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Australia Post Tracking API and Integration

Learn how the Australia Post Tracking API on Ship24 can enhance your shipping process with real-time tracking and seamless integration, making it easier to manage your deliveries.

Australia Post Tracking API and Integration

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Shipping can be a logistical nightmare for many businesses. Tracking packages, managing deliveries, and ensuring timely arrivals all require a lot of effort. Thankfully, Ship24 offers a solution with the Australia Post tracking API. This tool simplifies the shipping process, providing real-time tracking and seamless integration to keep your business running smoothly.

Australia Post Shipment Tracking API

An Australia Post tracking API allows business-level tracking of AusPost packages worldwide. When you send or receive an AusPost parcel, it will have a unique tracking number attached, such as EE 123 666 888 AU. A tracking API will follow that package and deliver updates on it. However, some tracking APIs are not as powerful, and over cover 100 or so couriers, meaning they can fail to deliver the tracking information you need.

Ship24's powerful tracking API and webhook platform functionality scours the web, including over 1,000 e-tailers, marketplaces, carriers, and logistics companies whenever you call it, to find the tracking information relevant to your parcel/s. The service is fast and easy and available to use anytime and as often as you like once integrated. We are trusted by many businesses, both big and small, to keep track of the flow of goods and together with our expert team, are ready to deliver for your business.

Benefits of AusPost Tracking API

  • Ship24 works by offering the following AusPost tracking services:
    Universal AusPost tracking API system, without limitations
  • Multi-courier coverage, meaning you can continue tracking your AusPost order even if it changes hands overseas (this is common with internationally bound AusPost packages, which will be taken over by another courier - such as DHL or TNT in Europe or FedEx or UPS in America - once they leave mainland Australia).
  • Integrate in minutes with our blazing-fast system-to-system integration
  • Built-in AI-machine learning
  • Best-in-class support from our team of international shipping experts
  • Our system can also track packages handled by another courier before coming to Australia (where AusPost then handles them), such as China Post, 4PX or Cainiao.

Whether sending packages domestically or internationally, Ship24's tracking API is a service that businesses can rely on. This is why we are trusted to track millions of parcels worldwide every month. Enhance your business tracking capabilities and keep track of your logistics with market-leading solutions from shipping sector experts.

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Ship24’s tracking API system helps your business to keep track of multiple packages automatically.

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Accessing Ship24's Free Australia Post Tracking API

Yes, indeed. Ship24 does offer a free Australia Post tracking API. This service is available to you under two distinct plans. If you opt for the "per-shipment" plan, you can enjoy up to 10 free API calls. Alternatively, if you choose the "per-call" plan, you will be granted 100 free API calls. This is a fantastic opportunity to track your shipments without incurring any extra costs.

How to Utilize the Free API Calls

To make the most of these free API calls, it is important to understand how they function. An API call is essentially a request made to the API to perform a certain action. In this context, that action is tracking your Australia Post shipments. With each shipment you need to track, you make an API call. Therefore, the more shipments you have, the more free API calls you can make, up to the limit of your chosen plan.

  • The "per-shipment" plan allows for 10 free API calls
  • The "per-call" plan allows for 100 free API calls

Choosing a plan that aligns with your shipment tracking needs will allow you to benefit most from Ship24's free Australia Post tracking API.

How to Integrate Royal Mail Tracking API with Ship24

Integration of Ship24's tracking API involves a few straightforward steps, allowing businesses to start tracking their shipments with ease:

  1. Begin by signing up for an account on Ship24, if you don't already have one.
  2. Choose a plan. You can choose from the "per-shipment" or the "per-call" plans.
  3. After that, generate an API key. This key is essential for authentication and secure access to the tracking services.
  4. Ship24 offers comprehensive API documentation, guiding users through the integration process. It covers all necessary endpoints, request formats, and response structures.

Tracking API for International Australia Post Parcels

Australia Post processes and is involved in the movement of some 90 million parcels each year across its 461 facilities, delivering to 214 countries with 12.1 million delivery points. It also operates around 7000 postal outlets. This means it is integral that a powerful Australia Post tracking API is used by businesses who want to ensure they have access to all tracking information whenever they need it. Ship24 has been built with this in mind, with auto-courier recognition and AI learning at its core and the ability to track packages with more than 1,000 different logistics companies and carriers, ensuring you never lose track of the flow of goods.

Choose Ship24 for Australia Post Tracking API

When it comes to tracking your Australia Post packages, Ship24 stands as a superior choice over the Australia Post tracking API. The superiority of Ship24 is rooted in its comprehensive global tracking capabilities. Unlike the Australia Post tracking API that is limited to tracking packages within Australia, Ship24 can track packages from over a thousand couriers worldwide. This gives you the ability to track your Australia Post packages and packages from other couriers all in one place.

Therefore, for a comprehensive, user-friendly, and real-time tracking experience, Ship24 is the ideal choice for tracking your Australia Post packages.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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