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Complete Australia Post Package Tracking API solutions

Get complete tracking solutions for Australia Post with Ship24's universal tracking API, designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses.

Complete Australia Post Package Tracking API solutions

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What is Australia Post tracking?

Australia Post, also known as Auspost, has been operating for over 200 years and is the largest mail and logistics operator in Australia. It not only deals with domestic mail and mail deliveries in Australia from abroad but also offers international package services for customers both sending from inside the country abroad or for those who order goods from overseas to their country.

As well as package delivery, Australia Post also offers multiple other services, including retail, financial, and travel services, meaning it is trusted by customers and international logistics partners to deliver mail. This makes it a key shipping sector player in both the region and internationally. In line with modern shipping demands, the ability to track parcels effectively has become integral, and Australia Post is no exception. This has seen it launch its Australia Post tracking number services, which include both the assignment of Australia Post tracking numbers onto each of their parcels but also the ability to track them on their website.

What is an Australia Post tracking API?

An Australia Post tracking API allows business-level tracking of AusPost packages worldwide. When you send or receive an AusPost parcel, it will have a unique tracking number attached, such as EE 123 666 888 AU. A tracking API will follow that package and deliver updates on it. However, some tracking APIs are not as powerful, and over cover 100 or so couriers, meaning they can fail to deliver the tracking information you need. Ship24's powerful tracking API and webhook platform functionality scours the web, including over 1,000 e-tailers, marketplaces, carriers, and logistics companies whenever you call it, to find the tracking information relevant to your parcel/s. Our service is fast and easy and available to use anytime and as many times as you like once it is integrated. We are trusted by lots of businesses, both big and small, to keep track of the flow of goods and together with our expert team, are ready to deliver for your business.

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What does a Ship24 AusPost tracking API offer?

  • Ship24 works by offering the following AusPost tracking services:
    Universal AusPost tracking API API system, without limitations
  • Multi-courier coverage, meaning you can continue tracking your AusPost order even if it changes hands overseas (this is common with internationally bound AusPost packages, which will be taken over by another courier - such as DHL or TNT in Europe or FedEx or UPS in America - once they leave mainland Australia).
  • Integrate in minutes with our blazing-fast system to system integration
  • Built-in AI-machine learning
  • Best-in-class support from our team of international shipping experts
  • Our system can also track packages handled by another courier before coming to Australia (where they are then handled by AusPost), such as China Post, 4PX or Cainiao

Whether sending packages domestically or internationally, Ship24's tracking API is a service that businesses can rely on. This is why we are trusted to track millions of parcels worldwide every month. Enhance your business tracking capabilities and keep track of your logistics with market-leading solutions from the shipping sector experts.

Which AusPost services can a tracking API follow?

Auspost has introduced several different services during its long-running mail operations in the country, including the Australia Post Parcel, Australia Post Package, Australia Post Express Shipping, Australia Post Tracking app, Australia Post Online shop, and so on. All of these new mailing additions have meant AusPost has continued to offer a better experience for customers, such as with faster delivery times and better tracking solutions.

Can a tracking API follow AusPost parcels internationally?

Australia Post processes and is involved in the movement of some 90 million parcels each year across its 461 facilities, delivering to 214 countries with 12.1 million delivery points. It also operates around 7000 postal outlets. This means it is integral that a powerful Australia Post tracking API is used by businesses who want to ensure they have access to all tracking information whenever they need it. Ship24 has been built with this in mind, with auto-courier recognition and AI-learning at its core and the ability to track packages with more than 1,000 different logistics companies and carriers, ensuring you never lose track of the flow of goods.

Does an Australia Post tracking API offer 24-hour updates?

In short, yes! Ship24 tracking API doesn't sleep, meaning you will be sent all Australia Post tracking API updates as they happen, whenever they happen. This is important because Australia Post offer 7 days a week delivery services in some area, meaning you don't want an AusPost tracking API which switches off on a Sunday!

Is standard shipping faster with an Australia Post tracking API?

Australia Post delivery times are not influenced by whether they are tracking using an Australia Post tracking API or not, that will depend on the type of parcel you are sending and the type of service you have purchased to send that parcel. The different services available from AusPost are as follows:

  • Regular mail delivery
  • Express service

Shipping time for standard Australia Post takes 2 to 6 days within Australia or 10 to 14+ days for international deliveries. Standard shipping delivery times will vary depending on the location of the final destination, dispatch point, weight, size, and so on. Express services will be much quicker, but a lot more expensive, and in many cases, maximum size and weight will apply. Please check the AusPost website for more information. However, you will always be able to track AusPost with the Australia Post tracking API from Ship24, regardless of size and weight, and final location. We offer full Australia Post tracking API services, which can integrate with your business system within minutes. Talk to one of our experts, international teams today to find out more and view our flexible and competitive pricing plan.

Can an Australia Post tracking API work on IOSS parcels?

Yes, you can track any Australia Post parcel sent under the new EU Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) scheme.

The IOSS has simply been introduced in the EU which is designed to simplify cross-border sales for goods coming from non-EU countries to the bloc. It is designed to help e-tailers and merchants improve the efficiency of imports on goods valued at 150 euros or less. Once registered, the scheme will require VAT on any goods purchased at or less than this amount to be collected by the seller or marketplace. This can be done for goods sold EU-wide, but in return, the total VAT can be paid to a single EU country, simplifying meeting VAT obligations for businesses and consumers alike.

Australian businesses who use Australia Post to send goods to the EU from Australia - must do so via an IOSS intermediary which is based in Europe. Ship24 now offers complete IOSS intermediary solutions for non-EU businesses. Find out more on our comprehensive FAQ pages, or get in touch with our team today via the live chatbox on-screen or contact us section of the website.

Get complete tracking solutions for Australia Post with Ship24's universal tracking API, designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses.

Ship24’s tracking API is a all-in-one tracking solution for your business.

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