for both merchants and customers. Tracking API systems have been born out of the need for full end-to-end tracking capability, and they continue to evolve and become more sophisticated in line with the industry.

This article will explain what a shipment tracking API is, how they help people track their shipments, and what the best multicarrier shipment tracking API solutions are, so you can begin tracking with any of the major couriers, including TNT, DPD, Cainiao, DHL, 4PX, or otherwise!

What is shipment tracking API?

In essence, a shipment tracking API gives its users visibility over the progress of your shipment from dispatch to delivery. The best shipment tracking APIs will have the ability to not only track multiple couriers but offer worldwide coverage on those couriers. They should also allow you to know where your parcel is and its current status at any point along its journey, delivering 100 percent of tracking updates and notifications which may occur along a package's journey. This is exactly what you get with the Ship24 tracking API.

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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How does shipment tracking APIs work?

Ship24's shipment tracking API can integrate with any other business system within minutes and start delivering shipment tracking information on the parcels you wish to follow. With the help of our expert team, we can not only get you tracking in no time but provide ongoing support to make sure you are getting the tracking information relevant to your needs.

Our powerful shipment tracking API scans the web to locate and pull all information related to your parcel which is available, including the location and status in as close to real-time as possible. All tracking information found concerning your parcel will be delivered directly or available whenever you need it, depending on the API functionality you choose. There is no advantage to tracking with couriers directly as 100 percent of event details will be available with Ship24.

Whenever your shipment passes through a courier depot, processing center, warehouse, post office, it will be scanned to confirm its arrival, dispatch, or otherwise and a shipment tracking API event will be created. This information will then be available whenever you call or delivered directly. To take your tracking functionality to the next level, choose the shipping experts, Ship24.

Why is a shipment tracking API important for businesses?

Shipment tracking APIs are key to businesses having full visibility over the flow of goods either when ordering goods from other businesses via B2B or when sending goods to customers by B2C. The more shipment tracking information that a business has, the better it can improve its overall efficiency, which in turn will save costs and develop a business operationally.

For example, let's say you are a distance seller based in China and sell via an online eCommerce shop. You receive an order for 3 types of product and the seller has opted for standard shipping to France. When you go to ship your product, you will likely choose China Post. China Post will be responsible for the delivery; however, they will probably not handle the product when it reaches Europe. In fact, multiple other logistics companies will probably handle the shipping before the parcel even reaches Europe. This means that both businesses and customers may run into problems if they try to

Using a shipment tracking API number provides reassurance to both buyers and sellers on the progress of their orders. They can also help merchants decide who is the best couriers/carriers for the delivery of their goods and the most efficient shipping means. It also makes for a better post-purchase experience for the customer, meaning they are more likely to buy goods from business and have increased confidence and trust that they will arrive on time and undamaged.

What is a shipment tracking API code?

A shipment tracking API code is the system that is used by our developers to track your parcel worldwide. Sometimes it is confused with the term shipment tracking API number, which is the unique number that is assigned to a parcel which means it back be tracked using shipment tracking API code.

What does a shipment tracking API number provide me with?

A shipment tracking API number will deliver notifications whenever you need them either automatically if the per-shipment option is chosen, or anytime you want to call via our per-call option. The information you will get will be:

  • Current Location
  • Status and current handler (courier / postal company)
  • Previous tracking history

With Ship24 shipment tracking API, you can rest assured that you will receive 100 percent tracking updates related to your parcel. There is no advantage to tracking directly with the courier or Ship24, however, there is an advantage to tracking with Ship24, as it covers over 1,000 other couriers and logistics companies which may also be involved in the transportation and delivery of your parcel (especially regarding international and overseas bound packages).

Will my shipment tracking API number show an estimated delivery time?

You should be provided with an estimated delivery time regarding your order at the point of purchase. This will be determined by the size, weight, and destination of your parcel (as in the distance from its original point of dispatch), as well as the service you have chosen (such as express or standard delivery). Express services will offer the fastest delivery time and likely be transported by air (where possible), with sea transit being amongst the slowest.

Please note, delivery times are only estimates, and it is always advised to check with your shipment tracking API in order to get an up-to-date idea of the arrival time of your parcel.

Why isn't my shipment tracking API working?

If you are having problems using your shipment tracking API number, please feel free to contact the Ship24 team at any point. We are always on hand to help out with your shipment tracking API queries and pride ourselves on our best-in-class support. Ship24 was started by a team of shipping enthusiasts with the aim of making tracking simple for businesses. We back that up by helping support our clients with any of their tracking needs and constantly updating our system to meet the needs and challenges of an ever-changing industry. You can email us directly via our contact us page, or chat to someone live via the live chat feature on our tracking API and webhook solutions page (located at the top of the Ship24 website).

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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